How Do I book my week? Weeks may go by where a satisfactory number of jobs comes in. Then nothing. I read where 1 day a week goes to marketing this is suppose to be fairly important. I shoot for Wednesday.

Guess what, that is the only day I have work. Or, it's a day that brings in a lot of money combined with the other work that week.

I also read where a businessman (owner) should take a day off, not Sunday that's automatic. So how do you do it with work up and down.

I also am manifesting for more work (abundance). Any ideas to keep me from going crazy? I am a carpet cleaner if that helps. Back when things were really good some guys worked a 4 day work week. I not to sure there still doing that. I would love some help with this.

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Hi Tom, your question makes me want to ask you if you get excited and smile about what you do? Also, Are you the best carpet cleaner around? When you are passionate about what you do and you are the best, nothing can stop you. Peace

(03 Feb '12, 05:04) Brian

@Tom - Added to what Brian has said, is it also something you would do even if you didn't get paid to do it?

(03 Feb '12, 11:28) Stingray

sry guys didnt want to interrupt but I dont quite get what is the meaning of "book my business week"?

(03 Feb '12, 11:46) kakaboo

Kakaboo. I'm pretty sure that Booking the business week means: To fill the appointment book with appointments so that there is income during business hours. (I think)

(03 Feb '12, 17:18) The Traveller
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Manifesting and attraction is a highly misunderstood thing.

Here is what most people do.

Visualize, visualize, believe, believe, affirm, affirm, meditate, meditate........then wait for an opportunity to act upon.

They wait for the Universe to show the way.
I have given this advice myself many times, but it was given in a particular context often to satisfy the question asked.

Here is the most sensible way to go about it.

What do the other carpet cleaners do to expand their business?

Do they make calls?

Then you make calls, but every time you do, you see every call as a guaranteed success before you pickup the phone. You live within the vision of success before and as you make the call.

Will you fail when you do this?


The first few calls will be a total disaster!

Did you fall off the bike the first time you tried to ride it?

But why did you keep getting back on it?

Because you saw yourself successfully riding that bike every time you got on it.

Eventually you fell much less and rode with more and more balance.

Now how about fliers? (advertising your service through door-to-door delivery in mailboxes or inserts in community newspapers)

Is that something that other's in your profession do?

Then do that, but do it with memories of success already in your mind.

Instead of trying to see yourself succeeding, examine the memory of your success (of the thing that you want to succeed at)

As you go through the motions doing what everyone else is doing, see yourself already at the next level of success and ask your mind "How did I succeed here?"

What is the next step for you?

Is it someone calling you and asking for your cleaning service?

Ok; then see that event already happening in your mind

If, right now, you don't have any calls coming in, don't waste your energy on 10 calls coming in.

Instead, see 1 call at a time.

Do you remember how you were gathering your equipment for the day, and you got that call at 8:30 in the morning, and this person called you to inquire about your cleaning service? And when you eventually asked them how they found out about you, they told you that a friend of theirs brought your flyer, (that you distributed), to work?

Do you remember how when you were driving home, you got out of your car to help someone, and you mentioned that you are expanding a cleaning service and if they knew anyone who needed cleaning service?

Do you remember how you went around your neighborhood with a notepad in hand and some business cards and you visited all the local businesses that had a carpet floor and you asked to speak to the owner about saving some costs for them. And do you remember how when you eventually got the number and spoke to the owner of the building, you told them that you could extend the life of their carpets and save a substantial cost of having to replace their carpets?

Do you remember how you called that yoga studio and you offered to give them a demonstration clean to convince them that your service will help them increase their clientele, and not only did they hire your services, but they also gave you new referrals?

Do you remember how you contacted this carpet manufacturer and told them that you would like to help them with their business by learning about their product, and how to maintain their product, and you started working in partnership with them as an installer? Remember how you serviced their product through your maintenance company? And remember how over time, when one of your client's needed new carpet, you worked with this manufacturer's sales staff to fulfill your customer's needs and how the sales staff sent you more business in return?

Do you remember that......?

Remember how your business grew and grew..?

Do you remember?

Can you see it in your mind?


Keep looking......

Keep looking.....

Ok now are you starting to see how you succeeded?

How did you succeed here?

How did you succeed there?

Ask the universe "Show me how I succeeded at building a successful cleaning business?"

Don't say show me how to do this? Because you are at the wrong end of the energy equation.

Always assume the position of having succeeded and ask "how did I succeed at this?"

This has to be carried to every detail.

If you get a call saying "There is a problem with the last job that you did" don't panic and go "Oh my god I'm in trouble", instead try "Thank God for helping me out of this situation, how did I get out of it?"

Apply this approach in every area.

It is not "sit on a couch, visualize, wait for instructions and follow through."

It is, instead, "do what you have to do and always anticipate success, and choose to remember these moments of success instead of all the failures"

You will fail in many areas, guaranteed! But they don't deserve your attention, unless you are interested in repeating them.


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@Stingray, after 20 years I no longer light like Christmas Tree and I probably wouldn't do it free. I still love my work and I offered a disabled person a free cleaning. I will adjust my attitude accordingly. When I book a job I yell and do like a high 5. Even though I'm probably not going to get as excite as you said.

(03 Feb '12, 19:53) Tom

At the others. I am getting ready a new direct mail program I feel will do well. I definitely like the idea of the Universe helping have the right of jobs. That is what I have always relied on. Just trust baby.

(03 Feb '12, 19:59) Tom

@Traveller, all of your comments deserve a very long look from me. Just to let all of you know your help was not wasted.

Today was very nice and lucrative as well. Once again to all thank you so much.

(03 Feb '12, 20:05) Tom

OK I am not trying to hog the site, But wanted all to know, just a few days of Paraliminals have been a big help.

(03 Feb '12, 20:39) Tom
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Hello Tom, here are my thoughts on the subject, i hope they'll be useful ... first of all i'd relax and let things go, i get the feeling that trying to book the week tends to block new opportunities.Manifesting for more work is implying there is a lack of work ... feel free, remain spontaneous and happy, simply know that everything keeps turning out right whether we try or not, i not only believe, but have also noticed that things turn out a lot better this way. Imagine yourself with so much work that you have a long list of people on the waiting list ... i think you get the idea ... have fun :)


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blubird two

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