I learned from Gregg Bradden and his work called "The Science of Miracles" that the threshold number of people needed to start changing the consciousness of a population is the square root of one percent of any population. That number for the planet is about eight thousand people. In addition, we know that our heart center is the most powerful energy center within ourselves, and the feeling of Love is the language of the heart. My thoughts are that cultivating a feeling of constant and unconditional love in our hearts is the priority which will start and keep the ball rolling for sustainable loving peace and harmony on the planet. Any other thoughts? Thank you

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Your question presumes that loving peace is what everybody wants. Maybe that is not so.

You say that the world needs to live in loving peace. But do you not have peace in your own house? And if you do not have peace in your own house, then why do you worry about the relative peace (or lack thereof) outside of it?

If the world really wanted peace, we would already have it. So you are essentially asking people to do something they don't want.

But why would people deny peace?

  1. They harbor many years of resentment over old conflicts.
  2. They are engaged in a power struggle.
  3. They don't believe a lasting peace is possible.
  4. They have ideological beliefs that are incompatible with peace.
  5. They like the challenge and excitement of conflict.

Most people who believe in world peace also believe in freedom for all. Would you deny those people who stand to profit from war their freedom by forcing peace on them?


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That's a good point.

(23 Feb '10, 16:14) Brian

Excwllent points. Jai

(23 Feb '10, 19:22) Jaianniah

I wish we could edit our comments....LOL

(23 Feb '10, 19:22) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah: To edit a comment, copy-paste the original comment into a new comment, and then delete the old comment.

(23 Feb '10, 20:44) Vesuvius

Those 5 point remind me of things that chain people from peace and inhibits their freedom. Wouldn't be only right and just to show and live in peace is a better way.peace in our own house should come first.and with that follows peace outside of our house.learn by doing ,teach by learning

(24 Feb '10, 10:00) ursixx
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To realize that their true nature is love... then everything else will fall into place accordingly.


answered 16 May '11, 11:03

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How beautifully and simply put. Start at the root cause :)

(16 May '11, 14:51) you

For all of this to happen, the world would need to stop fighting and start feeding the poor and ministering to them...Not the agenda of a lot of countries I can think of at all. As long as the Hatfields and the McCoys keep fighting and shooting at each other, it is going to be a tough battle.

Just think how powerful a nation such as "The United States of Africa" would be! I have often wondered why they do not look across the ocean, and start thinking about peace. But as I understand it, there are too many warring factions for this to ever happen...

Just a squibble about this subject...

Blessings, Jai


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I think the Africa situation is a carefully planned disaster. It is possibly the richest land mass that has not been fully exploited of its natural resources yet. At the very top of this game of chess there is a battle for control of this vast resource. The cost of human lives is irrelevant to these chess players. You and I can raise millions to feed the poor of Africa, but it won't change the game.

(23 Feb '10, 21:55) The Traveller

We awakening to the real truth of Africa and revealing the identities of the chess players may change the suffering over there. But time is short and more can be achieved by changing ourselves instead.

(23 Feb '10, 21:59) The Traveller

You would be 'surprised' at what China is doing in Africa. They are being very helpful.

(24 Feb '10, 23:38) Inactive User ♦♦
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8000 people that must be off, there are more than 8000 people in California that are spiritual and if not between California and Florida there has to be, and that is not including world wide yet.

If it was only 8000 to tip the scale we would all be totally enlightened by now.

Are you sure he didn't say more like 80,000 which is still pretty small compared to the earth.


answered 24 Feb '10, 08:49

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Wade Casaldi

I think we definately have 8000 people of virtuous sentiment. I also think that the consciousness of the collective is continualy shifting and the earth looks the way it does because we are they way are. I think the key is organization, and faith. We can and are do this! The thing is, everytime we watch the main stream media news, we think, oh, this isn't working, and the law of attraction responds.

(24 Feb '10, 10:03) Brian

Hi, Wade. First, I think the square root of 1 percent is an arbitrary number. But, if you believe it, then the 8000 would have to be fully awakened people, not just virtuous people. And there may not be 8000 of those in California. Maybe not even 80.

(24 Feb '10, 15:43) Vesuvius

Oh FULLY AWAKENED yes that is a big difference there aren't many of those even in India.

(24 Feb '10, 22:09) Wade Casaldi
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Mankind is not able to act as a whole... so there is not urgent action that it can take.

But if we take the Macro/Micro approach then we can only start with ourselves, we might take urgent action. Urgent action on what? There is a giant highway of problems out there. Which lane do we take? If we narrow it down to the two great commandments in the Bible, Love God and Love one another, it might give us a narrow path to follow?

To be able to love another who is different from one's self - one needs a degree of understanding, understanding brings wisdom and wisdom allows one to love that which one might have had serious doubts about previously.

There is a catch to loving ... before we can love others we must understand ourselves enough to love ourselves DESPITE OUR MANY FLAWS. We cannot give what we do not possess - we need to acknowledge our own imperfections and learn to love and honour ourselves despite them, then we will be able to afford our world family that same love and honour.


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Inactive User ♦♦

I like it! So the priority for human kind is to Love God, Love Yourself, and Love One Another. We can do it. Can you imagin the bliss. Now we are doing it.

(25 Feb '10, 22:19) Brian

I love you Brian - lol - now how good does that feel! Ah it's Friday and I'm feeling great!

(25 Feb '10, 23:03) Inactive User ♦♦

That feels great. I love you too Lorraine! Woo!

(25 Feb '10, 23:32) Brian
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to remove ignorance drop the veils of the mind!


answered 16 May '11, 08:25

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white tiger

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