They say there's an abundance of everything. So there probably is an abundance of time. But in our linear world and our way of living, what is a practical way for me to absorb the idea that there really is an abundance of time?

There are times when I want to do a lot for people and a lot for myself as well. I want to do a lot in a day, things that I think I can do for a day. But things happen and spontaneous distractions come. Pressures to be productive arise. There's always that itch to look at the clock, to measure time spent and time left. Sometimes the abundance of money is easier to adapt to than the thought of time abundance. I guess my thinking has manifested these circumstances.

I have been a student of time management and stuff. In fact (ironically) my day job is a project manager and I've been successful with planning projects for years. But I'm very sure that there's some inside work I need to do in order to be calm. I think that because of the line of my work I am always 'conscious' of time and that the idea of time has put me in a place of scarcity.

How can I be less pressured because I know that time is abundant and do more with the time I have?

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@sagchiq03 you are a passer by that is here for just a little while use the time imparted to you wisely. many in this world are slaves they work all their life to acquire money and material stuff they are tax on that money and when they get old they are tax again on the money they saved. and those in high position hide the money they make to not pay. where is the equity?

(09 Apr '16, 14:06) white tiger

You say, 'I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.' But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. man decide of value of things. money wealth etc... "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. you have free will use it wisely. Let there be light, be the light that you can be , experience and enjoy.

(09 Apr '16, 14:10) white tiger
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Since you are a student of time management, you'll appreciate the difference between efficiency and effectiveness.

Getting a lot of things done does not necessarily equate to getting results. There are plenty of people these days caught in the "busy trap" where they do lots of things but don't achieve much with all that doing. It's a wonderful way to feel scarcity of time...putting a lot of physical effort into going nowhere fast :)

alt text

You'll notice in all the popular mainstream time management frameworks around - for example, David Allen's GTD, Tony Robbin's OPA/RPM, Linenberger's MYN, Covey's First Things First...and so on with many, many others - they have a higher-level focus/vision-driven element to them that, in some cases, may not be immediately obvious.

The point is that it is focus (sometimes equated to "vision") that is the underlying principle that guides what needs to get done physically. And it is the "quality" of that focus that determines one's effectiveness rather than just one's efficiency.

The highest "quality" of focus (i.e. the feeling of being "in the flow" - the feeling of abundance of time) comes from aligned focus.

There is enormous physical leverage of time in aligned focus. (See Abraham's 17 seconds idea).

Aligned focus is the key to feeling an abundance of time

So how do you cultivate aligned focus?


Just start doing things, not based by their logical physical-mind-based need to be done, but by how enthusiastic you feel about doing them. Select your tasks based on the positive emotion you feel about doing them and you'll automatically start to align your focus.

It might take a few days of doing this to start to reset your task selection instinct but eventually you'll start to notice the correlation between doing tasks that feel good and getting results rather than just being busy.

When you are choosing tasks based upon feeling, you are enlisting the help of your Bigger Broader Self rather than just your limited physical mind perspective.

For more information, see Is working as a use of meditation with intention as powerful as prayer or energy healing?


answered 20 Feb '16, 10:53

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edited 20 Feb '16, 11:14

Hi @Stingray, do you mind if I ask what you do for a living?

(23 Feb '16, 06:25) freedomdude

@freedomdude - For privacy reasons, I prefer not to say. It's nothing that falls within the category of "job" :)

(23 Feb '16, 12:52) Stingray

@Stingray - I am just beginning to understand that it's more like I am to "witness" the unfolding of my life experience than attempt (as I have been doing all my life) to control it on a minute-to-minute basis. I can totally see how what a person can get done if they are in full alignment with their broader perspective, and so are receiving constant impulses to do this, do that, take the next exit, make this phone call, etc, would be astounding from an outside the vortex point of view.

(23 Feb '16, 15:24) corduroypower

@corduroypower - If it is true (and it is) that your life will completely take care of itself if you Get Happy then physical action is really about enjoying the fruits of the alignment rather than painfully bullying physical reality into place from out of the Vortex. So it then makes sense that you would try to always choose good-feeling actions to maximize your enjoyment of the fruit and, as a by-product, get things done also :)

(23 Feb '16, 16:20) Stingray

@Stingray - I'm guessing eventually I will understand and appreciate how long it seems to have taken me to begin to understand this extremely basic idea...? Right now I'm feeling somewhat amazed by my own obliviousness. I don't know what I thought people were teaching, but I wasn't hearing it! Recently Abraham has used a "life is like a treasure hunt" analogy, which I like. You don't put the treasure in place before you find it, you just... find it!

(23 Feb '16, 17:14) corduroypower

@corduroypower - "how long it seems to have taken me to begin to understand this extremely basic idea" - I thought for years that there could not be any answers to the Big Questions (Who am I? What am doing here? etc) because it would make global headline news if anyone discovered them. And because I hadn't seen those headlines, the answers couldn't exist. Years later, I realized those answers are in front of us all day every day but we become blind to them. A fish discovers water last :)

(24 Feb '16, 05:25) Stingray

@Stingray, thanks for your answer. However, how about if you have a task that you don't feel good about and it's urgent? I'm asking about this because a perception that time is "scarce" is like having a competitive mindset. Being in that scarcity mindset not only makes time feel so limited and stressful, it also hinders us from doing our best work. If given a project with a bit of resistance and an urgent tag, how do you handle this situation?

(07 Apr '16, 21:12) sagchiq03

@sagchiq03 - "If given a project with a bit of resistance and an urgent tag, how do you handle this situation?" - You are where you are :) If you're starting off in this sort of situation, you've got to follow what your existing belief systems tell you that you have to do...and that might mean doing tasks you find uncomfortable to do in order to deal with the apparent urgency. . But no situation like this ever comes out of the blue. There will have been opportunities before this urgency...

(08 Apr '16, 05:16) Stingray

@sagchiq03 - became urgent to deal with the factors underlying it in non-urgent less-resistant ways. In those calmer periods, you can do the vibrational work required to deal with the mounting resistance that eventually leads to a perception of resistance-filled urgency. To make it easier to spot the resistance in earlier more-subtle stages, it's always a good idea to do daily Vortex alignments. Then anything that might become an "issue" starts to become obvious before it gets out of control.

(08 Apr '16, 05:25) Stingray

@Stingray - Thank you so much for your very helpful inputs. I've realized and learned something new today.

(26 Apr '16, 01:50) sagchiq03

@sagchiq03 - You're welcome :)

(26 Apr '16, 13:51) Stingray
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Do the tasks without including time. Do them be cause they need to be done, not because of time. By not putting emotions into the mix, it speeds up time. It is a play on perception of time.


answered 23 Feb '16, 20:34

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The Knights Alchemy

Yes, focus and quality of time used is better than justifying yourself to be busy

I feel you weren't really asking how to get more time, but rather how to make better use of your time.

However, the answer in how to get more time is so simple that many people just gloss over this advise: Quit doing stupid ****.

Life is about doing less (making decisions to say no to many things), not about doing everything.


answered 21 Feb '16, 21:30

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Hi @Nikulas, actually I'm asking not about how to use time or make better use of time, but how to have the perception of abundance of time. I believe that there's time scarcity, not that one has shorter than 24 hours a day, but that one may have the perception of having shorter than 24 hours a day by having a competitive or scarcity mindset.

(07 Apr '16, 20:48) sagchiq03

Your question is interesting. What do you mean by abundance? You could argue that you have the same time as me: 24/7. Time needs time to move in. For example, a minute needs sixty seconds of time or it carn't happen. if I gave you one minute of time and all you had was 30 seconds what would happen? You could, I believe at least create a sense of more time. Find yourself a large clock, look at the time. The hands move in a clockwise direction. Now stand behind the clock and the hands move in a anti-clockwise direction, Does that change anything? Before the clock was invented man got on and did what he wanted, but as soon as some bright spark invented the clock no one had time to do anything. There wasn't enough hours in the day. We need time, It's to stop everything from happening all at once. Hope this helps. Chris


answered 06 Apr '16, 18:31

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Chris Fowler

Hi Chris, thank you for your answer. You nailed it on the sense of more time part, which is exactly what I was asking for. I came to ask this question because there are times when I feel that there's not enough time to do anything. Like being in a competitive mindset where we think that time is a scarce resource (although technically it is when you look at the clock, that's why it's hard to ignore). Having the perception that time is limited makes it hard to do our best work.

(07 Apr '16, 20:54) sagchiq03

Thank you for your reply to my answer. Some people believe that there is no such thing as time. Pregnancy takes nine months, that's time isn't it? It's accepted now that time doesn't travel in a straight line. It isn't linear. What I find interesting is this: if we move on from one day to the next, for example, today is Saturday and tomorrow is sunday, why then when we get to midnight, reset the clock back to zero and start again? You are welcome to contact me. Chris

(09 Apr '16, 13:37) Chris Fowler
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