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I work for an IT company and have been work for the company over 6 years. Now i would like to upgrade my qualifications and decided to self study in order to take myself in next level. So, i paid over $150 and ordered a book 5 months ago. This book has 23 chapters and i dont know how to start. I havent even finished the first chapter yet. I know it sounds stupid but how do i motivate myself study new materials. I really want to study but dont know whats stopping me. I guess lack of motivation or May be i think its too much work ?

How would you tackle this if you were in my position ? What kind of mind set or affirmations would you guys use to get that burning desire. Just need some kind to inspiration. What sort of thing do you guys think to stay motivated ?

I am already feeling so frustrated as i have wasted sooo much time. It seems like im stuck in a loop or my mind wanders somewhere else as soon as i open this book. I know i will be promoted as soon as i pass the exam but how ??

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I really want to study but dont know whats stopping me

Speaking from a high-level point of view, what's stopping you is that you are holding a belief (or beliefs) about what you want to do that is making it less painful (or more pleasurable) to not do the task than to do it.

Simple as that.

If you want to make yourself do the task "automatically", you would just need to tweak that belief (or beliefs) to make it less pleasurable (or more painful) to not do the task than to do it.

Then you'll find you'll feel drawn to doing the task without having to force yourself.

That's the elegant approach.

However, that approach - if you are new to these ideas - might well involve a considerable amount of study and practice in learning how to effectively mold/adjust beliefs ("habits of thought"). From the tone of your question, it seems that may be time you probably don't want to invest right now.


...a more brute-force (but still effective) approach for getting going right now is the "incremental time bursts" method outlined in How do I control my mind and concentrate on what I am doing?


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Makes sense if i think it in pain and pleasure perspective. I need to associate more pleausre towards learing. Thanks for the link...it helped me rethink my approach.

Apperciate your time stingray!

(11 Nov '16, 17:39) Dilworth

@Dilworth - You're welcome. Just for completeness, and to make this answer more useful to others in different situations, I should add that if you are interested in uncovering the limiting belief that might be getting in the way, one way (certainly not the only way) is to use Bashar's questions. See My financial abundance is not manifesting - what should I do?

(12 Nov '16, 03:41) Stingray

@Dilworth - And a simple way of adding/removing pain/pleasure is to make a list of "bad" things that will happen if you don't do your important task along with another list of "good" things that will happen if you do actually do it.

(12 Nov '16, 03:53) Stingray
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