Most of us are familiar with the story of Adam and Eve ... could anyone explain to me the symbolism of the violet and yellow snake as depicted in this drawing ;

alt text

have a great day :)

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blubird two

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Barry Allen ♦♦

very good picture to show the truth of the matter money in the tree and men and women naked and ashame. you might like this one also blubird.

(28 Jan '12, 00:26) white tiger
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what if:

the serpent is the symbol
of wisdom,
awakening animal innocence
with self-conscious mind

to the arcon
individuality was feared,
recognized as foreign
with rule waning


answered 31 Jan '12, 21:13

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i think i misspelled arcon, left out an 'h' before the o

(01 Feb '12, 17:58) fred

the tree and the serpent are both ancient symbols. could it be the tree of life that bears the fruit of knowledge, the awakening of man with self-consciousness to become more complete

(05 Feb '12, 17:12) fred

yes i agree, the tree represents the tree of life, the knowledge tree that is hidden within all of us ... the serpent represents the vital force, the subtle energy that flows through our chakras and the intricate system of subtle energy channels symbolized by the tree in the picture

(26 Jan '13, 10:12) blubird two
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The snake meant the freedom to choose. Once you choose, you have isolated yourself from the whole. By choosing, the separation begins, the circle of life begins until choosing doesn't matter and you return to the whole.


answered 28 Jan '12, 07:47

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The Knights Alchemy

The snake was confused.

(29 Jan '12, 10:34) The Knights Alchemy

the couple man/woman seem confused because they are faced with a 3rd choice, that of neutrality, that leads them from duality and into the world of triality ... the snake can show them the way into a new cycle of life if they so wish

(26 Jan '13, 07:54) blubird two

the snake in the story as is own motive and serve is own perpace at the expanse of Adam and Eve. so I do not think that he represent the freedom of choice. since God gave it to Adam and Eve when he made them in is image.

(24 Mar '15, 18:03) white tiger

@white tiger yes the snake symbol of primal polarized energy, long and thin with two ends just like a bar magnet, in this sense it represents universal magnetic energy

(25 Mar '15, 03:01) jaz
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Hi Bluebird Two

There are 22 parts to this video and this link is only for the 2nd part (I haven't seen the other 20 parts)

Something tells me that you were already familiar with this angle and perhaps asked the question because of it.


answered 28 Jan '12, 12:23

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The Traveller

This video is amazing, wow never mind Aliens landing messing up all we believe from our religions these ancient documents do that job well enough and these were found right here on Earth!

(28 Jan '12, 13:37) Wade Casaldi

@Blubird yes 22 that you are thinking of are the 22 paths of the tree of life I was talking about. These also correspond to the 22 major arcana of the tarot cards.

(28 Jan '12, 13:40) Wade Casaldi

I am not sure if this is a joke or serious question since the picture you chose is a comic picture. I can not say since it is a comic picture, had this been some ancient drawing or painting I might be able to decipher the meaning from the symbols.

With that said I will now give one if this were one of those ancient photos.

Generally in those ancient photographs of the snake in the tree. It is a symbol of the energy that would be called the kundalini in eastern tradition. This sexual energy can raise or fall in consciousness depending on what is done with it. The tree of life is connected with our chakras so as children innocent our minds are high in the tree close to heaven and God but as we mature and reach puberty our consciousness falls as our sexual desire raises and so we fall from that innocent place of the kingdom to much lower places of mind. The closer to God the closer to life the farther away from God the closer to death. There is a tree of life as well as a tree of death, we do not want to descend down that tree.

This was the temptation and fall that we have been experiencing ever since, it is the reason we are all here now instead of heaven, that desire for things of this world and the flesh. However we may ascend back up the tree of life through the grace of God and the acceptance and disire for the higher over the lower.


answered 28 Jan '12, 01:05

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Wade Casaldi

@Bluebird Yes this is as I was saying we can desend or assend the choice is ours. Just like my debt question the answer was so simple "Paid." The opposite of the debt.

(28 Jan '12, 12:03) Wade Casaldi

@Wade, I liked the picture.

(05 Feb '12, 17:25) Tom

Serpent = Wisdom Eve = The creative power of man (Jesus/Jacob/Abel/Winston Smith) Adam = The manifested man (Christ/Esau/Cain/Big Brother) Tree of the Fruit of Good and Evil = The states of existence Die = Forget

Short translation. God created man as an object and then entered into and animated him as a subject (first the eldest then the youngest). His wisdom then convinced him that in order for man to become as him, he had to forget himself in man by using his creative power to enter into, to fully consume, different states of existence. So he did so and condemned his wisdom to be grounded on the earth (to become Satan, the adversary, doubt), therefore causing enmity between wisdom (reason) and imagination (Eve). Yet despite his descent into the world of death, within man God sleeps and clothes him.

I could give a meaning to the colors but odds are they mean nothing as they are not as far as I know part of Genesis. Purple is wine, the highest vibration of color, it represents joy. I don't know if there is a meaning to yellow.


answered 26 Jan '13, 11:12

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yes yellow:Relates to the spleen and life energy. It is the color of awakening, inspiration, intelligence and action shared, creative, playful, optimistic, easy-going.

Purple: indicates spiritual thoughts. Purple is never a strong point in the Aura. It appears only as temporary "clouds" and "flames", indicating truly spiritual thoughts.

(26 Jan '13, 16:09) white tiger

In religion, mythology, and literature, serpents and snakes represent fertility or a creative life force. As snakes shed their skin through moulting, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing.[4] The ouroboros is a symbol of eternity and continual renewal of life.

so men creation is shaming him. also note that the snake his higher then men in the tree.

Color symbolism in art and anthropology refers to the use of color as a symbol in various cultures. There is great diversity in the use of colors and their associations between cultures[1] and even within the same culture in different time periods[2]. In fact, the same color may have very different associations within the same culture at any time. For example, red is often used in North America and Europe for stop signs[3] or danger[4]. At the same time, red is also frequently used in association with romance, e.g. with Valentine's Day there is a contrast of colors and a snake foul the people with colors to trap them using yellow and purple to attract them.

Also it is said that it is the tree of knowledge of good and evil. so it represent the duality between light and darkness. So Adam and Eve became aware of that knowledge(gnosis)of duality of light and darkness. some say the snake is satan,some say that the snake is jesus,some say that the snake was a construct of Eve((imaginary) and that she falled below her own construct and believed what the snake said. what they all agree on is that they where in shame and afraid knowing their own nakedness and for not respecting what God said.

but if we examine things more in deep God does not mind for human to have knowledge(gnosis) since we have many religion. all the jewel(jesus,buddha,etc...)all have bring knowledge to humanity. could it be that they eat of that fruit before they where ready? And that the snake knew that by doing that he was going to put Adam ,Eve and God to shame.putting a delay on the perfection of mankind.And seperating Mankind from God.Also in Gnostic teaching it is said that matter comes from darkness and darkness is a shadow created by chaos and chaos comes from the abyss in the abyss there is a prison called tortaros. And light comes from truth,faith(pisthis)/wisdom(Sophia),life(zoe) yet all those woman name represent the soul(said:feminin) and have their male counter part for spirit (said:male) And they call them God androgynus(both male and female).so mankind is made from light(spirit) with a soul and darkness matter. And now they are lost in confusion of duality under the power of archon of darkness.But mankind as the power of free will.Same as the light.That set them apart from the darkness.If they will move out of duality that cause darkness toward truth that is unity(Born of water and spirit).the kingdom of the king where all the children of light are equal (harmony). you can read all that at:

So let there be light,Be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.


answered 28 Jan '12, 01:05

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white tiger

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maybe blubird but in the drawing it is not a good omen men and women ashame in front of a dollar tree and a smiling snake. you have to understand the context blubird. samething in dream the context and how you feel about it helps alot for the symbol if you do not notice that your interpretation of symbol can be more creative imagnary that what it trully means.

(28 Jan '12, 02:33) white tiger

well blubird you know about the yin yang symbol. make the 2 in one and you will have balence and harmony. mind and heart. your self and other.light and darkness. in which way do you want to tip the scale? is it in your best interest on short term or long term?

(28 Jan '12, 13:20) white tiger

you should go look at the question i have asked 1 hour ago before you wrote the thing about the dragon21 minutes ago. experience and enjoy.

(28 Jan '12, 13:25) white tiger
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Here is the video that inspired my answer to this question

and here is the pictural illustration of my interpretation

alt text

The symbolic representation is as follows;

  • the giant hand is source energy or whatever you prefer to name it
  • the yellow line between the finger tip and the cross on the vatican spire is a flow of source energy
  • the vatican is of course a building overflowing with spiritual (prayer) energy
  • the 6/9 diagram is the contactor between the downward flowing spiritualized energy symbolized by the 6 and the upward flowing spiritualized (human prayer) energy symbolized by the 9.

The yellow and violet snake is represented by the double coil 6/9 and clearly shows it as being a two way flow of primal energy.


answered 08 Mar '13, 03:32

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ru bis

yes @ru bis the snake in the tree represents polarized energy more commonly known here on IQ as the law of attraction ... L&L

(29 Jan '14, 00:17) jaz

Thoughts that would distract us from enjoying the Garden of Eden that we were created in and meant to enjoy. These thoughts creep in, slithering silently until they are in your face changing your beliefs and how you see yourself and the world and changing who you are. These thoughts themselves create a prison in our mind. These thoughts of the past or of what might be in the future keep us a prisoner and distracted from the Garden of Eden which is now.


answered 31 Jan '12, 11:36

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Fairy Princess

I am talking about creative thinking, I am talking about the thinking that takes us off task, out of the present and into the past or anticipated future.

(31 Jan '12, 14:52) Fairy Princess

Yes, thinking that takes us out of the presence of what is now.

(01 Feb '12, 20:21) Fairy Princess

Fred had the best answer. These stories like creation and the flood have been prevalent through out history. The original ideas could have been lost. There is really no way to tell what is true. The Bible must have some truth because it mentions many historical places and times that are correct as far as historians are concerned. So believe what you will. I personally only believe the Gospel because that was suppose to be the word of Jesus. The first 5 books were written by Moses.


answered 05 Feb '12, 17:08

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yes fred has the answer that i prefer

(26 Jan '13, 10:21) blubird two

As with many things in ancient scriptures, the Serpent in the Tree of the Garden of Eden is an analogy. In my understanding the eating of the Serpent's fruit represents an awakening of Conscious Self Awareness and the Free Will (separateness) to experience and explore during incarnation, an illusory state of disconnection from All There Is. In my understanding, as Eternal Beings of Consciousness (now Beings of Eternal Conscious Self-Awareness), we are all Descended Masters and Universal Creators in the making. In order to become a Universal Creator (which is largely why most of us are here in this Earthly and Galactic incarnational recycling programme) we must be, create, and experience everything this Universal Paradigm offers. Given that we are Masters of Infinite Creation, Limitation, and Manifestation, and given that the Universal Creator is unconditional, we have made our circumstances to advance most challenging :o)

However, there was a trap: a trap to lock our spiritual essences and unlimited manifestational powers (after we agreed to, under conditions of faith and mutual respect) into a low density atmosphere and skin suit with limited powers - one we thought we would be 'fun' to experience, but hence we have been entrapped in ever since -- despite our continuous wishes to leave these vehicles and not return to them or Earth. But, by agreeing to this idea on the faith system, those not adhering to the faith system invented a contract to keep us imprisoned. Gee - I wonder where Earth humans get their corrupt and nefarious contract ideas from?

In any case, we can thank the Anunnaki (The Sirian 'government') for this enslavement, as well as upper echelon puppets of the Orion Empire in connection to the Sirian Alliance.

Although I do not follow this Institution's work anymore, it is worth noting that Courtney Brown's top team of remote viewers, connected to the Farsight Institute, were given the target coordinates of the proverbial Adam and Eve to remote view. What they viewed was a male and female in lab coats experimenting with biological engineering. This is particularly interesting because such correlates with information from other sources I have gathered regarding the creation of **** sapiens sapiens.

In this case what may be remote viewed is perhaps (Lucifer) and Isis (Ishtar) in their laboratory, bioengineering the DNA of the Divine Namlu'u with the DNA of Terra primates and the DNA of Anunnaki to create an upgraded (literally, down-graded) slave race.


answered 30 Jan '14, 00:36

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edited 21 Mar '15, 01:41

@TGunn - yes this picture is an analogy ... what does your phrase " the eating of the Serpent's fruit" mean? Surely you mean "the eating of the tree's fruit" ...

(30 Jan '14, 01:54) jaz

No. The Tree is allegorical, as is the eating of the fruit and the Serpent. The 'fruit' is allegory to Conscious Self Awareness.

(30 Jan '14, 02:14) TGunn

Awakening, if you will :o) Conscious awareness of self.

(30 Jan '14, 02:16) TGunn

Adam and Eve were ignorant. Ignorance is bliss; hence Eden. Wisdom and knowledge is the price we pay for advancement. I agreed to it; you agreed to it. We all have agreed to it.

(30 Jan '14, 02:26) TGunn

The Serpent is Sovereignty.

(30 Jan '14, 02:29) TGunn

Sovereignty is the allowance to know and discover oneself, without condition or reprimand.

(30 Jan '14, 02:34) TGunn

Sovereignty is the grace we have been granted, because we have granted ourselves such grace.

(30 Jan '14, 02:48) TGunn

@TGunn huh ? ... in simple terms what exactly is the meaning of the snake in the tree ?

(30 Jan '14, 02:56) jaz

In a word, enlightenment. All ancient scriptures have an allegorical parallel to this. Even in the more recent understanding of Sumarian tablets, Enki of the Anunnaki represents the biblical Serpent -- upgrading the conscious self awareness of man (at this point homo sapiens) to know that it is a sovereign being; that man is Source incarnate.

(30 Jan '14, 10:35) TGunn

@TGunn "enlightenment" ok ... in other words it's the raw driving force within you that you use, consciously or unconsciously

(31 Jan '14, 01:32) jaz

@Jaz:Well, not exactly. Enlightenment meaning polarity. Human Beings (not Homo sapiens)are the children of Yahweh -- the Logos of planet Earth. Yahweh is not the Creator of this Universe, nor is Yahweh the Infinite Creator. As a Planetary Logos, although it was his right to do so, Yahweh did not allow his children (and the souls that incarnated into such vehicles)conscious self-awareness (polarity), without which one cannot know oneself, advance, and evolve. (continued below...)

(24 Feb '14, 00:21) TGunn

@Jaz:No evolution amongst Yahweh's children displeased The Elders. The Elders then assigned the Soul Group Consciousness known as Lucifer (not The Devil!) the task of offering conscious self-awareness to Yahweh's children. Yahweh agreed to this but subsequently exercised his intention and right to dissuade his children from following the path of conscious self-awareness and sovereignty.

(24 Feb '14, 00:36) TGunn and En.lil (Jesus, Buddha, etc) are polar opposites of the same being, much like we have our polar/mirror opposites and are battling against such. Yawheh is not our creator, but one of the Anunnaki 'Gods' who upgraded/downgraded the human species.

(20 Mar '15, 21:49) TGunn
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What follows is a stripped down (With an occasional minor edit) explanation for "the serpent". It is from "The Secrets of the Eternal Book", which is the Kabbalists interpretation of the early books of the bible.

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that reveals how the universe and life work. On a literal level, the word Kabbalah means, "to receive." It is the study of how to receive fulfillment in our lives. It is usually defined as the mystical and esoteric tradition of the Jewish people, though it might more generally be regarded as the "spiritual philosophy" of Judaism.

Let me begin with a brief prelude to the appearance of the serpent:

The term "naked" alludes to the absence of "clothes" or, according to Kabbalah, the egoistic desires that coat man. By donning these "clothes"--newer and newer egoistic desires--man distances himself from the creator (source energy) although the spiritual basis always remains in him. "Naked", therefore, means a complete absence of egoistic intentions.

Animals don't need to conceal their actions; they are driven by instincts, not by egoistic desires. Man is the only creature that can feel shame or needs to "cover" his egoistic intentions. At the beginning, the separated Adam and Eve are naked and uncovered. They have nothing to be ashamed of because they lead an existence, run by instincts. They are naked and unashamed, for shame (apparently) is the discovery of one's opposition to (or separation from) the Creator, which Adam and Eve have yet to realize.

The "serpent" is our egoistic desire, our nature.

What is the reason that the serpent (our ego) revealed itself? The answer, according to the Kabbalists, is so that man would not remain "infertile," (as are the angels). The goal is for him to become human. This is why the serpent (ego) reveals itself.
It is what man needs to rise from the level of the Garden of Eden to the Creator's level, and to do so of his own volition. The serpent had to go through Eve because; apparently, she is the bridge that links Adam to the ego.

However, according the Kabbalah, Adam must become truly human, and grow from the state of Katnut (infancy) he is in, to the state of Gadlut (adulthood). He will achieve this after finally demonstrating his ego to the full extent, but using it exclusively to benefit others. In other words, our "serpent" (our ego) insists that this is the only way to actualize a true act of bestowal (allowance) toward the Creator.

Man thinks that he really will be able to deal with his ego. He feels confident and does not doubt for a second that he will not stumble off the spiritual path, that he will be able to "explain" to the ego all the advantages of the spiritual path. However, when man suddenly becomes faced with opportunities to make lots of money, or a career promotion etc., and these material benefits give him/her a momentary, but very tangible result, like money, respect, and possibilities for further growth, his tendency is to (for the moment) lose sight of the spiritual path and fall back into his egoist, corporeal desires.

According to Kabbalah, that is what this chapter of the Bible speaks of. It describes what happens when the egoistic desire that is not connected to the spiritual, joins forces with 'the serpent' (the primordial, earthly egoism). That is when the strongest egoistic desire enters you. Adam is your most ardent desire to attain the spiritual state, and this "serpent' causes the breaking of your pure spiritual desire. This became known as" the fall of man".

Adam "eating" the fruit means he attaches to himself egoism he has never used before. You could say this was the first manifestation of man's "I." Where there is my "I," there is my ego. He could not know the full breadth of the ascents and descents that this great discovery would bring to every individual and all of humanity in the future. And yet, it was all part of the plan to allow man to explore explore the idea of being separate from his creator, or if you prefer, source energy.

What is revealed by The Kabbalists in "The Secrets of the Eternal Book", in many ways, seems to be a religious way to explain Law of Attraction. You will, however, have to read the entire book to see all the connections. Those interested in broadening their understanding of the Old Testament will find this ancient (and secret) knowledge of the Jewish mystics to be quite fascinating.


answered 21 Mar '15, 03:13

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is the goal really to become human? or is the goal to evolve to a higher state? since we are only passing by in this world. the physical body as a limited life spend. I would say use the time imparted to you wisely. Let there be light. be the light that you can be , experience and enjoy.

(24 Mar '15, 18:14) white tiger
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