For most of my life when I've considered something new, or in looking for a solution to a problem,I have usually used logic and commonsense. However lately I've been more prone to listen to my intuition or go with my gut and the solution seems to be a lot slower presenting itself. Just wondered how much success others have experienced using intuition over logic and commonsense.

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I believe the most effective people use both.

If you study any of the really great artists, you will find, not surprisingly, that they are very creative, and have a keen understanding of, and can readily tap into, their holistic, creative, emotional, intuitive nature.

But the best ones also have a keen understanding, appreciation and attention to detail, and an ability to work out and solve problems in a logical way. That's how they are able to take their creative impulses, and translate them into a wonderful work of art.

Similarly, designing a bridge or building requires tremendous creative abilities, but building it requires a keen ability to work out the details. Without precise mathematical design that follows sound structural principles, the bridge will just collapse under its own weight.

So the best solutions are always a combination of both intuition and logic.


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Thanks.Nice answer - I guess using both sides of the brain produces the best solution:-)

(26 Feb '10, 00:58) Michaela

What a great answer!

(26 Feb '10, 07:39) The Traveller
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