Sometimes, I just don't understand the book of Revelation. I often call it "The Magic Mushroom Book" (LOL!).

But as I study it, I am beginning to think that John saw the future, but did not have the words to describe what he saw.

What do you think of Revelation?

Blessings, Jai

asked 16 Feb '11, 03:20

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I think its the most misunderstood book in the bible.

Quite a lot of it is actually quotes from earlier works in the old testemant.

I think the clue is in the first few words.

Its a revelation OF Jesus Christ. It isnt a revelation of stuff thats going to happen. Its a revelation of Christ himself. Many Christians are starting to realise that Christ internalised the things written in this book. But as usual people are looking for a sign or for something of an external nature."look here and look there" when the kingdoms ALREADY within them. Jews and Christians have both fallen into this error.

The books been externalised and not internalised.As a result of this a number of complete fairey stories and wildly ranging theories have been dragged from the pages of this book.

I know many wont take this point of view,its a hotley contested subject and there are a lot of differing viewpoints even within mainstream Christianity.

I expect this writing will always throw up a variety of interpretations. Many believing theirs is direct from the writer.



answered 16 Feb '11, 09:25

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Monty Riviera

the book of revelations is a symbolic story. and it was written in a time of human history much unlike today when there were still some outspoken mystical connections on life.
that it has been turned into a portend of only doom and gloom is regrettable.
no, i do not take it literally


answered 16 Feb '11, 11:40

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