I saw David Blaine Make a cup of coffee turn into a cup of coins is it real?

He took the cup from a beggar sitting on the sidewalk, and I saw it bubble and boil without heat and then changed to cash, which he handed back to the very grateful beggar.

I wonder if anyone here has seen this phenomena an can they share it?

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David Blaine I would have to say is a top illusinist. There is another famous modern magician/illusionist called Criss Angel- unlike David Blaine, he is actually capable of alot more basic pyschic abilities and techniques to 'sense' vibrations and energy. Check him out

(21 Dec '11, 09:15) Nikulas
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People like David Blane openly admit that they are 'illusionists' and that there are complex physical mechinisms in place in order to create said illusion. These mechanisms obey the generally agreed laws of physics of the overall conciousness of the planet. So in short, its a neat magic trick...

However, that is not to say that turning a cup of coffee into a cup of coins is 'impossible'. Understand that the difference between a cup of coffee and a cup of coins is simply a difference in vibration. Being concious of this is the first step in being able to manipulate these vibrations. Change your core belief systems enough, and you will be able to do that whenever you want! You're more likely to acheive it now in the age of transformation than any other time in the history of the planet!


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Very well said.

(20 Dec '11, 04:54) Snow

Love this answer.

(20 Dec '11, 09:03) Paulina 1

Thank you @RFextra, I appreciate your answer, its great!

(21 Dec '11, 01:11) Parammama
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If you saw a cup of coffe, and then you saw a cup of coins, then yes it was 'real'. The question is not whether or not it is 'real', but to what degree and how was it accomplished?

Regarding "magicians" from a public point of view, there are some who practice slight of hand, some who use a bit "more", but in my opinion the best magicians utilize both.

For example, I came across a very young magician in my travels, around the age of 19 I suppose. Extremely talented and brilliant. I was discussing his methods and I discovered that his biggest strength was actually mental manipulation, and that was the source of most of his 'abilities'.

It was extremely engaging to "study under" him so to speak, especially because of his youth. The reason for this story is this: It is my understanding that the biggest part of magic is actually tricking the observer's mind into "filling in the blanks", sometimes to the extreme of actual sensory perceptions that never existed in the first place.

That is the true nature of 'magic', in my eyes.

As for turning one object into the form of another, I don't believe that is "magic". I believe that is a form of very advanced spiritual manipulation that allows the reshaping of one object into another form. If you've ever heard of "alchemy", that gives you a general idea of the concept, though modern storytelling has more than slightly muddied the true nature or methods behind it. The real word for this sort of "magic" has been lost over the ages, so unfortunately "alchemy" is the closest word I can use to describe it without writing paragraphs regarding the processes and results.

A short summarization of my thoughts:

"Your ancestors called it magic but you call it science. I come from a land where they are one and the same."

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Hello Giovanni, magic is only considered to be magic when we don't know how to do it ourselves ... once we can do it ourselves, it is no longer magic ... happy hunting

(20 Dec '11, 05:18) blubird two

Absolutely, and that directly reflects my beliefs as well. “Your ancestors called it magic but you call it science. I come from a land where they are one and the same.”

(20 Dec '11, 07:44) Snow

Thank you @Black Dragon, science is magic and magic is science isn't it. I believe you are right. Thank you! I would appreciate those paragraphs on alchemy though! lol!

(21 Dec '11, 01:14) Parammama

Excuse me if I came off like implying I know anything 'significant' or 'useful' regarding actually succeeding in alchemy. I've heard many theories, even heard some stories of success, but never witnessed any of consequence. The most noteworthy example of 'manipulating matter' I've ever seen was not changing it from one form to another, it was manipulating ripples in a bowl of water maybe a foot and a half across. The person would start a ripple at any point through any method, including but not limited to touch / breath, and different parts of the ripples would grow or move abnormally [...

(21 Dec '11, 03:27) Snow

...] Whereas other parts of the ripples would collapse and disappear. The only reason I note this as even being 'supernatural' or 'spiritual' and not just the nature of water and ripples, they could reproduce the same intensity of an event to start a ripple in the exact same location as a former time, and cause the results to be dramatically different. My attempts at reproducing this generally yield very mundane rippling results that hardly vary as long as I maintain similar types and forces when creating them. So what I observed was a very 'simple' gesture, not exceptionally 'impressive[...

(21 Dec '11, 03:30) Snow

...] But definitely something that spurred a curiosity in me regarding potential of more powerful practitioners. Unfortunately as far as experiences with the supernatural or practitioners of arts like this is very slim, with most of my information coming from short individuals who either claimed association with another more powerful, and was able to do a very mild recreation of the more powerful "story" they referenced. On the 'dark' side however I've seen a bit more to make me believe there is something else out there, but that's not really relevant to alchemy or anything 'good' in the world

(21 Dec '11, 03:32) Snow
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This is the Masked Magician performing the same magic trick and fully explained.



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Wade Casaldi

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