The most opinion which I read about coincidences (co-incidence), look their as opportunities offered by Universe for manifesting our desires. Recently I had meet an other, interesting idea about:

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Are synchronicities created by us.?.

Are co-incidences a signal that our manifestation process is going on a good way and do they indicate the following step for manifesting?

If we see with joy to apparition of synchronicity, even if bizare and intuition says us acting, to do this and improving the power of intention with the feeling of joy, could this increasing the chances of manifesting?

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@Gleam- thanks for the link. i have been experiencing a lot of coincidences or 'synchronicities' of late and it is interesting having a read about them

(24 Jul '11, 18:40) realityVSimagination
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some of it could or some might be answer to what we are thinking about! just like tonight i was thinging about something and said fearless while changing the tv channel and 1 second after someone said fearless!


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I think Seriality Law acts as a way of splicing or redirect our forces of attraction to the natural forces of the Universe, that is to unite the human with the divine at a point in which our desires are balanced with natural laws, or rather, aligned.. The question that arises is whether in our daily life we have some element that is showing the union between these two worlds. Something that allows us insight into the mechanisms of the workings of nature (those that are "hidden", or can not be deciphered only by our five external senses), to gain insight from a deeper level what is our role participatory the universe.

Most later authors have analyzed the topic of synchronicity, they believe that synchronicities are messages coming from one unmanifested plane, a plane of infinite intelligence who knows life as a whole. They do superficial life suddenly bursting forth from a deeper level. Deepak Chopra brings the point of saying that "it is talking to all of its parts."

All express that in moments of synchronicity, we can see how interconnected life is something like a huge network or tapestry of all life.

Some dismiss these events as it seemed coincidental, but most of those who had that kind of experience intuitively sense that there must be something beyond their comprehension. The synchronicities are manifested in our lives breaking as "wild cards" from the deck of cards and, like them, refusing to play by the rules known by us. Its particular function associated with the meaning that usually provides some important response leaves us feeling that we may be ignoring a vital key to the "real rules of the game." One of the most important aspects when synchronicity is operating, that is detected is different from the usual flow more smooth and without resistance, as if hidden hands were helping us. Some describe it as a special seriousness, as if we were the attractors of this area so special. As if we had turned personal gravity. Some time later we realize that this alignment reflects a level of causation much more subtle than you know. We see that it was neither more nor less, which just needed to learn at that time. As if running "The Causation of Chance."

As we create the conditions that favor the appearance of synchronicity observed that each time we get more and more such events. Peter Senge compared to what is happening, something very natural: "Water flows downhill attracted to the law of gravity." And as the law of gravity, which no one knows how it works, synchronicities begin to occur smoothly and often, without more, but ignoring its operation. The last point, in which almost all authors agree, is that synchronicities are favored by an intuitive, caring attitude and intention. This is what allows nature take its course. Synchronicity is usually detected when it breaks the program we have planned rationally (not programming and routine). So I think it is important to be part of our time without conscious planning.

The world is a place of meaning, a place where we are seekers of the "true purpose", and synchronicity, as described by Kammerer: "It is the umbilical cord connecting thought, feeling, science and art, with the womb of the universe that they gave birth. "



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Thankyou the generous response.

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