The Science, especialy the Quqntum Physics, don't finded out (yet?!?!) nor the "God particle", neither His location in the universe ("Home" of God, other than churches, which are builded by humans for), nor His visible image on the Akashic fields (so others than the icons and revelalions). It lacks the physical proofs. There are only mediated proofs (circumstantialy) and could be valuable if -and only if - the humans accept they such.

Therefore, it is possible the enlightenment without God?

asked 23 Feb '10, 14:16

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The God Particle is misnamed. See

(23 Feb '10, 14:49) Vesuvius

Your questions sure are thought provoking:-)

(23 Feb '10, 16:06) Michaela

Thank you, Michaela. This is what I wanted for us: thinking about

(23 Feb '10, 18:26) Gleam

Well, Vesuvius, I'm sorry for me. Be you glad that into content of your link, it is better. Thank you to be so gentle to understand what is words about.

(23 Feb '10, 18:36) Gleam

gleam science is like a baby it is only starting to learn to get up!sure science is blind to the truth! science will change and grow gradually!now that they are leaving the science that you can mesure to learn in the science that you can't mesure!(quantum physic)

(22 May '11, 03:42) white tiger
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For me enlightenment is a realization of our true nature which results in a transcendence of human suffering. God is the name we give to the name of our perceived creator and it really doesn't matter what name we give or if in actual fact there is nothing or emptiness out there - our true nature if or when we realize it just 'Is' so what I choose to believe does not really affect who 'I Am' at the core of my being - that 'I Am' just 'Is' whether there is a God or not.


answered 23 Feb '10, 16:06

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Your answer is the same concept that came to my mind. I wonder, however, if "Enlightenment" is a strictly eastern concept and "God" having to bless you with enlightenment, a primarily western concept. I mix it all together, so I came up with the same conclusions as you did, but I wonder if others do.

(23 Feb '10, 22:37) The Traveller

Interesting concept Traveller - I hadn't considered the different viewpoints between the East and the West.

(24 Feb '10, 13:19) Michaela

Very well said, Michaela.

(03 Aug '10, 22:12) Tracy Jackson

i say drop belief and experiance! enlightement is once you leave the body and see the light!(sure the fact that light cummunicated with some people they got the false impression that they where everything and no other existed! if they would have talked with more light and god then they would have know the truth!

(22 May '11, 03:46) white tiger
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I always imagine God as an endless Field of Intelligent Light (whole spectrum, visible and invisible) and we as just a minute portion within that Light.

When we become enlightened (by our own efforts to obtain Understanding) we grow into a greater proportion of that Light in which we live. We become more wise.

Image the point within the circle (a well known symbol) that point would expand to become a little circle itself... so the symbol would become one of concentric circles. We are growing unto God. When two becomes One, then we need 'go out no more'.

EN**hance your capacity for **LIGHT = Enlightenment.

Psst - the Holy Grail stories and legends? the container?


answered 23 Feb '10, 22:24

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Inactive User ♦♦

that symbol is the sun or the archangel micheal!

(22 May '11, 03:05) white tiger

the holy grail is the cup from jesus last supper this is my blood! it is also the hope that the knight of arthur where looking for and when one of the knight find it there is light behind it and the light ask a question to the knight who am i and the knight say you are my hope my lord my king!

(22 May '11, 03:08) white tiger

It's possible.

Maybe it's all just electrical signals in your brain. Maybe spiritual experiences are evolutionary; they help us survive because they give us hope. Perhaps the drive to find oneness with a higher power also drives us to become better people by establishing ethical systems, and improves our survival that way.

But that means I'm gone when I die. I hope that's not the case.


answered 23 Feb '10, 14:48

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Good news Vesuvius... what if you are not your body? What if your body is just the vehicle you are using at this point in time. The question that might appeal to your bent of mind... what if this is an electrical Universe and 'you' are 'electrical'? Brains are just processors imo. You are the power source that runs the program (you have selected).

(23 Feb '10, 22:35) Inactive User ♦♦

nope it is not just electrical signal in the brain you leave the body! and there is light waiting for you outside!

(22 May '11, 03:10) white tiger

The god that so many perceive conceptually, and in most cases, fear because of that interpretation (via religion or any other belief structures) has nothing to do with enlightenment as it goes. The thinking of god, as it relates to the individual, defines a time bounded approach or path resembling an arduous climb to the highest peak of a mountain. The irony is that the few who get there have to negotiate on that precipice of that self awareness, who they believe themselves to be along with the experience of existence which one believes he or she lives. The other side of that negotiation is with that which has none of those mind made conclusions, none of that story or biography. The greater position grounded in separation and time usually prevails. It is what we know as our experience of life. Giving up that is what obstruct the reality that we are already liberated as pure conscious awareness . At that point, the climber on the mountain, the mountain and the journey to god all collapse.


answered 17 Jul '10, 21:39

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Negociate with who?

(17 Jul '10, 22:01) Gleam

Between that which is the process of thought and individual which is under the assumption that he or she thinks. Consciousness, which is yet to be recognized (when awareness recognizes itself as being aware) has no such negotiating to do. It is already pure consciousness. What most perceive as being the observer or watcher of thought, is still dual . There is still subject and object and as such this initial awareness brings with it an safety blanket when observation begins

(18 Jul '10, 02:31) no1wakesup

awareness just experiance at a level of being of light! religion is not god! some religion are base on great master that have seen the light! but men used those story to gain power on other!

(22 May '11, 03:15) white tiger
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I wish it were that simple, I have seen a demon and experienced the presence of GOD. GOD speaks to me and prods me to answer these questions. I myself would prefer to just leave all of you in your ignorance and let you go on your way believeing the nonsense all of you come up with for what you do not understand. You try to explain everything in terms you understand and yet you fail to even glimpse the truth. It is not black and white, there is a war going on for your soul (for lack of a better word). I don't believe in everything the bible says, but there is a kernal of truth there. I am not a fanatic. We were given free will to see how we would react to certain situations. Do we do what is right or do we do what is wrong. "You are, what you do, when it counts".

When I was younger, i was driving around in the country and just pulled my car over and got out. it was a cold february night and I asked GOD, "what does it all mean". GOD told me to turn around and look up. Before me was an oak tree with no leaves on the branches, as I looked at it I noticed that at the end of some branches were stars and at the end of others were nothing. I realized that as we travel through life we make choices, one is right the other is wrong, depending on your choices you either end at a star or at nothing. I take it the stars represented heaven and the blackness represented just that nothing or damnation.

I wish GOD would quit prodding me to answer these questions, because I know most of you will write me off as a crack pot and the rest will laugh and call me crazy. I personally don't care. I have been a servant of GOD now for 35 years and will continue to do what ever GOD wants me to do, so I will be back to try and get you to see the truth. If one of you sees it then I have not failed. Don't worry GOD will not ask me to hurt any body.

May GOD bless you all and give you what you deserve.

PS. my screen name is a play on words and also points out all the evil, people have done in the name of GOD. Like the spanish inquisition, the salem witch trials, people who blow up abortion clinics and etc.... You get the idea. Abortion thats a good example of what I am talking about. I am against abortions, I believe it is wrong to kill the unborn child. However, GOD gave us free will to make our own decisions, it is a greater sin for me to force my will on you and take away your choice to choose between giving birth or having the abortion. I can offer advice and try to guide you to make the right decision as I see it. But you are the one who will pay the price for the decision you make, not me. Until the child is born, it is part of the mother and she alone has the decision to keep or get rid of the unborn child. Now if a doctor decides that it is in her best interest to abort, to save her life and there is no chance to save the child, then the doctor is the one who will be judged for the decision he/she made.


answered 17 Jul '10, 23:42

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I like your answer. I noticed, only for me, the sentence: "I don't believe in everythings the bible says, but there is a kernal of truth there". After all, tje bible which we commonly are reading is not the originaly writters.

(18 Jul '10, 06:03) Gleam

My very own opinion is that improving the knowledge denying God is only somewhat selfdevelopment (and I cannot say where lead this wat). I believe in Creator and Creation. Consequently, I think and believe that enlightening is possible only getting nearer to Creator, to the consciousness of oneness with Him.

(18 Jul '10, 06:42) Gleam

Very good Gleam, the bible we are reading today is a collection of much older stories from sumeria, Arkadia and possibly Hittite with an egyptian influence. there is evidence from ninevah that the stories may be much older and come from other cultures before they were incorperated in the bible. I also believe that trying to come closer to the creator in spirit will bring us to closer to enlightenment.

(19 Jul '10, 00:35) Goodisevil

Often you learn more in answering questions than in asking them. Are you so sure that God is not prodding you to answer for you to learn something rather than for us who live in "ignorance"? :)

(03 Aug '10, 20:13) Stingray

only time will tell my friend

(30 Aug '10, 22:17) Goodisevil

well i don't think you are crazy and yes people are ignorant let them laugh when they knock on the door we will laugh also! and there will be gnasing of teeth!

(22 May '11, 03:21) white tiger
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Demon (devil) and god don't exist, except for in the mind and the importance it lays on such claims.

Words can never even point to what God is because the tool of conceptual interpretation is not there. The mind is way too busy in maintaining an otherwise independent and perpetual concept of god for itself based on its own biography and experience .

There is no you as "servant" and god as "master". That's just simple duality, more ignorance. It's the land of opposites in a quality consciousness which has no distinction between any two expressions, at any level, that need to oppose one another.

Since you would prefer to leave everyone to their own ignorance, then simply do that. Remember, you do have fee will.

Hope this helps


answered 03 Aug '10, 19:56

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I assure you they do exist, and someday you will see the truth. I am not here to preach to you, I simply related my own experiences for others to ponder and decide if there may be some truth to this or utter nonsense. I can see that all of you have made up your minds about life and what it is. I guess there are no mysteries for you to unlock as you seem to know all the answers. I suppose it only helps you to feel better about yourself as you preach to me to free my mind and live for the moment instead of living for a higher set of values, morals and ethics, I am not the enemy.

(30 Aug '10, 22:26) Goodisevil

The fact that you are free is already in place. It's only the conceptual perspective and position of your mind that differentiates otherwise. Of course you are not the enemy. That duality can only surface from that which became a relationship with the other out there long ago. The idea of evil is based on a perception of good. Beyond those two extremes, everything simply arises as an expression in manifested form. You cannot preach to another because the other is not there, it only appears to be. And so it is the same for these words to a you not there, for that position is an illusion only.

(05 Sep '10, 04:29) no1wakesup

you as the child and god as the father or parent because energy as no sex! is more like it! in this world we use word there is no other way to talk about it! and yes word are lacking but it is the best we have here!if your mind is to busy maybe that is because you don't clean it often enuff and use it as a superficial tool!

(22 May '11, 03:28) white tiger

don't worry goodisevil i am sure many see me as a black sheep also and think that i am not in harmony but maybe it is because they are not in harmony that they see it this way! this place is inward quest so why some people come here to try to imposse there view on other that spirituallity or god is non sense? they might have a grudge on religion and politic this i can understand! but do not put spirituallity and god in the same basket then religion!

(22 May '11, 03:35) white tiger

and other exist poeple that believe that we are all illussion are on the wrong track also! we are all communicating to getter but are all individual!

(22 May '11, 03:38) white tiger
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there is many truth in the absolute truth and every one grasp what they can at different level! as for physical proof it is not needed because science can't have something physical that can explore the not physical in term of mesuring or analysing! the only thing physical that they have that can bridge from one side to the other is the human and on less they make the experiancing them self they will not see and say it is in the mind!then they will plug wire in a brain to find if there is anny truth that they can see or mesure!(doing that is like plugging metal wire in fiber to see if internet exist!)


answered 22 May '11, 03:59

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white tiger

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