We wanted to experience the illusion of being disconnected from our source, didn't we? Do we defeat the purpose by consciously reconnecting through meditation, channeling, prayer... however we go about it?

Are we diluting the experience we intended to have?

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grace, as long as we struggle against what is we accept our will over His. from, into and on return again we find out who we are

(04 Jul '12, 06:36) fred

No, we're not diluting the experience because the game has changed.

The game was deliberately forgetting who we were.

Now, after many, many, many centuries, we are now playing a game of remembering who we really are again.

There is a general re-awakening going on throughout the human race - it's obvious around the world when you look for it, and it's accelerating.

This lifetime that we are all currently involved in, is a unique one for that reason. It's a lifetime of transition and that's why there is so much interest in Earth right now from so many different consciousnesses.


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Thank you, @Stingray. Are we unique in this in the universe? I seem to remember reading that what we are up to here is a combination of circumstances that has not been experienced before.

Also, why did the game change? Did we just exhaust all the possibilities?

(03 Jul '12, 11:43) Grace

@Grace - Yes, according to the Pleiadians, there is a unique combination of circumstances going on: Is Earth a giant extra-terrestrial 'experiment'? But bear in mind that everything we are told is only a paradigm / model that we are vibrationally ready to hear, not some absolute truth. As we evolve, the story we are ready to hear regarding ourselves also evolves. You simply cannot tell someone something they are not ready to hear yet.

(03 Jul '12, 20:06) Stingray

Thanks again! That just makes it all the more tantalising, doesn't it? Love it.

(03 Jul '12, 22:02) Grace

@Stingray, makes me think, that regardless of what the story is and how it is told, it shall have no value whatsoever. Because the truth simple, "everything that is, just is". How it is, is a matter of perception, an opinion. Useless, valueless, yet so often blindly held as the truth. We could say that even this opinion of mine is useless and empty. And it is. In a way, but it also touches the paradox of being itself. So it's true, in that sense.

(04 Jul '12, 04:49) CalonLan

@CalonLan - I think I broadly agree with you. Especially from our physical perspectives, we are looking for The Truth but it has never existed and will never exist, and it keeps changing :) The story will always change because our perspectives are always changing but I would say it's a little harsh it to say it then has "no value whatsoever". I think it is in the search for a meaning (even though there is none in any absolute sense) that the value lies.

(05 Jul '12, 07:07) Stingray

@Stingray,I should have been a little bit more specific as to what kind of value I meant,my bad.The same story told in thousand ways,has(to me) sort of evolutionary value.Like everybody understand things in a different way and so re-telling the story in multiple ways may get everyone to understand it.But if we compare one version of the story to another,they're equal. Thus none is having any higher value.But people seem to often believe that a certain version does.Then they call it truth.

(05 Jul '12, 09:12) CalonLan

@CalonLan, "everybody understand things in a different way and so re-telling the story in multiple ways may get everyone to understand it." I've often thought we live this every day at IQ. And you're right, it works. Sometimes you just can't see the forest for the trees, then when someone personalizes a truth and gives it back to you, it just clicks. I used to get frustrated with myself when I recogized this, but now I see that we all do it, and I actually like it. It's so endearingly human. :)

(05 Jul '12, 09:33) Grace

@Grace, and it's so often seen in schools. They teach a subject in a certain manner and kids who are able to pick it up in that manner are then called talented. But if they explained the same thing differently, the other group of not talented people could just as well become talented. That's one reason I don't believe in talents. Only a way of explanation. For example I know how I need the things to be "served" to me, in order for them to click. I think everyone should know what works for them

(05 Jul '12, 09:43) CalonLan

it is so much easier to search for specific explanation. I can pick up a book on a certain topic I want to learn, and by quickly reading a few sentences I can tell right away if it suits me or not. And same with people I talk to, I can tell right away who explains things in the best way for me. Once you know what fits you, you'll recognize it in a flash.

(05 Jul '12, 09:46) CalonLan

@CalonLan, I recognize the feeling you describe, and it does apply in many different situations. It's making me wonder, is that sense that this writer or this person "suits me" a recognition of mental or verbal habits, or maybe that it is as I mentioned, personalized for you, or more of a matched vibration thing, or what is it that we recognize, do you think?

(06 Jul '12, 00:47) Grace
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Some people say that life is a game. Maybe the game we are playing is 52 card pickup. We all start out as one. We get scattered around, and the goal is to come back to being one again.


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Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess, nice idea, I like the way you put it! :)

(03 Jul '12, 11:47) Grace

Thank you!

(03 Jul '12, 11:55) Fairy Princess

I think it's similar to why we all experience negative and positive, not just positive and not just negative (we all go through both, even generally negative people are happy at times, as are generally positive people get upset.)

I think we purposely go back and forth because it makes the game more interesting and fun. I always love when things 'manifest' for me, but watching how it unfolds and comes into my experience is exciting.

I think we forget just so we can have the opportunity of finding our way back. Just like we experience different ends of positive and negative just to create more opportunities to experience different things (mixing things up, creating something unique).


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@LapisLazuli, Your idea that its about creating something unique really hit home for me. Because, how else, right? Necessity is the mother of invention. Thank you for your answer!

(03 Jul '12, 16:03) Grace

I believe I wrote this someplace here before but here I am going to write it again at least I think again.

The other side and the dream world are very similar. As soon as you think of something you have it, you experience it. There is no need for reaching for it striving for it you have it as soon as you think it. You are like a king or queen that has everything instantly as soon as you want it.

Now you come down to earth as a soul and incarnate and you find as a baby you want things but you can't have them you reach and reach for things and learn to climb and crawl to get things you want. Now you feel that even growing up you need to fill that void that you feel that living like a king or queen that you vaguely remember. You do not realize you have this vague memory but it drives you to get what you want so you get this insatiable urge to fill that gap. Finely you feel that Stuff just does not fill it so now you have this urge to find that answer to why you feel this way. So now you turn inwards to working at remembering who you are. It is that only way to feeling that satisfaction of contentment. But the interesting thing is that can turn into I want to learn more I want to know more, more, more, more also. Still trying to relive that I'm a king or queen and I want what I want now! So we can even searching for spiritual things become entangled in trying to find more. Look at Inward Quest it has been here a few years and each day still there are new questions and answers, cue the Rolling Stones here "I can't get no satisfaction." ;-)


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Wade Casaldi

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Thank you Wade! That makes perfect sense to me. I can even almost feel it, and that makes it really interesting. AND, I always knew I was a queen of sumpthin. :)

(03 Jul '12, 22:23) Grace

@Wade Casaldi well said! Powerful advice.

(06 Jul '12, 09:13) Dollar Bill

It is more difficult to organize peace than to win a war; but the fruits of victory will be lost if the peace is not well organized. - Aristotle
That's great, profound and all, but what does it mean? It means that unlike war, peace is difficult to comprehend. How do you identify peace? The real-life war and peace-time are just 'events'and not the peace which the quote talks about! But, Now let's apply that to yourself, the only way you will identify peace is when you feel peace(ful) Think about it this way, you can market war, you cannot market peace...sure, you can market ways to the peace but not the peace itself. Because peace is not a commodity, it's an absolute! You can't piece-meal it and market it! It's an absolute like TRUTH (as in the TRUTH, not True & False kinds truth). You'll not know what to do with it even if you were walking with it all day long!

The whole theory of 'Living in NOW' is based on this absolute. NOW, this moment, THIS VERY MOMENT (you can go as indivisible as a second, a micro second, further)...because in this MOMENT is the absolute truth! IT'S INDIVISIBLE hence indisputable! That moment, which just went by, lost its truth (because no matter how accurate you try to re-live that moment, it'll be distorted) and the next moment hasn't happened yet (So no matter how accurate you try to LIVE IT, it'll be distorted). So in this very moment is YOU -- THE ABSOLUTE YOU...even you cannot lie, cheat, re-organize, or manipulate it!!

This is why one should live in the NOW. The NOW will better manage YOU than you can manage it...you can't acutually:) YOU JUST HAVE TO BE!

So God was walking with his executive assistant when a mortal asked him for the truth, God tossed it to the human! The assistant said 'You just gave it to him?', God said 'Yeah, now let him organize it' ...let him wonder what to do with it!!

But that's not what you are asking, is it? You are talking about the illusion of human life! Now consider this: We have the TRUTH and we are figuring out what is there to it! THIS IS WHERE WE ARE AS A ...I don't even want to say 'as a human race' because from GOD (SOURCE) perspective, there is no difference between humans, cats, dogs, trees, rivers, oceans, rocks etc. ...think WAY UP higher...from his perspective, he is looking at THE PLANET...but wait, not just our planet...he is looking at our GALAXY... but wait, he is looking at BILLIONS OF GALAXIES..the ENTIRE UNIVERSE...But wait, what is an UNIVERSE? It's the collective CONSCIOUSNESS...the UNIVERSE...

...now come back to YOU:) He (Source) doesn't want/need you to do anything. Just be. He thought of everything. You are the RESULT of him so you are already all you can be:)) He wouldn't send you down here to fix something now would he? He just want you to be! In the process...in the process if you chose to experience something/anything/all things, he'll take it..it'll just add to his stream. If you don't you''l be just reduced to being 'be', which is what he sent you as:) You do not have to reconnect to him because you are RESULT of him, he is you...not part of you...he is YOU and you are him.

So why are we trying so hard to figure this whole thing out? He doesn't mind, he says its your sandbox...play in it...want to figure out? Want NOT to figure out? It's all the same to him...

Imagine God (Source) as a CEO of a LAAAAAAAARGE Corporation with US (HUMANS) as one of the cogs in the entire giant wheel....do you really think, as an example, he is worried about your aches and pains?

With that perspective, the surprising answer is YES, he is! BUT, not how you think, not in the way you would imagine (Oh God, let this aches and pains go away)...he is worried about how YOU FEEL ABOUT your aches and pains, because that disrupts how you perceive your truth which in turn disrupts the consciousness which disrupts the entire HARMONY of his operation:)

Why doesn't he just snap his fingers and FIX IT? Surely HE CAN! He doesn't want to, he can't..in the sense...now get this, HE LIVES THROUGH THIS COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS! He expresses himself through this collective consciousness (Hence, God (Source) lives in each and everyone of us and we are all part of him (source))...its an ongoing thing, except that in HIS (Source) consciousness, there is NO CONCEPT OF TIME..SO IN HUMAN LANGUAGE IT'S ENDLESS...infinite, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient...

...now, come back again to YOU...

...You can't really dilute or enhance anything, you cannot control anything, even the experiences! The experiences you think you attract/repel are human (physical) experiences, there is no good/bad, day/night, positive/negative, up/down, nothing to/not-to as well...there's nothing to remember/forget either...THERE IS NOTHING (in human language)...and therefore there is EVERYTHING that you will ever need, forever! You are thinking 'NOTHING' is anticlimactic, how can we all be going towards nothing? Human beings think of 'nothing' as they equate it to physical nothingness (Nothing in my bank account), nothing is sooo great. You don;t have to do anything with 'Nothing' you cannot reverse 'nothing' or undo 'nothing'...nothing to do with nothing:)..

It's bigger than that...you just have to BE...because by being 'be' you help... ...the consciousness 'is which is and which is not'. Your cat is probably sitting there watching you run around all day long and you are thinking that lazy animal...while that cat's thinking...why all the running around? There is nothing to do but BE! :) Oh, you wanna move my litterbox, fine! You wanna feed me skimmed milk, fine! It just be's

The meditation, prayers, channeling are just ways to slow down (again, as per human language)..ever notice a SPIRITUAL process where a VIGOROUS activity (for a human body) is suggested? Probably not! Because all the slowing down processes try to take you within...within to that indivisible truth...your surrounding, the way you sit (drawing you in towards that within), then to your breathing, then your pattern of breathing and then to NOTHING or NOTHINGNESS...and that's it!

But why? There is no WHY...you can keep asking why till the end of the time and there is still going to be more why...'why' is the human creation! It doesn't have any meaning in this context!

NOW, this is a complex (there's no complex/simple:) theory (there is no theory and tangible:) to comprehend (there's no comprehending/not comprehending:) so I'll give one more thought here which I find absolutely (there's no...:) fascinating and which will help us comprehend somewhat...

Imagine YOU are GOD (Source) and you developed a language..lets say ABC ENGLISH language. The entire ABC English language is made up of 26 alphabets (Actually LETTERS is the correct term and not alphabets but anyways, remember 'there's no alphabets and/or letters:)!

That's all? 26? Really? All that we want to ever say as human race in English language, for all that you came up with only 26? YOU say, yes...trust me, all you will ever need! Now organize them...however you like organize them, play with them, have fun, its a great experience, find new ways to express through them...by you experiencing them, I will as well because I made you, all 26 of you:) mix-n-match them, form new ones, cross-pollinate them, slang them...go, go , go...

Generations and generations later.... millions of trillions of words, sentences, books, poetry literature, what-not.. whatever later...we are still using the same 26 of them, not run out of ways to use them...

Now, as God would you want to put an end to this ongoing experiences? Nope, you would want them to expand...forever...no destination...no one-FINAL-sentence of words and that's it...instead...go, go, go...

Human beings are like alphabets...some of us-- VOWELS -- maybe complain that we are not together (like all vowels next to one another)..but from YOUR perspective that is a non-issue...you are not stopping anyone, put them together, I don't care...it'll be another experience...go, go, go...

So an individual 'P' or 'Q' may think 'I' has got it all as 'I' is a word in itself...but collectively we make all the poetry and music and love and everything on this planet! Boooyiah:))

The limitation in human thinking comes from thinking like an individual 'P' or "Q' where ome doesn't see how they are helping the WHOLE and without 'P' or if 'P' is taken out the experience would not be same...from that perspective this all seems disconnected...actually imagine the word 'Peace' on a paper...the 'P' can't tell the whole is spelling out 'peace' it probably only sees 'e' and 'a' next to it...but if the letter 'P' cranes its neck UP...UP way up to see down to the page, it'll see the whole word 'Peace' and it'll also see it's contribution to it:)

It is difficult to have this perspective all the time and that is because of a fundamental limitation of a thought in human beings...we should be asking not where we are going (there's no where to go) but 'where we are NOW?'

And we should be in NOW with this thought: 'We are spiritual beings having human experience rather than human beings seeking spiritual experiences'

beautiful isn't it? All made from same 26 of them:)))

Phew! I have no idea, I had all that in me, it was almost like something else was writing this through me:) ...hope its an enjoyable read and find some value in it

...but then again, there is no value/non-value...


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Nice! Don't forget the punctuation counts for 34. Without the punctuation, the letters wouldn't be nearly as effective.

(04 Jul '12, 10:55) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess...true! And the smileys:))..it keeps evolving:)

(04 Jul '12, 11:10) Xoomaville

Thank you, @Xoomaville. I love following your thoughts through with you. Do you write as you think? I ask bc many times I do. I just sort of open my heart and then my head and just let it all fly. Feels good.

(04 Jul '12, 14:42) Grace

@Grace, yep, usually I just let it come through me...it sort of flows..very therapeutic:)

(04 Jul '12, 15:21) Xoomaville

if there is no division can war exist? if you love the neighbor as your self can war exist? if you are in truth can war exist? what cause war is it not division? is it not hate? it is not error? it is not a false pride? is it not arrogance? is it not false understanding? if a piece of the puzzle is missing can you have the complete picture? Then why not see and not hear and deny other? should not people accept each other and help each other like they would like to be done to them self in unity?

(26 Aug '13, 16:43) white tiger

God does not want to put a end to experience. God is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end eternal. he is aware of that big now moment of everything that is. he as given is children the choice to experience. you are made in is image with the same potential. you are in this world experiencing and enjoying and growing. maybe you cannot see that? eventually you will. let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

(26 Aug '13, 16:52) white tiger
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Maybe we forget so that we can have a new way to understand something, when we remember it. We often change our views with new info or perspectives, but what if we had too much information, the whole picture (much like another poster mentioned of the whole, the collective energies in this galaxy) to only view a truth with? Will not an ant have a equal but different truth to that of a rhino's truth? Would it not taint the ant from learning it's own unique truth if it already knew the whole/bigger picture? What do we gain if we then know the ant's truth without being able to add it to our bigger picture? So perhaps we forget so we can look at something differently and then remember so we can change the bigger picture to 'MORE' into our bigger picture? The self conceptualization of truth with out the experiencing of a truth is often less, almost always there hangs that hunger to 'know' it by experience and not just thought. Hope I made some sense. Love reading this page. :)


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Jenni L Clark

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the ant is aware of is truth through its experience and the rhino is also aware of is truth through its experience. and none of them have the complete big picture since they are still divided in this world. if the ant would share with the rhino the truth and knowledge of its world and the rhino would do the same both of them would gain something and have a bigger picture since they would have learn more truth. and they also would be able to help each other the ant could help the rhino with the-

(26 Aug '13, 13:41) white tiger

small things it is not able to do. the rhino could help the ant with the big things it is not able to do. both of them gaining something of value and more time to experience and grow. if you have to much information then you have reach your limit of understanding for the time being and need to grow and experience more so that you can take in more information and understand it. when the cup is full of water you need to drink from the cup or get a bigger cup to be able to hold more water.

(26 Aug '13, 13:53) white tiger

something that is even more use full is to clean the cup if there is dirt in it so that you can put more clean water in it.

(26 Aug '13, 13:57) white tiger
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Memories are stored, on the physical plane, as protein chains and connected by electro-chemical messages, in our brains. When we transfer to this world from the other, we gain a body that we have to learn to use and master.

We did not deliberately forget who we are- we are unable to remember hardly anything, if at all...

I was lucky enough to have experienced returning to this world, and remembering it. I believe I have spoken of it before on this site. (See this question.)

It may actually be good for us and fun to forget everything about our past lives, but I do not think that we all do forget everything. There are some amazing stories floating around about reincarnation that would really make you think.

Again, I do NOT believe we deliberately forget...we are forced to, in order to transfer to this plane of existence.




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Thank you, Jai, for your perspective, and sharing your story. I had read that here before. It makes me wonder again about past life regression. I did try the self regression suggested by Brian Weiss in Many Lives, Many Masters (I think I had a cd too), and had some interesting but limited experiences.

(09 Jul '12, 21:01) Grace
  1. Discontentment leads us to search out in the first place.

  2. “No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit.”- Helen Keller

  3. You're in control of the experience you have. Who says that searching can not be a part of you're experience?


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All assumptions are 'presumptions', all facts are merely opinions, held by one or more people (the more, the merrier) and they have a tendency to change or sometimes even turn into the opposite of what they were (trying) to prove to be 'true' earlier on... What I'm trying to convey here is that, if we (and life itself) are 'fake' - for good or bad - then that mere 'fact' takes away the possibility to 'find out the truth' about anything, let alone 'Life', 'God', 'The Universe', or whatever. It's like asking questions in your dream(s), without there being a way to even find out if you're dreaming or not... Not to say it's no fun asking questions (and having all kinds of 'human experiences') in your dream(s), but challenging the 'validity' of it all is pretty useless. Although the following 'conclusion' might hold no real value either, I'll present it here anyway: 'in the game of life it's all about belief, not about knowledge'. This makes doubt and fear - and other 'negative emotions' - the things you don't want to give your attention to ("be careful which of the two wolves you feed"). Living (or dreaming) this way, has relieved me from migraine, the yearly flu, lower back pain, etc., so at least for me it's valuable to believe only positive things. Hope this helps, but if not, that's okay too :-)


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the truth never changes your knowledge of the truth change. some are lost they go to much to the left or to much to the right. when they should know the left and the right and take the narrow gate that is at the center in balance. Life is not fake death is. at each end there is a new beginning. Know the validity of the left and the right find your balance in the middle. when you are walking it is the same thing you walk in the middle to go straight. the straight way that leads to life. I am.

(30 Jul '13, 08:02) white tiger

It's not my intention to start a discussion about 'the truth', nor anything else, for that matter (and it doesn't even have anything to do with IQ's policy, regarding this site not being a forum, but a place where people can get a kind of 'quick answers' to questions they pose on the internet, mostly via the use of search engines like Google). I know some people hang on to their/the truth more than others, for me that's not an issue anymore, that's all. Best wishes.

(30 Jul '13, 08:17) ronald123

verily,verily,verily i tell you:many came to this world empty and wants to return empty. that is why they are lost in the darkness. where will they store there wealth?


answered 17 Jul '12, 18:17

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white tiger

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