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Not a question, just wanted to share something that has helped me in the hopes that it might help you.

I am writing to share something that is very important to me about my father and his slightly younger brother, my Uncle Bub, a very simple and beautiful guy. Bub liked writing, but he gave away everything he wrote. He did not care for material things. Dad often spoke, with some pride, that Bub could have put everything he owned in one suitcase. That when he bought a new pair of shoes, he left the old shoes in the store.

In 1941 my father had just married my mother, they had graduated from the University of Georgia. Bub was a junior. They were living a peaceful existence in Athens, Georgia. One cold fall day, their world was torn apart. December 7th Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, destroying most of our Pacific fleet, three days later Germany and Italy declared war on the United States.

Dad's last memory of Bub was when he put him on a train for Sebring Florida Air Force Base, all his possessions in that one small suitcase. Dad went into the Navy at Savannah Georgia, then on to the South Pacific.

A year later a few days before Christmas the transport plane carrying Uncle Bub and 79 others was attempting a landing in a heavy fog. The tower had warned off the pilot. His last words were, "This is war and we've got to take chances." Bub was dead at the age of 20.

Dad was unable to get leave to return for the funeral. He went into deep depression about how could this happen! How could someone so young, innocent and guiltless be taken away in such a stupid, pointless way? Dad almost lost faith in God for permitting this to happen.

The mail was slow in those days, about a month later Dad got a letter from Bub. A letter that seemed to be from beyond the grave, a letter that Bub mailed shortly before his death. All that letter contained was the enclosed poem.

Dad carried it throughout the war. Whenever he felt afraid. Whenever he wondered if he would return to Savannah and find the city had been attacked, everyone including my mother and me killed. Whenever he felt the mortal fear of death stalking his ship. Dad read this poem:

The Answer

I clenched my fist and shook it
At the clear blue sky above,
"Where are you God?" I shouted,
And where's your wondrous love?"

"How can you be so heartless
With your children here below?
How can you let this war rage on
And weak ones suffer so?

My anger mounted fiercely 'til
My voice would come no more;
And wearily I crumpled to
The earth's soft grassy floor

Then presently I heard a voice
A still, small voice quite near;
It called my name and whispered
Reassurance in my ear.

"Have faith my son and trust me,
In this thy darkest hour;
My love for you is greater far
Than any evil power.

"My love for man is infinite
And when I gave him birth,
I let him have dominion
Over everything on earth.

"He wields my mighty power
And my substance as he will;
He falters, falls and rises
Growing stronger ever still.

"Oh how I yearn to hold him up
When ere I see him fall;
And yet I can not take away
My greatest gift of all.

"For I gave to Man the right to will
To choose the way he'll go;
I can not interpose my love
Unless he wills it so.

"'Tis through his will and only thus
That I may end all strife;
But all who will may have my peace,
My strength, My love, My life.

"The time is near when all the world
Will see the light my son;
For everywhere on earth I hear
The prayer, 'Thy Will be done'."

With this the Father's voice was gone,
And yet I felt him near;
No longer was I filled with doubt-
The Answer now was clear.

I raised my head from where I lay
And whispered, "Lord, I see.
Forgive me for my unbelief,
Henceforth I'll trust in thee."

"Bub" Marsh - December 23, 1942

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Dollar Bill

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Barry Allen ♦♦


Nice, thanks for sharing :)

(27 Mar '12, 05:14) Eddie

Glad you like it, Eddie!

(27 Mar '12, 11:50) Dollar Bill

Beautiful...Just beautiful! Such a great story, and what a wonderful tribute to your brother! I got tears in my eyes...Thank you so much!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Lots of Love...

(27 Mar '12, 12:22) Jaianniah

Here I sit with tears rolling down my face. This poem realy touched my heart so thank you so much for sharing it. Please have it published with the whole story for this poem will bring faith back to many that think all is lost. Thank you Dollar Bill but most especialy a big thank you to uncle Bub Marsh. His life here on earth was not in vain.

(29 Mar '12, 17:12) Paulina 1
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Thanks this was something very worth sharing and because you shared it Bub Marsh's little poem that he wrote way back in 1942 will help many now and many to come maybe for ages to come. We never know how much impact we have nor how many we affect or even will affect. I am sure when Bub wrote that, he had no idea it would go any further than your dad. He had no idea that what he wrote would have an impact on people in 2012 and that it would help many people maybe thousands to come but it has now that you shared it it will.

We pass though life here then gone but our words, it is our words that may live on and who know how long. We still quote people that were some of the first people to arrive in our country. It is 2012 and we still remember and quot people from 1776! "I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country!" That is powerful stuff! And, who knows, maybe someday on some other planet long after we have populated other planets those words will still be remembered as words that started from an American Earthling named Nathan Hale. So who knows how long your uncles poem will influence people, we on this passing life can only imagine.

As we write we can imagine the lives that we may touch maybe for many generations to come even long after we are gone. It is enough to humble us and make us feel like every word we write has an impact and is important. When we really stop to think on it, it blows the mind, "I may be dead for the rest of eternity as this identity but my word lives on, maybe forever..."


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Wade Casaldi

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Thank you Wade. Perhaps when we are gone, only our words will remain as our legacy, hopefully to make a difference.

I sent this same poem and information to "A Soldier" in The Gulf War and to our troops in Afghanistan. God gives us the will to choose. We must use that choice wisely.

(27 Mar '12, 19:21) Dollar Bill

totally agree with you Dollar Bill in truth use that choice wisely.

(27 Mar '12, 19:28) white tiger

Here is Dad and Uncle Bub at the age of 11 and 9. They wrote and published three books before Dad was 14. I look at the bright young man standing beside Dad in his knickers and tear up to realize he had only 11 years more to live, but he left behind a great legacy.

(27 Mar '12, 19:29) Dollar Bill

i have saw the pictire of bub. and i have read the article. very nice. then i have though about the big fish. and decided to include this for you."The man is like a wise fisherman who cast his net into the sea and drew it up from the sea full of small fish. Among them the wise fisherman found a fine large fish. He threw all the small fish back into the sea and chose the large fish without difficulty. Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear."

(27 Mar '12, 19:58) white tiger
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interesting Dollar Bill. but i will ask you a fee question if this have help you and it talks about God then why the resistance? why the ego and the search for more money and powers? you also came resistant to bible words? is there some bad experience with religion that made you resistant?


answered 27 Mar '12, 05:23

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white tiger

@White Tiger, happy to have piqued your "interest" I do have a few questions about your response. Need some clarification. Kindly respond,

  1. What is a "fee question"?

  2. What does "if this have[sic] helped you and it talks about God, then why the resistance?" Are you saying you think I have resistance? If so, why do you say that? If not, kindly explain what you do mean.

  3. Please explain the basis for your statement: "why the ego and search for more money and power." I don't need more money or power. I have more than enough of both.

In my other post, about "More, Better, Faster. . . ." I was not talking about money, or power. More about spiritual advancement and better understanding of the nature of existence.

  1. What do you mean, "you also came(?) resistant to bible words?" Are you speaking about the Holy Bible as in God's Word, or is there some other bible you are talking about? What is your basis of making such a question anyhow?
  2. You also ask, "is there some bad experience with religion that made you resistant?" I would have to answer No bad experiences with religion. And would, again, ask you why you ask such a question?

answered 29 Mar '12, 14:13

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Dollar Bill

because of your action that is simple enuff or do you not want to see it?

(29 Mar '12, 18:07) white tiger

I want to see it. Please explain.

(29 Mar '12, 19:59) Dollar Bill

when i told you to get out of your rags and put your white clothes. what was your answer. Read what you have wrote that was your action. there is your resistance.

(29 Mar '12, 20:20) white tiger

or did you think i was talking about physical clothes at that time?

(29 Mar '12, 20:21) white tiger

Your metaphor of rags and white clothes goes by me. I was spiritually in a difficult place. Are you saying to get in a better place? A cleaner place? Or part of your white world?

(30 Mar '12, 12:48) Dollar Bill
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