Hello everyone, first post. So to drop a little bit of backstory for my question.

I have been spiritual but lost almost all of my life. Feeling as though i was on this path or quest that is unfulfilled. My spirituality in the last few years has increased exponentially and i have begun to work more on myself in certain ways.

For one, I have raised my Kundalini, but I can tell that its not done clearing out the my chakras yet. I feel like there is so much more work to do, but I am finally making headway. I feel somewhat more connected and less lost than i have in Recent years.

Because of the Kundalini activation, I have been dealing with different types of psychic activity, Ie. (Flickering vision and seeing things out of the corner of my eyes. Hearing voices that aren't there ECT.) I can now perceive energies that i couldn't before, i can Sense what the energy changes in a room feel like, I can also hear subtle changes in energy, because my ears will ring as if the frequency is changing.

I can sense when entities are around as well alot better now than when I was young, which I always had that ability. I can now do strange things like feel the energies inside of intimate objects like rocks and even taste the texture inside of my mind, almost like a completely new sense. So I have all these strange psychic phenomenon happening all around me now.

Another important thing to state before I ask my question is that i have had a spirit that has plagued me since i was about thirteen. It has shook my beds, hit the walls next to my head, and a miriad of other things, including attacking me.

Now the other night about a week ago, I had called a healer to do some energy work on me. As she was doing her thing, I could actually feel my body get really hot with warm fuzzy heat and then later that night when I was going to bed, was the first time that a negative being started shuffling around, where I could actually hear footsteps, running around the room to where I could tangibly hear it shuffling. That happened two nights in a row and I just kept myself as positive as i could and went to sleep anyways. Havent experienced it since.

So since i have been playing around with my new ability of psychometry (or whatever it would be called), I have started to incorporating other methods like visualization amoungst other things.

So now with that out of the way, off to the story and the question.

So here on Halloween Oct 31st 2019, my brother and his girlfriend decided to go to the store, so I started cleansing my stones and crystals with some Palo Santo and some incense. I decided to do some visualization work this time for some reason, pushing energy out by visualizing and sending it at the same time. Then i started charging them by letting energy flow into them with a Qigong technique for letting energy flow.

As i was doing this, (just playing around with my senses) i started visualizing every color of the rainbow on my rocks, first red, then orange, then yellow, all the way to purple at the other end of the spectrum. As I got to my favorite little citrine and was putting the colors into it, as I got to purple, I started noticing that I was seeing an aura of purple around the rock. Not just a vague color, but super vivid deep purple eminating from the rock. The had never happened before.

Then as i started to do the "sensing of the rock" thing that I do, it seemed alot stronger and fuzzy, as if I could feel the room around me and immediately following that as I opened my eyes, I saw a light shoot across the room past my shoulder to about seven feet in front of me. It had the intensity of of a bright welding spark and flickered as it past. It had the fast fluttering sound of a humming bird and then just evaporated out of view.

Now it was so bright that it actually gave me those visual blotches that you get from staring at a lightbulb too long, so i know I'm not crazy, or deluded, or hallucinating. I came to the conclusion that it was actually an occurance, because of those, (Lingering light blobs).

Then I waited for my brother and his woman to get home, wondering if I should tell them or not out of fear of sounding like a lunatic.

About two hours later, I'm standing outside smoking a cigarette and something tugged on the bottom of my pant leg and i couldn't see anything anywhere on the porch.

Now: the question! I know that there are other dimensions around us at all times. Things going on that nobody sees with their normal eyes.

Now since i have awakened my Kundalini and now I'm getting all of the tell tale signs of psychic senses starting to activate, I am really confused and vulnerable concerning what's out there.

I have been praying for angels/guides/god to help me progress spiritually, but I'm not quite sure if this thing is evil.

So my question is, is this thing an angel? A fairy? A spirit emanation of some sort? A malevolent being posing as something else? Just some one off psychic phenomenon, or some sort of energy that I created?

Has anyone had any similar thing happen? I know thats more than one question, but, i guess the real question is, what was it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I used to see bright blue lights a lots while back. They always appear in the form of an orb. They range in size and number. Once I seen 3 tiny ones fly past my kitchen oven one day. At another time I seen one about the size of a volleyball come and go in a blink of an eye. Not sure why they appeared or what they actually are, but I believe them to be angels or spiritual beings. I haven’t seen them in some time now and wonder why... Anyway, I do live in a house that is over 100 years old, but not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. I’ve also seen flying white orbs leaving streaks of light behind them as they flew around when I was taking a pic of my cats. It kinda freaked me out, but I did manage to catch several pics of it on camera.


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First I'd like to comment on your experience and then I'll give my opinion as to what this might be.

My question to you: what benefit, as a human being, are you acquiring from sensing energies in your environment, sensing stones, cleansing etc? What is your aim? Is this your manner of perceiving yourself as advancing spiritually? How does all this benefit you spiritually?

You are creating this reality for yourself. You believe in these phenomena and you are able to see them because of your belief that you are advancing spiritually. I also have an interest in these psychic phenomena, but unless you know how they can benefit you and other human beings, experiencing these is a futile exercise. I'm sorry to say that this is typical of the exercise of sensationalising spiritualism. Please do not get me wrong. I am not reproaching you or judging you. I simply would like to ask you to ask yourself, 'how does this help me advance spiritually'? It is amazing that you can do and see what you do. I have seen orbs and there was a period of time that I was so enamoured by the orbs in my bedroom, so much so that I could not wait for night time so that I could observe them. But what was the beneficial aim ultimately in my spiritual evolution? Nothing really - it was merely a confirmation that there are things/energies which exist outside of our tangible and visible reality.

With regard to the spirits you experience, they are there because you want them to be there - whether this is a conscious or subconscious decision. You have the power NOT to see them anymore, just as you have the power to see them. It is your decision. I think all of what you are experiencing stems from your need to confirm that you are a spiritual person with psychic powers that few people have. But I don't think that these experiences help anyone to evolve spiritually unless they are serving a true purpose. In your case, I would say, the purpose for now is confirmation. I would ask myself if this is the only use you can make of these powers/experiences for the advancement of spirituality. And finally, my two pence about what this might be: it is obviously energy; energy which you are able to see because you have sensitised yourself to it. Because you are the one who has experienced it first hand, only you can decide what it was. If this happens again, I would suggest that you go within yourself and ask (1) how did I feel when this happened. You must be able to discern your feelings coming from your mind (fear etc) and your feelings stemming from your intuition. This is not an easy exercise and it takes practice to be able to distinguish. Exercising how your intuition feels, as distinguished from feelings stemming from your mind, may be done with just about anything. Your intuition will not make you feel fear or doubt or any negative feeling. It will give you a knowing, e.g. a knowing that the energy around you is dense and negative, without the fear etc. That is how you will know. Additionally, I think labelling an energy as an 'angel' or 'malevolent being' is being simplistic since these are ultimately a product of our labelling perception. I don't believe in angels so I'm positive that I will never experience one. Tune in to your intuition and you will know whether the energy you sense or see is beneficial or not to you.


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