My question lies in the area of having too much pride and literally making spontaneous decisions based on that at the spur of the moment, literally. How do I get rid of that attitude? Or whatever it is.

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what exactly do you mean by pride? Because I can see 2 scenarios immediately that would not be pride at all.

(12 Sep '11, 23:49) akaVienne
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I think not because even Jesus when he healed did not say "Watch this!", "Get a load of me!", "Look at what I can do!" He really was humble in saying "Hey it's not me, God the Father does this stuff through me and if you have faith would do this stuff through you too." He said "Look at what you can do, you are the temple of God." The "kingdom of heaven is within you."

He really wanted to show humanity that we are much more than we give ourselves credit for, he didn't come to show how amazing he was but how amazing we are. So in this humbleness I believe he could be a clear cable to God or a pure and sharp instrument in perfect shape for God to use.

When we step in and say look at me, we cut off the source and just look at the result, this is a disservice to that source. It is in this disservice that we can eventually lose that source or connection to that God directive.


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You need to achieve balance between your pride in yourself, and a quality called humility- some call it teach-ability. Are you humble enough to admit when you are wrong? This is an example of humility. We need pride in ourselves to a certain degree...We should honestly know what areas of our life we excel at, and what areas we do not. If you are jumping to decisions based on an inaccurate assessment of your abilities, then the answer is simple: Make an honest list of your good and bad qualities, and keep it in mind when making your choices. Strive always to do better at those things which you are not so good at, and remember also that God is always there, working through you to achieve His goals (whether you are part of His world or not, God always gets His way). Meditation is good for balancing out your personality, and when you first set out to meditate, notice the thoughts that at first stream through your head. Are they compulsive, explosive, and hard to control? This will pass as you get into it, and you will eventually gain a measure of balance in your personality. Just a final thought: check and be sure you are not acting because of Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior. This might be a key to why you do what you do.

Blessings, and welcome to IQ, Jaianniah


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Good answer Jai.

(13 Sep '11, 07:06) Paulina 1

Nothing is good...or bad, the only value things have is the value that we give it including pride. Having said this to avoid making spontaneous decisions is spontaneous by all means, often this reveals the correct path to follow, then meditate on it for a while, a few hours, days, weeks if necessary...after all this if your decision stills holds then act upon it.


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blubird, you are on target physical impulse strikes our brain-mind first, sorting through our wisdom and possible consequences takes a little longer

(12 Sep '11, 20:54) fred

@fred-thanks for the clear comment...nice

(13 Sep '11, 04:43) blubird two

having pride is not a problem as long as it does not affect your sight and judgement and that you can give to everyone what they deserve. if the problem is spontaneous decision then you can practice to put everything on hold until it is time to make the decision. you are going to say when will i know it is the right time to make the decision? when you have all the pieces of the puzzle and that you are sure at 100% with no doubts. experience and enjoy.


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You have to slow yourself down. Even though you get the feelings, you must stop and think for a minute and allow the logic to get your common sense skills up. Then, you will make an accurate well thought out decision.


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