There is a lot of TV shows and media out there now about ghosts...I wonder: What are ghosts, if they are indeed real?

This may seem a stupid question at first. But what exactly makes up a ghost? Is it a soul? Is it some sort of essence of evil? Have you ever really thought about it? I can sense when a "presence" is near me, but some people claim to "see" ghosts. We certainly are fascinated by them.

So what are they, really?



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From the book Thirty Years Among The Dead it talks about ghost as people that have died and do not know that they died. Usually people that died suddenly, also people addicted to the things of this world, it said many bars are haunted because these dead people want another drink!

These can be as well people killed in wars that are still fighting the wars long after death, they are so tuned into the war, so worried about the war that they stay in the war fighting even after they are already dead.

Then there are those that commit suicide and are so filled with remorse and guilt they can look in no other direction than back at their own death. Another kind of haunting is people that swear to haunt a place for revenge (sadly the joke is on them, they can not get past this hate to find the good.)

These are people like anyone else there are good people and bad people, example a woman haunts a place because she was killed, her jealous husband haunts the place because he killed her and himself and will not rest until he kills the both of them. So he again night after night kills her and himself again in a repeat stuck in time as she flees him chasing her night after night.

There are many ghost hunting shows but the best is Ghost Adventures because it is exciting every show something always happens and there is proof the place is absolutely haunted. They have cool equipment, the PX talking ghost box, infrared camera, ultra violet camera, some time psychics even. Compare that to TAPs Ghost Hunters and most of the time they find nothing and explain away everything.


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A great question Jai, i love it ... so what are ghosts. Well for me they are non physical energies, non physical in the sense of being generally not detectable by current scientific means ... they are in the same domain as thoughts and emotions and as such are within us ... so i would say that they are parts of us that have not yet been acknowledged consciously and as such are thus projected as if they are being living "outside" our bodies ... to generalize i'd say that all energies that are not yet integrated within the personality risk to be projected

have fun :)


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"Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win."~ Stephen King

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yes @ele " ... they live inside us, and sometimes, they win ..."

(26 Apr '16, 03:39) jaz
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are you talking about ghost or other thing that people think are ghost?

real ghost are spirit that are not in the flesh any more. and just like people there or some bad, neutral and good. the really good one usely go above the really bad one usely go below the neutral one usely stay here in the middle. of the ghost that you will see here in this world are spirit that are stuck here something is keeping them here. unfinished business, fear for them self or people they know, fear of stuff they do not know, thing that they have attach them self to in this world love of money, material possession etc..

there is also some time things that appear as ghost but is like a residual energy that is left behind and always pass and do the same stuff does not see or notice you.

there is also stuff that comes from the darkness below dark entity, dark people, demon, nightmare etc.. some people can think they are ghost but they are not and they make you fear and feed on that fear. not what you want to have around you.

people should not play with stuff they do not understand.


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