Im new to the meditation thing and im wondering why is it that every time i meditate i feel my whole body getting warm to the point im feeling really hot and some times a little nausea too...I mean has anybody experienced that and what does that mean?

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If this persists, I suggest you talk to your medical provider about this. Seriously, get it checked out.

(02 Sep '21, 20:19) ele
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i think you will like this video. if you control the mind you controls the body

if it bothers you slow down your breathing you will notice your heart rate go down has well.

if it does not work you might be siting near a heating duck. change emplacement.

experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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Thanks white tiger...No i meditate at my bedroom and i dont use the heater in the bedroom at all,love the video by the way...

(23 Jan '12, 19:54) cigano

I could pitch you a few ideas but for any hope at accuracy I'd need to know a lot more about the situation. Body type, history of your metabolism, eating and exercise habits, etc.

There are countless reasons that could explain this sensation, in both the medical and metaphysical fields. To be able to distinguish which is more likely responsible one would need to analyze a lot about the person's health and habits.

To try and expound on the situation itself: Is it an area specific hotness related to the meditating? For example focusing on ones arms and then having the arms feel a warm tingling sensation. Or is it an overall warmness in your body such as overheating from wearing too much clothing?

The first thing I would try is wearing comfier clothing, sweat pants are amazing.

Re: "Hey Snow i have a fast metabolism eat healthy for most part,own a restaurant so work on my feet for like 10 to 12 hours daily and thats where i get my exercise...Im just wondering if thats normal is all the heat i feel energy going through my body?"

Yes, that's possible and likely. Many people find that if they are focusing energy on a specific part of their body (for healing purposes for example) they feel a very warm sensation there. It is usually something the people become accustomed to and is comfortable.

It is possible that this heat being all over instead of focused either represents a lack of focus in your energy, or an abundance. If your entire body is heating up I'd imagine you have quite a lot of latent energy. The nausea I'm not sure is necessarily connected to the warming sensation directly.

While you were meditating, were you trying to accomplish anything? For example, meditating with the intention of healing yourself or manifesting something versus meditating with the sole intention of relaxing the mind and body. In the case of the former, I've found that I will often become nauseous or even ill if I am trying to force my body or mind to do something too quickly. Similarly to how one strains a muscle, I will get headaches or get sick if I'm focusing too hard on solving a complex puzzle.

So that's why I ask if you were just doing a relaxing meditation or a purposeful meditation. In the case of the former, I'd be concerned if you were just getting nauseous from trying to relax, and probably see a doctor. In the case of the latter, I'd say there is a good chance you're trying to push yourself too hard and your body is saying "wait, slow down".


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Hey Snow i have a fast metabolism eat healthy for most part,own a restaurant so work on my feet for like 10 to 12 hours daily and thats where i get my exercise...Im just wondering if thats normal is all the heat i feel energy going through my body?

(23 Jan '12, 19:58) cigano

Oh and the heat is all over the body not just one part...

(23 Jan '12, 20:00) cigano

It was more like a purpose meditation i was probably trying to hard.

(23 Jan '12, 20:22) cigano

told you slow down.

(23 Jan '12, 20:30) white tiger

Just don't slow down too much. You should never stop challenging yourself, mentally, physically, or spiritually. You will get more accustomed to knowing when you are reaching your limits, and eventually you will be trying to push yourself just like you would running an extra mile.

(23 Jan '12, 20:44) Snow
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From my understanding it may have to do with 'past life egos being burned away'. I thought that it was ongoing hot flashes! I left menopause and went straight into an awakening so it took me a while to to realize that what you and I experience is now a new addition in life. It burns away 'condensed negativity and bad thoughts. So it's a good thing. I bust out in a sweat doing nothing, asleep, no explanation at all. Just make sure you 'recharge' regularly! Since my spirit woke I've been sharing experiences for others to use as support too even doing this linke this. Post answers as I conduct my own continued searches for other answers! Please do the same. Stay strong everyone! I love you all!see you on the other side! We'll all chat about this trip lol I came back to edit I forgot about nausea. So much going on internally that nausea is just a side effect of the trash being burned.


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