Is there some way to know if a desire you have is in your highest and best good? Or is it more about allowing your highest and best good? Thank you

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what result will your desire have for your self and for other can you determine that? on shorth and long term? then you will know if it is in your higest and best good.


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white tiger

We need think on this as in for example many desire to smoke cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes are not in our highest good the proof is in the results.

Jesus said by your fruits I will know you. You can't plant a lemon tree and expect cherries to grow. So if we do something that is not in our highest good we will find out about it the hard way. This holds the same for drinking alcohol or taking illegal drugs, it ruins the body temple of God and thus can be seen as bad for us yet many desire that stuff. Crime seems for our highest good "Free Stuff! Woo hoo everyone wants free stuff!!!!!" Then you get caught and thrown in prison for life behind bars you realize maybe that wasn't such a good desire after all.

Then there are people that go to go-go bars night after night because that is what they desire, meanwhile, their lives are falling apart. The list can go on but it generally shows that there isn't much out there to desire that is in our highest good so don't do that!


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I feel that when you leave the self out of it, and start looking at what is best for the greatest good of and light.


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One time I sat outside a store pondering whether to buy a lotto ticket. I was concerned that if I did win would it ruin my life. I would say that it is a good idea to think some about a desire. It might come to pass good or bad consequences. blessings!


answered 29 Jan '12, 22:59

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Well I would ask another question here to get a better clarity on what is being asked. How do you know what is highest and best good for you?


answered 29 Jan '12, 22:15

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Ya, thats a great question.

(30 Jan '12, 05:04) Brian

You would get better answers if you asked this question as a question on IQ rather than as a reply to another question.

(30 Jan '12, 17:07) Wade Casaldi
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