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The question from @English Rose: How do you think less and feel more? got me thinking that many people do approach vibrational work from a strictly mental rather than an emotional perspective...and that's probably why they have trouble with it.

You can't think your way through manifesting methods, you must feel your way through them. All the methods exist anyway just to get you to feel better and if the method is not helping you achieve that, it's basically wasting your time.

I came across a nice variation of Abraham's Placemat Process recently and thought it might be especially helpful to those with analytical-style personalities who might keep getting too involved with thinking rather than feeling. This method removes the need for you to think at all :)

The basic method is:

  • Every day, write down everything that is on your mind that you need to deal with
  • Hand it all over to the Universe / Higher Self / God (whatever you call it) to handle
  • Do nothing about any of those things, except what feels inspired

Here's the link to the full method instructions:

The Ultimate Daily Planner

I especially like the clear succinct way the author expresses his ideas and his own "refusal" to take any action at all until it feels clearly inspired - something I completely agree with.

Links for further/follow-up information:

asked 18 Jun '12, 04:50

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Great resourceful links! Short, simple and uncomplicated:) @Stingray, thank you:)

(18 Jun '12, 05:12) Xoomaville

@Stingray-I love this and I totally agree Stingray,reminds me of this quote:)

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein

(18 Jun '12, 05:19) Satori

Hot Damn! Another simple Zinger! Elegant. I have been told, that I "think too hard."

(18 Jun '12, 06:02) Dollar Bill

Another smash hit record, ironic how I frequent all your 'best' works when I'm in the vortex :) Much Appreciated Stingray!

(18 Jun '12, 07:17) Nikulas

Funny, but I can't surrender so easily. I would get fired from work consequently.

(18 Jun '12, 08:06) CalonLan

You're welcome, everyone. @CalonLan-Remember that lower down the emotional scale, you will interpret inspiration as less positive emotions e.g. anxiety, so if you are worried that you will lose your job if you don't do a particular task, that is still inspiration to do that's just inspiration clouded with resistance: Bashar also speaks about anxiety and excitement being the same:

(18 Jun '12, 12:30) Stingray
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Reminds me of a Harvard Business School technique. I learned this from a unfrogettable guy in the mid 1970s named Finley Eversoul. Great name! Here is the process.

  1. Think of a problem.
  2. Brainstorm ideas to solve it. Allow free reign of mind. Do not consider technology limitations, cost, personalities, laws of physics, be limitless. Above all do not judge any idea, just say it. One off-the-wall idea can easily lead to another and another that could work.
  3. Drop the idea into the subconscious. Mentally open a trap door and drop the idea through it. Close the door.
  4. Go on vacation In order to allow the subconscious to work on the idea, explore oxymorons. Paradoxical statements like, "Hard Rock Music", Does a rock make music? "Adult Children". "Military Intelligence", "Jumbo Shrimp."

  1. Wait for an inspired action.

As a businessman, I like ideas that seem to verge on the metaphysical, but are grounded in actual happenings. Actual results. Actionable knowledge.

Thank you, again, Stingray! This is simpler than we think. It is how we feel.


answered 18 Jun '12, 06:23

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Dollar Bill

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