Hello, This is my first time posting here so I just want to start by saying that I'm very grateful to have found this site and for those of you that run it and make it such a wonderful place.

I have been easing myself into carrying out manifesting techniques after spending ample time researching them and navigating other various spiritual pursuits but I have run into something that has left me unsure as to how to proceed.

I have found that I am not sure as to what I actually desire in regards to specific wants.

The desires that I possess are a lot more general for example: gaining intelligence, physical strength, health, wealth, relationships and compassion.

I am less drawn to wanting specific things although I could probably create a list of things that I would like but not need.

This is where I am confused, I believe that I have either read on here or learned elsewhere that being more general is great when you are in the place of a more negative feeling and that it will also help you to just feel good which in turn will allow your desires to manifest. On the other hand I have learned that being more specific with what you actually want is more desirable because it concentrates the power behind the manifestation and speeds the whole process up.

Am I slowing down manifestations by not finding specific things within the broader desires that I want and in turn not building faith in the process by first starting with much smaller desires and working my way up?

Thank you.

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Viktor Vaughn

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I'm not sure if this will confuse things further but I realise that the only reason I have desires is to feel good. I'd like to eventually reach a place where I could be free from desire and feel good all the time (Enlightenment?)

(23 Sep '19, 15:52) Viktor Vaughn
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Am I slowing down manifestations by not finding specific things within the broader desires that I want

The generality won't slow you down - but the implication of asking the question will slow you down :)

To explain...

Everything you want is created in the moment you wanted it.

The specificness is optional, it's only a way to enjoy the fruits of your creation...to feel you are the creator of it.

But now the concepts of absence and presence come into play.

  • If you want what you want because you are feeling the absence of it, then getting more specific will slow you down because you are boosting the absence side of the equation. (In my experience, people asking questions about how to speed things up usually indicates an absence-focused mindset)

  • If you want what you want because you enjoy thinking about it and enjoy playing with the idea of it, then you are likely on the presence side of things. Now getting more specific will speed up the manifestation...but you also don't care if it comes quicker because you are enjoying the process of it coming :)


answered 24 Sep '19, 01:17

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Thank you Stingray. This question actually arose out of watching your Vibrational Gardening video! I was under the impression that I was on the presence side of things in relation to this question but you have helped highlight where my attention truly was.

(24 Sep '19, 01:50) Viktor Vaughn

@Viktor Vaughn - You're welcome

(24 Sep '19, 02:08) Stingray
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