I constantly hear odd things in my house.. My family is inside too though so it could be them but it all happened after watching a movie about ghosts. I heard little clawing sounds under my door when I was in the bathroom at night, and I heard the same noise upstairs in the loft/attic and we put rat and mice bait up there to see if it was them but we found out it wasn't, my dad came to a conclusion it was 'birds' but I get this feeling it isn't sometimes.. I always wake up at 5am in the morning now too, I ask my friends what they think it is but they think i'm crazy too. I heard my coathangers in my wardrobe clash against the doors of my wardrobe and fought I was going crazy too but I've also been hearing breathing occasionly too when Its only me upstairs.. It all seems to happen at night. Do you think my house is haunted?

asked 09 Jul '11, 12:46

gthdsju's gravatar image


it could be a ghost. try video or tape recorder. see if you catch something. it could also be you that are able to ear them some people are more atune to it. so experiance and you will find out enjoy.


answered 09 Jul '11, 18:59

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white tiger

Thanks for the suggestion, I might try that. My parents could hear the clawing sounds in the attic but that was about it, the only reason they could hear is because it was so loud you could think someone dropped a television up there.

(10 Jul '11, 13:54) gthdsju
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