This thread was in part inspired by this thread about pornography addiction. Now, having been on a lot of spiritual forums and reading other spiritual material, I have often read about men talking about how cutting out or cutting down on masturbation has increased their feeling of vitality, gives them more clear-headedness and improves their spirituality.

Now, I have never identified with this - I feel exactly the opposite (I am a woman). I am single at the moment, and if I don't practice the act of self-love and orgasm at least once every few days, I feel frustrated and unfocused. Orgasms make me feel energised and recharged, and more able to focus on my spirituality without distracting thoughts.

Could this be due to a difference in the way female and male orgasms work on a subtle energetic level? It makes sense when you think about it, because the male orgasm is designed to transfer life energy/sperm inside the woman's womb. The female orgasm isn't vital for procreation but it does help in the conception process (I have forgotten how, it's been a long time since biology class!). It would make sense that the female orgasm 'takes' a bit of life/energy, qi or whatever from the man in order to prepare the womb for new life, but what does this mean for solo-loving? I did a search for info on this a while ago, and while I could find a lot of information on the spiritual mechanism of the male orgasm/ejaculation, not so much on the female one. But after a long search I did find one source which said that female orgasms are designed to absorb qi, while male ejaculation expels it.

I like the idea of having a magical energy-absorbing uterus :)

PS. I suppose I should have replaced male orgasm with ejaculation, since according to tantra it is the semen which carries qi, and the ideal for a man is to learn to orgasm without ejaculating.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

First off men can have orgasms without ejaculation, so no loss of chi. Secondly everyone is different even within the same gender. Third it's yours and you can wash it as fast as you like. Fourth there is nothing wrong with abstinence. And fifth, abstinence as a choice can be very powerful in many ways to numerous to mention. Blessings


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@Tom - yes, you're a man of experience :)

(01 Feb '12, 00:36) blubird two

once you figure out how
to remember a past life,
of which you were a different gender
the knower would know


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@fred - i feel sure that is true :)

(01 Feb '12, 00:36) blubird two

thank you ...

(01 Feb '12, 17:54) fred

There is no absolutely way for anyone to answer this question, for a male will never understand how a female orgasm feels like and a female will never understand how a male orgasm feels like (even if they undergo a sex change, it would still be greatly and vastly different).


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Well it's not necessarily about what the orgasm feels like to the person having it, I was thinking more in terms of qi. I bet a person who was really sensitive to feeling qi or seeing auras or something would be able to tell what was happening to the energy body if they were observing a person having an orgasm. Unfortunately I don't know anyone with those abilities!

(31 Jan '12, 14:11) cassiopeia

@kakaboo - this is surely all based subjective feelings, each person is different whether male/female :) here is an illustration

(01 Feb '12, 00:33) blubird two

Well I am a woman and masturbation completely destroys my mood... which is extremely frustrating for me at the moment. An orgasm with another person, however, is the complete opposite.... so I don't know where I fit in exactly, here. But I think other than that it makes sense.


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Sorry to hear that, that's frustrating! If I masturbate when I am depressed, I become more depressed... But if I'm already in a good mood, I always feel better.

(31 Jan '12, 14:44) cassiopeia

@LapisLazuli - seems to fit in nicely lol

(01 Feb '12, 00:34) blubird two

Hello cassiopeia ... it seems to me it's that good old law of attraction yet again in action ... male/female positive/negative ... male giving , female receiving resulting in a tremendously beautiful, dare i say orgasmic "explosion", a moment of pure creation ... just live it and enjoy it, how about this as an illustration ;

if nature gave us this sexual equipment it is for a purpose, enjoyment and creation ... have fun :)


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blubird two

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Yea, that's pretty much what I figured. I still think we got the better end of the deal! But you never know...

(31 Jan '12, 14:12) cassiopeia

I agree with your suggestion that men should try to *** without **. Wouldnt that be awesome? Multi *. Personally am practising kegel exercises for exactly this purpose


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