Duplicate: Isn't it true that The LOA fails to explain childhood trauma, birth defects, the abuse of children, and murder of children, etc.?

I guess this is my biggest issue with the LOA (Law of Attraction). I find it impossible to believe that innocent lives that are lost in disasters, wars, and accidents were lost because those people somehow attracted these calamities into their lives.

Can someone rationally explain this to me?



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I understand where you are coming from. It makes it sound like "well, its the kids faul it, he/she should of been happier." I'm not blaming anyone. Of course no one in that situation would intend that. And I will be the first to admit if something like that ever happened to my child I would be devastated and angry and feel totally helpless all at once. I would hate that person, even when I knew that it was an accident.

At the moment of your conception you are affected by your environment. When a mother is not happy with her pregnancy it does affect the baby, it is proven to put the fetus under stress. Your environment does affect your vibration. You have the option to change it regardless, but this isn't something an infant will pick up on. They will look up to there parents and do what they do. That's how we learn. But if you are surrounded by negativity, that's what you'll pick up on and be. It isn't anyones fault. But it happens.

My mother told me as far back as she could remember she would worry. Being under 5 years old and worrying about tornadoes and car wrecks and her own mothers safety. She doesn't know why she thought that way, but she did and she admits she did not have a good childhood. Not every child thinks happy, especially if there parents don't. Especially if they are surrounded by worry and parents who watch their every step in fear they will be hurt. "Don't touch that, it'll kill you!" Is all some kids will hear.

I go the extra mile to make sure he is safe. But I make him feel safe too. When I was little, I always knew I was safe with my parents. I KNEW it. And I never got hurt more than bumping my head. Nothing bad ever happened to me. I knew I was safe. That is different than a child who is always afraid.

When my son was born... he felt the "same" as me. He felt a part of me. I interpret this as vibrating the same as me. Ourwe energy felt one, and I knew that however I felt and acted would affect him, and it does. W


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