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I get the impression sometimes that people think that getting the Universe to manifest your requests is somehow a difficult, perhaps impossible, thing to do.

And since I post a lot on this website about the theory of manifesting what you want, I thought it might be of value to demonstrate the practical side of this theory.

So would anyone be interested in taking part in a manifestation experiment created here on Inward Quest?

The idea initially would be to just demonstrate how quickly and precisely the Universe responds to a vibrational request.

If you would like to take part in an experiment like this, please reply below in the form of an answer to this question so I can see how much interest there is.


Thanks for all the positive responses to this idea. Just give me a few days to put something together. I'll post instructions on Inward Quest when I'm ready.

Don't expect anything spectacular. What I'm thinking of is really just the next step up from the blue feather and the aim of this little experiment is to help people shake loose of a few beliefs about action.

There seems to be a trend among many Law of Attraction teachers at present that action is a necessity to getting what you want. I get most of my ongoing systematic manifestations with hardly any action, and usually none at all that I am consciously aware of (apart from playing with my spreadsheet). And so, this little experiment might demonstrate to you just how little effort is required to draw something into your life.

People make things much harder than they need to be and I believe this is due in part to gurus selling you their products and thereby needing to provide you with some value-for-money processes to justify their involvement.

Think of it this way. If someone told you that sleeping with the window open at night (to allow fresh air to circulate) and drinking large amounts of water during the day would do more for keeping you healthy than almost anything else, how much could they charge you for that information? Probably not much at all - and the massive multi-national pharmaceutical firms are certainly not charities - so guess why you don't hear that very often? :)

Similarly, manifesting what you want is really much easier than you are being told so I hope to demonstrate that with this experiment and, if there is still interest afterwards, perhaps some future ones that involve manifesting harder things.

Regarding the comments about group-focusing, I hadn't really thought about that at all. I'm just thinking in terms of everyone doing their own thing when they feel like it, getting some guided practical experience with these processes, and then just sharing what happens, so we can see (hopefully) that the results that people are getting are fairly consistent. I've never really been a fan of group-focusing stuff - if you can get what you want yourself with fairly little effort, why do you need more people involved? Anyway, please feel free to pursue that avenue if you wish don't need any permission from me. :)

As I said, I'll post some instructions in a few days.

Thanks again for all the interest.


Okay, having giving it some thought, I’ll retract my previous statement about not aiming for anything spectacular. :)

We seem to have some fairly interested people here so let’s raise the bar a bit and aim for some interesting results.

While you are waiting for me to produce these instructions (will probably finish them by the end of this weekend), there is some preparation work you can do.

That preparation work is to think about everything in your life that you’ve ever wanted to be, do or have. Yes, everything.

You will probably find it helpful to make a list of those things since there might be quite a few of them.

Also, add to that list anything that you need to get done some time in the future (a few weeks to a few years) but you either don’t know how to get started, or don’t know how to do, or just can’t seem to bring yourself to fact, anything that you feel right now that you would rather have someone else do for you.

With this little experiment, we’re going to see how many of those things on your (and everyone else’s) list we can manifest fairly effortlessly.


Click here for the instructions for Manifesting Experiment 1

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This is really have an experiment with a lot of participants. I cannot wait!...Stingray, are you planning to conduct the whole experiment on this single question and answer thread itself? Will delete this comment later so it doesn't interfere with experiment.

(31 Dec '09, 14:48) Pink Diamond

No, the instructions will be on another thread but I will place a link to it from this one. Just to clarify, I'm planning that everyone does their own thing in their own time (this is not a group-focusing experiment) however I am expecting us to share our results and this should improve the effectiveness of the experiment for everyone. I'll explain why in the forthcoming instructions.

(31 Dec '09, 15:10) Stingray

Just thought I'd mention, late last night I wrote up one particular experience I wanted in a wordpad on my computer (to go to a specific lake here, with a load of sand dunes and slide down them etc). - Just today after going out with a friend, after being dropped off and goodbyes were said...the car drove back into my driveway and he asked me if I wanted to go to Bethel's Lake...and so we did. :) [Hadn't made any mention of it to him or anything]

(02 Jan '10, 08:05) Liam

Wow! Seems like instant manifestation!! I love such experiences.. I always wonder why can't we have such experience with all our wishes.. But even something is better than nothing!! I love it when i have such experience.. Liam, I am sure you would have got a different kind of happiness when you got this.. It is just wonderful. I wish everybody can have such things all the time! Its new year and I wish everybody's wishes to come true..Aameen.

(02 Jan '10, 11:12) Perfection

@Stingray or anyone else: was this experiment ever conducted? If it was, could you direct me to the link or question?

(21 Dec '14, 12:11) kakaboo

@kakaboo It morphed into Manifesting Experiment 1.

(21 Dec '14, 16:47) Liam
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Yes, Sting, I would like to very much. You know how skeptical I have been about this- BUT- I wanted a piano so bad throughout my childhood, that one came into my life by my 20th birthday! Count me in.I do not know how I managed that piano (an upright piano with a baby-grand harp...weighs about half a ton).....But right now, I'd settle for a blue feather!

Good luck with your experiment! I think there is going to be a lot of takers for this!

Do I say good luck, or think it? LOL, Jaianniah

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answered 29 Dec '09, 13:07

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Count me in. Look forward to hearing the details - sounds like fun!

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answered 29 Dec '09, 13:46

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Yes, I do find manifesting difficult and any help is appreciated. Thanks Stingray

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answered 29 Dec '09, 13:53

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Looking forward to it :)

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answered 29 Dec '09, 14:11

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I'd be happy to help with an experiment.

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answered 29 Dec '09, 16:06

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LeeAnn 1

Yes, I would like to participate.

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answered 29 Dec '09, 16:38

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Yes this would be cool with me too, a group manifestation effort is always cool, plus with everyone working on the same thing it comes so much easier and faster, great idea Stingray!

What should be the group target are we going to vote on it, or because this is your idea you get to pick, like a new car for you or something? I'm cool with that this is an experiment we're all working on together, you thought this up so it is your privilege unless you would like to put it to a vote the things we could work on together?

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answered 29 Dec '09, 18:18

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Wade Casaldi

I was originally going to say I'll participate as long as the intent is not selfish. I wanted to avoid contributing towards an ulterior motive that I'm not privy to. However, after reading Wade Casaldi's response, I have to say my narrow minded apprehension has changed quite a bit.

So I'm Open to what ever idea you guys want to put forth.

I have experience in this manifestation thing in both good and bad intensions. Obviously I'm not going to share what the bad intensions were. I was young and stupid & trying to retaliate using the power of concentration. And it worked. But thank god, my father, who had spiritual insight, told me "Son what you stumbled upon is a gift of knowledge that should never be abused. With knowledge comes responsibility, for heavens sake, don't ever use this power for evil motives again or you will suffer its consequences".

Since then I have understood the hidden cause and effect cycle within this manifestation thing. And I only use it for what I really need. I never use it to manifest what I want.

Instead I try to discover "Why do I want that?", "What effect or experience am I seeking by wanting that thing?” With this analysis, often, the want melts down to just a feeling of accomplishment rather than the actual having of that thing.

So Yes I will participate. Just get clear as to what you are trying actually accomplish from it. Is it a (on one extreme), "Hey let us demonstrate to ourselves that this is real & share the results for everyone's benefit" experiment, or is it (on the other extreme of motive); "Let's take these results & write a book about it" kind of experiment.

I don't care which it is. But you should.

(Added later) And I do agree with Wade's statement that since you thought this up you should be choosing what we are going to be manifesting as a group.

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answered 29 Dec '09, 20:55

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The Traveller

edited 29 Dec '09, 22:58

Sure. I'm up for it.

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answered 29 Dec '09, 21:06

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I am interested to learn more about how you plan to conduct this experiment, and what it entails. I am awaitng some feed back from you.

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answered 30 Dec '09, 02:49

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Inactive User ♦♦

Let's do it 8-)

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answered 30 Dec '09, 05:03

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yes, why not...

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answered 30 Dec '09, 11:32

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Pink Diamond

yes,definitely i would like to participate

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answered 30 Dec '09, 12:41

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yepz0rz! :-P ...

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answered 31 Dec '09, 01:22

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Hello, I would like to do this too. I have just started reading about this in the past 5 days-ish, so maybe you would not want me to take part and I understand that. Thank you.

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answered 31 Dec '09, 01:53

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It doesn't matter how long you have been interested in these are very welcome to take part.

(31 Dec '09, 04:11) Stingray

DivineHammer, you are exactly the kind of person who will benefit the most from this experiment. So it’s great that you are willing to participate.

(31 Dec '09, 04:41) The Traveller

Love to. Count me in!

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answered 31 Dec '09, 07:17

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I am in! Seems like fun..

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answered 31 Dec '09, 12:28

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Don't leave me out of this. I'm also in... Count me in.:)

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answered 02 Jan '10, 11:55

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Yeeeee Haaaa, I'm in.

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answered 02 Jan '10, 12:18

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it's never to late.. i'm in too

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answered 19 Jan '10, 20:15

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I am also willing to participate.

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answered 29 Dec '09, 20:46

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Yes please! I'm open to anything.

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answered 14 Jan '10, 11:48

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I was sick when this was asked back than yes this sounds great Stingray I personally need to learn how to manifest happiness and abundance and not focus on the reality of the negative but on the postive.

Thanks for you help with answer and comments to guide me to better manifesting.

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answered 13 Feb '10, 11:16

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If it is nt too late to join in, I would like to participate too. Can I?

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answered 22 Apr '10, 15:43

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AVBhat 1

I'm interested. Count me in, too.

(22 Apr '10, 16:33) MUHD

The instructions are here:

(22 Apr '10, 16:49) Stingray

Maybe it would be cool if we let each other know what our manifestation requests were when we were writing them? Emotional energy of others seeing your request may just postively charge it!

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answered 06 May '10, 19:12

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The instructions are here:

(06 May '10, 19:30) Stingray

I would also like to participate!

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answered 06 May '10, 17:56

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I can't wait - count me in!

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answered 06 May '10, 19:02

I%20Think%20Therefore%20I%20Am's gravatar image

I Think Therefore I Am

The instructions are here:

(06 May '10, 19:43) Stingray

Hello, Is this experiment still on? I would love to participate but notice that this was started 2 years ago. How did it go with it? I am sure people got some great success stories with it.


answered 11 Mar '12, 11:14

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