I heard about Law of Attraction early last year (2013) from reading self help materials over the internet. I understand it is a natural law and the good thing is we humans, hold the key on how to make our life better by using this law in our advantage. I can compare LOA with the law of friction and the law of gravity; it can be against us or for us, depending on which way we use it. Friction is against us if we want to move things and gravity is against us if want to lift heavy objects, however, we use friction to stop our cars (brake) and we use the law of gravity to create electricity (hydroelectric power).

Until this time, how I understand LOA is that it is a 'personal thing'. You experience what you are experiencing right now because of your dominant thinking in the past. The law of attraction sucked us in into where we are now according to which we think day/s before. But I don't understand how this law works in natural calamities when large group of people are hit by the same event.

November 8, 2013 typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) hit our place. If you miss the news, you may Google the following:

  1. Typhoon Yolanda Tacloban
  2. Typhoon Yolanda Tacloban aftermath

Many months and days before it happened, I keep on focusing my attention to good things only and always do the things that could keep me feel better. Honestly, I feel an amazing transformation inside me but no manifestation happens in the outside yet. Except maybe for some occasions when my daughter compliment me by saying that I am more alive and vibrant and less stress than before. I am sure I don't ask for anything like calamity or disaster, but it already happened and I am directly affected of its horrifying anger. I literally smell dead people and experience the pain both physically and emotionally. I am living now in a ruined and devastated city. I ask myself why the universe gave me this horror when all I asked was good things.

On the other hand, exactly opposite is happening inside me. I never been at peace and assured as before. In my assessment to our situation, my brain shouted I've got no life, but deep inside I felt peace, so dominant, as if nothing happens outside. I am not sure if this is what LOA brings to me or just my body trying to detach the pain from reality. But honestly, I've never been on this feeling of assurance that all are doing well and working exactly for the purpose. And I interpret that 'purpose' as for the betterment of me. I lost my entire livelihood in this place; businesses are closed and one of them is where I worked. I have no means now in this place, but deep inside me it says all is well and that I am abundantly provided. I don't know what to believe; outside I can assess the situation but inside is a bottomless abundance. But in practical sense, I can't buy any single bread right now using only what's inside.

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@Romel - Hard to know for sure, but this could be the concept of "All Hell Breaks Loose" which has happened to many of us here on IQ, especially during the first 6 months or so of learning about the LOA and attempting to raise our vibration. There is more information on this thread and some additional links: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/79018/do-drastic-things-happen-because-were-getting-them-out-of-our-system-information-added/79135

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romel, if by natural is meant not caused by mankind, there maybe scarce little. as the ancient wisdom has been dragged to its lower common denominator, perhaps nature with a burst of power trys to restore the intended balance of our creation

(08 Jan '14, 15:52) fred
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All is mind, the whole of the universe is mental at all levels from the tiniest form of energy the size of plank length to the largest, the size of galaxies and human activity is situated between these two extremes. Using what we name the law of attraction is usually for our immediate surroundings, but our little worlds are subject to much greater forces than any single human. The globe of the earth itself can be considered as being one big living identity, the same goes for the milky way ... the forces of the collective unconscious are very active and can be detected using a pendulum or other esoteric means. All this means that the law of attraction is much further reaching than few of us can even imagine and we have a lot of progress to make before we can say that we control the entire universe

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"deep inside I felt peace, so dominant, as if nothing happens outside"

And is there nothing more important in life.

There is a difference between happiness and peace.

Happiness, to a large extent, does depend on how you feel about physical circumstances, events and things going on activly in your life.

Peace is very different, and, a much more grand and more mature feeling that does not ebb and flow on things going on in your life.

You sound keen to learn about LOA. I applaud and advocate you'll be doing yourself, and others, a great deal by having a restful, relaxed mind, and I'm sure your understanding of LOA will slowly fruition.

I learned of LOA years ago.

Only recenlty how much more delicious life has become since finding various ways to reach my inner sanctum of peace.

Take that on board. You're already much further ahead than most :)


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What is true of our individual bodies is true of the groups who could be viewed as a collective body. Design of our bodies and the universe is in such a way that nothing happens unconnected--one thing leads to another. For example, when moderation is adopted in sleeping, eating, working, entertainment and thinking, one's body responds pleasantly, otherwise body's vital organs malfunction, and may even simply shut down! This means what happens to the body is what it really deserves, so is with a community when a natural calamity strikes. We know:

1) There are people who murder their children even before their birth (called abortion--over 50 million a year according to WHO);

2) There are people who kill or support killing of innocent animals (billions) to satisfy the tasty buds of their tongue for one or 2 seconds;

3) There are people who work directly or indirectly for the production of weapons of mass destruction at the cost of starving population (almost 1/3 of the total populations.

4) There are people who do anything to satisfy their greed...... the list goes on and one.

In brief, people enjoy giving DISTRESS to others collectively. This collective mentality will send its own vibrations to the universe. When universe returns it, it would mean DISTRESS to a group of people who are at one place together. The way they gave DISTRESS to others may vary; end result is that they would receive what they gave!

We may say there are innocent children among them! They are innocent children to us. but to the universe, they are adult souls in a new costume--with endless past lives as baggage. Hence what we see is only a tip of the ice-berg!

In Gita, Arjuna was told by God to kill all those on the other side as their time of death has come as determined by their own karmic account, and he was only an instrument which means if not he, somebody or something else would do that. We need not unduly worry about the number of people die at a time. 151,600 people die each day--because their time has come! Such huge number does not bother us because those people are scattered! People have to die somehow, somewhere--alone or collectively. If their karmic account is not settled, they will come back anyway. (Mathew 11:14)

We need to observe things as they are--without any interpretation as something is good or bad. A proposal to widen the road may be viewed as good by road-users and bad by road-side residents. Hence it is pointless to view things as good or bad. Both aspects emanate from a divine plan, but our mind perceives them as positives or negatives due to the subjective power of the minds discrimination. Deeper introspection reveals all that is felt or transpires is neutral in nature and meant to balance the cosmic existence. Extreme weather conditions, floods or earthquakes, etc, causing torment, are in fact mind-boggling acts of ecological, geological and biological equilibrium. There is a definite purpose to all activities. The so-called good or bad is, thus, interwoven in myriad ways incomprehensible for many. Therefore, be it pleasure or pain all events are meant for sustenance of the infinite ladder of life. Whether individuals understand or not, underlying realities matter little in the super-scale of grand hierarchy though personal preferences are determined by our needs and greed. Prayers change nothing, hence meaningless. Patients may pray that they may not fall sick whereas medical industry may pray for good business. If God were to speak to or advise each one of us that He means the best for each being in Creation, the mind would have rejected Gods decrees on the premise that God is ignorant of what is good for each entity. God, thus, chose to work in absolute silence.

He has given us everything to enjoy life, and principle of Cause and Effect as an impartial, immutable and impeccable guide. We have an ocean of experiences--of ours and of others to choose from--before we act! Majesty of God is that he will not force to take a course of action, we have to choose the best! Because he is the supremely ALTRUISTIC (Mark 10:18)

Romel, If you can have such a detached attitude, that is the best and praiseworthy attitude—something that is called SUPREME devotion in Gita. (18:54) That means you have become like God in this aspect. And this is something one cannot develop instantly. You arise in the morning with the remembrance of the thought you went to sleep. Similarly, you are born again with the predominant personality trait (response pattern) you developed in your previous birth. (Mathew 11:14; 12:35) Hence if you have a detached attitude now, that means you have a history of this worthy attitude which you consciously developed. And now you reap the fruits of that attitude amidst chaos. Excellent! Keep it up. Your attitude becomes a preceptor for others.


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The collective distress is plausible but is more of your theory or maybe I just did not hear it yet from authoritative source. And how about my state of being "detach" from the reality? That feeling of being at peace when everything is in chaos and that feeling of being abundant when everything was lost. How is that?

(10 Jan '14, 09:45) Romel
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