What does it mean to be humble? Just wondering (again)...Jai

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True humility. Is it a part of our spirituality? Yes. What is it? I believe that true humility is not self-abasing or putting oneself down, Humbling one’s inner self may be a spiritual practice, but that is not the fruit that blooms in ones Soul. All of life is about Relationship. It is our approach to each relationship that reflects humility. If I approach God thinking I know God then I cannot learn anything new about God. If I was to meet you and I tried to tell you about your spiritual needs and present condition then you would think or feel who is that person he does not know me. Humility is the condition of the soul to accept truth as it is reveal to them and learn to love not base on illusion but on the perfect love that dwells within each of us. Humility is that inner willingness and discipline to listen and not necessarily speak our opinion. We meet people that try and talk to us and we as a world culture will say in words or deeds ‘Not now’ I am Busy. Humility is knowing who you are and who everyone else is, enjoying the difference. We are all one just not the same. Have a wonderful day on your side of the world. In short I believe humility is the approach we have to each of our relationships, with people, the earth, the heavens, the life we encounter.

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Humility is having an open mind and recognizing that there is more out there than we know and accepting that as fact.

Humility is understanding that everyone is our superior to ourself in some way and that we can learn from anyone.


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The opposite of humility is bravado. People who shout the loudest about how great they are are often the most insecure. They are all about their ego. If spirituality is about getting your ego out of the way, then humility is an essential ingredient.

Humility is about being less ego-centered, and more God-centered. It is about connecting with God, and being at one with the Universe. It is about accepting people for who they are (regardless of their opinion of you), and seeing God within them. It is about swimming with the current instead of against it.

Humility is the quality of being humble: modest, not proud. Humility, in various interpretations, is widely seen as a virtue in many religious and philosophical traditions, being connected with notions of transcendent unity with the universe or the divine.



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As a young child at school I used to practice 'being humble' and when I thought I was - I found myself thinking "yeah - I'm really humble!" LOL

As an adult, how can we recognise if we are humble or not? One great man taught me the value of the words "Why me?" and "Why not!". The former would indicate a lack of humility and the latter humility.

Humility is absolutley essential to spiritual growth and will be one or our greatest tests in attaining 'heaven'. Many spiritual people have attained the heights only to fall the greatest distance, a victim of their own success.

He that would serve God must serve all. Jesus demonstrated this with the washing of the feet episode. Freemasons, have aprons and hands free. The significance is lost on many Christians and Freemasons and I am sure in other religions and mystery traditions as well.

If you had to choose - would you rather collect Govt assistance or sweep a path for a living?


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