It has been mentioned on numerous ocassions that we do not need to specifically say that "I want a car" or "I want a great relationship" and that actually these desires have already been asked while you are living your normal life. For e.g if you have a bad day at work, you might be automatically launching a desire of I want a better job" without even specifically saying it out or writing it down on paper.

So how can we then know what desires we have actually launched into the universe and whether they have been fulfilled if they are ?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Excallent question.

(29 Nov '11, 06:50) Paulina 1
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I like your question.

The way I tell what desires I am launching is very simply through my dominant everyday thoughts and manifestations.

Taking your example, if you have a bad day at work, agreed that you would be launching a desire about a better job, but at the same time, if you keep focusing on your 'bad day at work', then this is what the universe will hear as being your dominant desire and this is what it will keep manifesting in your reality.

Now, if we take a step back, and assume that the universe delivers whatever we have asked for and are in alignment with, then you will have to agree that your current reality is a perfect match to the desires you have launched and that have now been manifested (or fulfiled as you call it).

So, I think looking at what we are currently attracting in our physical reality is the best indication of the desires we have launched and our current dominant thoughts are the best indication of what the future holds.


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Pink Diamond

Nice answer :))

(28 Nov '11, 16:23) Michaela

pink diamond, if it be only that easy, that would mean our current world situation is what we who live in it have desired for ourselves and thus manifested to fruition. should we not then desire harmony or are those that do so outnumbered or just less powerful in thought

(28 Nov '11, 23:55) fred

I agree with you Fred.

(29 Nov '11, 07:17) Paulina 1

@fred I think many are swayed into believing this world situation by a constant media bombardment of bad news /doom and gloom. think if the world media emphasized harmony and gladness instead .The world would be a better place

(29 Nov '11, 09:32) ursixx

really well- worded Diamond!! :)

Just think of this- everything you are happy have created...Isn't that a cool perception of things?

(29 Nov '11, 13:22) Nikulas
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Hi Kakaboo, Nice question. Whatever we habitually think we manifest. We manifest all the time because thought is creative most especially repetitive thought for it impregnates our subconscious mind and hence the manifestation of mostly things we don't want. Why? Because it is mans nature to predominantly thinks of his problems or things that bother.

Lets say someone is broke but needs money to pay a mortgage and car and credit cards. Normally this person keeps their focus and thoughts on not having the money to pay their bills. They will think thoughts like "I don't have money what on earth am I to do? I'll have to go to some other bank and ask for a loan. What if they don't give it to me? and this sort of thinking will carry on and on and lack of money is exactly what this person will manifest. They will have less and less of money and more and more to worry about.

What are your predominant thoughts? It is that which you will manifest irrespective if you asked for it or not for by thinking it you are asking it. Please don't get worried for it is only repetitive thought that manifests and if you have a bad day at work and think negative thoughts this will have to be repeated many times over to actually manifest and you can avoid it by consciously thinking positive thoughts.

Does the universe know what you want without asking? That depends on your thought. Are you thinking of what you want and feel happy. Than the universe knows. If you are thinking negative thoughts and feel lack than the universe thinks it is that which you want and gives it to you. Think of your thoughts as requests. Whatever you habitually think about you are asking for. No we aren't talking of daydreams here so if you specifically want something ask for it consciously and act as if you already have it.


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very wise advice Paulina

(29 Nov '11, 09:34) ursixx
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