Why are tigers and deer and fish just going along their usual lives of eating and pooping while humans are flying to the moon. How did we become so advanced? and What are we evolving into? Are we evolving out of our human beingness?

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In some ways we are advanced and evolving at a rapid rate. When it comes to technology and material growth we are, undoubtedly, making rapid progress. But maybe what we really need to ask ourselves is if are we evolving in the areas that really matter?

Although technology and many of the other human inventions our mind has come up with are wonderful, can they ever bring the lasting sense of contentment that we're all seeking? Something else is being born on the planet right now...a new awakening consciousness to the deeper values within each of us that will be of much greater value to us, as a species, than any gadget or trip to the moon. The more aware we become of this, the more we can bring it into our daily lives in every interaction with our fellow human beings.

When we each take the time as individuals to change our own mode of being in the world to one that encapsulates the Golden Rule (which really isn't a rule at all but a way of being that is completely natural to who we really are) our human beingness begins to shine forth in that authenticity. Although the word evolution seems to be prevalent right now I'm not even sure that we're evolving into something but rather coming closer to the realization of who or what we truly Are.

Those tigers and fish and deer are following the natural order of the Universe and when we, as humans, begin to follow our own true nature, I think we'll make leaps and bounds in our own evolution and find something more lasting than any invention...maybe just Love :)


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@Micheala BIG SMILE after reading your answer thanks :D

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@ursixx BIG SMILE after reading your comment, thanks :))

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an unlikely theory postulates that we humans were designed originally for a purpose.
yet at the same time we were given Will and tools to send it messages from both the gross physical plane and the spiritual plane.
we may have one sidedly over evolved one of our tools and now let it be our ruler,
mastering the mechanical patterns of Nature but me thinks at the expense of our awareness


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We really are not evolving that fast. I remember a quote "If the auto industry was deregulated like computers, we'd have cars that get hundreds of miles to the gallon and take very little fuel." Something like that was the point.

Regulations keep back yard inventors in control. Who ultamately pays for these regulations? We do by being held back from how great we could have become! A perfect example is open source software. It is good and keeps getting better because No-One is telling people they can't write for the software. The medical establishment would be far better and cheaper unregulated with lots of competition.

So when I think of how fast we are progressing as compared to how fast we should be progressing, it is too slow for me.

It is 2012 for crying out loud, take a look at old movies about our time, it will you make feel like we have been held back from our potential by those that control things at the top.


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The more that I read on forums and websites, and the more that I drive down a road in busy traffic, and the more that I shop at Walmart and similar type stores, the more that I realize that we ARE NOT evolving, but quite the opposite. Or perhaps we are evolving in a way that is not productive.

Some technology items such as phones may seem like a progressive advancement, but then you see how people react and use these devices, and it all becomes clear.

I think that the tigers and deer and fish have it all figured out. I am here at the office, busting my hump to make a living, fighting traffic, people and what-not and Spike, my loyal canine companion, is home asleep on the floor.


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