This issue has recently been coming up. I find that the more I am spiritually evolving, the more I see people around me as "train wrecks waiting to happen". With what I've been through in life, I can't help but see the similar paths. And, there is a large part of me that wants to say, "Hey! Don't go down that path, it will lead you to a bottomless pit!"

I understand that everyone has their own lessons to learn, on their own time, and in their own way. But, this also means that I can come off as "arrogant" because I see things they don't quite see yet.

People have often labeled me as intimidating or arrogant. I honestly do not believe I do anything overtly or consciously to make them think that. These labels have been thrown out less so, but it just recently came up.

I feel like I'm at the age where I've finally realized that no one else is going to love me the way I need to be loved, and I'm not going to allow my insecurities limit my life the way I let it in the past. So why is that arrogance?

Thank you for everyone's insight! :)

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I've never viewed you as arrogant or intimidating. You are strongly opinionated; but that's not arrogance. I've seen your empathy, your compassion & your fire; I've also witnessed naivety & someone who doesn't put their self first & opts for being "nice" - which is not the same as being kind.

(10 Jun '13, 18:03) ele

@ele - Wow, thank you so much for you positive feedback. I am who I am on here. I guess I do have a guard up when it comes to potential relationships. My ex-fiance set the bar very high, and if others don't measure up, I guess that comes off as "arrogant". :-/

(10 Jun '13, 18:09) OceanSize

arrogance or what may seem to be haughtyness can be mellowed by compassion. seeing with the eyes of your heart sends out milder vibrations

(10 Jun '13, 18:41) fred

@fred - Thank you, Fred. That's a beautiful way to put it. I would like to think I am compassionate, but I suppose I cannot control what others assume, either. Thanks!

(10 Jun '13, 19:11) OceanSize

Wise words @fred - kindness comes from a place in your heart. Your welcome @OceanSize Funny, early this morning I was wondering what happened to you & now you appear.

(10 Jun '13, 19:20) ele

I've found a completely opposite effect as I attempt to gain any kind of spiritual ground. I find myself feeling more and more unenlightened, I feel like everyone I encounter is 'awakened' or 'enlightened' and looks down on me, and they're considerably more intelligent and capable than myself. It seems the more I contemplate about anything the more useless and incapable I feel, and the more 'weight' other's presence has, like being around them is heavy and pushes me downwards.

(10 Jun '13, 19:48) Snow

At Snow there are none so wise as the one that doesn't know and knows he doesn't know. This keeps you empty ready to learn and able to be taught.

(10 Jun '13, 22:32) Wade Casaldi

@ele - Wow. That's amazing, huh? Yeah, I've been gone awhile, working on some things on my own. Thank you for thinking of me! I hope all is well with you.

(11 Jun '13, 00:42) OceanSize

@Wade Casaldi - Thank you, Wade. @Snow- I honestly do not know what to say. . .I wonder if what you are experiencing is what people experience before making a "breathrough"(?), so to speak. I do not want to believe that they are looking down on you, but perhaps that is what you believe they are doing? I think being a seeker, but not to the point of ignoring the present, is the best we can all do.

(11 Jun '13, 00:45) OceanSize

@Snow I hope you don't think anyone here looks down on you. Remember what you told me, your generation is going to fix our government.

I'd like to see that some day, you I agreed on the Twelve Visions party. It will come someday all will be wealthy including the poor.

I've seen many things I gave you votes for, you have my respect. :-)

(11 Jun '13, 02:36) Wade Casaldi

@wade Absolutely.

(14 Jun '13, 13:11) TReb Bor yit-NE
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The truly spiritual person doesn't have to "remain" humble. Humility goes with the expansion of the soul. You find God in all, and this is humbling. You find God everywhere, and this is humbling. As Wade said, Humility is teach-ability. If you remain teachable and open to new things, you will never have to worry about remaining humble. You just will be so.




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It is a normal step in the journey of spiritual hunting. It is like a drunk who finds their sober, it is only a remembrance of what we once were. Once you find peace with who you "WERE", once you release the judgments on yourself, it will get much much easier. DO not judge yourself either now for feeling the way you do now. If you do it adds negative energy into that loop. You gotta relax. You gotta know that you are those people that you judge. They are you and the ONLY reason you see them as "train wrecks " is because there are still aspects of yourself you either fear to see that way, or that you hate from your past. It is a natural judgment. When you let go more of labels and judgments by loving yourself 100% or at least no longer judge yourself, then you won't be able to judge others. Believe me, I have been letting more and more go everyday, and still have judgments, it is natural. Love yourself and know all feelings are there for a reason, there is somthing in you that needs that feeling so you can find what it is in you that needs fixing. It only feels bad when it goes against the grain of your soul. And because our soul does not judge, when you do, it will never feel good. Hope this helped.

love n light



answered 11 Jun '13, 07:57

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TReb Bor yit-NE

When we believe we know everything we walk around with a stuffed head. It is like a turkey fully stuffed to the point where you can't put anymore stuffing inside. It is only the empty bird that you can stuff for Thanksgiving.

So we need have an empty head to gain in knowledge. We need to be teachable. The more we learn and understand the more we realize that there is so much more to learn and understand.

For the age of a fly I am ancient, for the age of a mountain I am an infant. This is the saying applicable to age but we can apply it to knowledge the same. As compared to a dog I am a genius, as compared to God I am a just a beginner in understanding.

So to be humble is to know that no matter how much we know there is always way more that we do not know. As we open up to this knowledge we realize this is not me it is the Father through me that this wisdom comes. I am nothing but the phone, God could use any phone just as readily.


answered 10 Jun '13, 22:23

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Wade Casaldi

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@Wade Casaldi - Thank you. I would like to believe that there is always something I am meant to learn, even when I'm encountering people who I referred to in the question (people walking down the dark path. . .) I suppose I need to learn more compassion. You know, I just realized something. I think I try to separate myself from it because otherwise I would feel like a "victim" again.

(11 Jun '13, 00:48) OceanSize

@wade casaldi nicely put. FAT Faithful, Available and Teachable

(11 Jun '13, 03:26) Dollar Bill

Humility is a part of the spiritual evolution. If there is no humility, then I suppose one is not as far along on the path as originally thought.


answered 12 Jun '13, 01:08

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