One time at 3:am in the morning I was thinking about moving a cloth from a counter top to the back of a chair 8 feet away and I just looked away for a few seconds and it was moved. So I have wondered about it and said to myself it could be telekinesis or a ghost or a little bit of both what do you think?

asked 29 Aug '11, 19:07

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white tiger

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Barry Allen ♦♦

"insert twilight zone music" No, I'm voting for telekinesis..

(01 Jun '13, 19:41) ele
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A ghost would not be able to read your mind or know about your intention to move an object, so it had to be the power of your mind or the wind in my opinion. Have you experienced this at other times? If so, it would be a nice talent to develop!


answered 29 Aug '11, 21:21

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LeeAnn 1

it was inside door and windows close at 3 am in the morning so forget the wind. well ghost could read your mind because i do not think they talk with their mouth when they have no body do you? as for telekinisis i have tried a fee time for about 1 hour each time to move stuff 3 week before it happen and nothing as move. and that time just thinking i will have to move this from there to there it happen in a fee second with out me seing it happen on a distance of 8 feet and the cloth was place properly on the back of the chair. it is pretty weird.

(30 Aug '11, 00:57) white tiger

no i did not experience stuff moving other wise. but i have experience wishing about stuff and it happen. like i would say in my mind it would be nice that this person that is always late get to the job 30 minutes before time tomorrow. and the next day it would happen. i also remember some other wishing stuff like this it would be nice that this happen and it would happen with tv program it was the episode i was thinking out of like 600 episode.

(30 Aug '11, 01:04) white tiger

that wishing stuff makes me think right now as in the movie about a wizard apprentice and a dragon at the end of the movie when he thinks he as no power left he wish for something and it happens. ok that movie was dragonslayer:

(30 Aug '11, 01:18) white tiger

so i am carefull what i wish for. with big power comes big responsability.

(30 Aug '11, 01:34) white tiger

and you LeeAnn did you ever experience something like that?

(30 Aug '11, 01:37) white tiger

Wishing for something and it happens, oh yes, many times. But I have never been able to move an object with my mind, that is a talent few people have. Perhaps with more practice you could become more adept at it.

(30 Aug '11, 02:24) LeeAnn 1

well when it happen you ask yourself some question because when you are alone at 3 am in the house and something moves over 8 feet and is place properly and you did not notice it happen not seing or earing annything. i did not feel annything bad and it was done for me. so i have deal with it. but it is not something that one would like to always do. imagine you think about something bad and it happens. so yes it might be fun to use power like that under control but it could get very dangerous also.

(30 Aug '11, 02:45) white tiger

That is very true!

(30 Aug '11, 03:23) LeeAnn 1
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i like this question...i believe it is possible to move objects using the mind but it takes a lot of energy and it is really the opposite of moving things...let me explain...everything is in movement all the time, if we now center our attention on an object and prevent it from moving, we have the illusion that it moves.We can compare it with travelling on a train, it sometimes feels that the train is still and the scenery is moving. For me ghosts are figments of the imagination.


answered 30 Aug '11, 05:39

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blubird two

what did you try to do to move object with the mind? did you focus on the physical object or on the energy that physical object is in?

(30 Aug '11, 17:03) white tiger

"For me ghosts are figments of the imagination" -- seeing is believing... wait till you see a spirit which can't be explained as a figment of your imagination.. I've only seen spirits - never ghosts..

(01 Jun '13, 19:38) ele
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You should try a Psi wheel to see if it is telekinesis or not.alt text


answered 30 Aug '11, 08:11

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Some believe ghost but not ordinary ghost but poltergeist.

But others believe gnomes, little people do these things for fun to upset us.

On the dark side it could be demons that do it, anyway without picking I'll continue.

There are times when you can't find something that you know you had. You placed it right where you could find it! But, it is gone! You look all over and can not find it anyway! Hours later or the next day there it is laying in the middle of the kitchen table in the open!

This has happened to me, I also know a friend that this happened to many times.

There is I believe a Disney movie that explains this called The Borrowers. It is a movie about these gnome people that barrow things we think we misplace.

So it could be one of these explanations, hopefully not demon!


answered 01 Jun '13, 20:32

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Wade Casaldi

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Yes I wondered if perhaps WT had a little person in his home who could be a poltergeist & responsible for this..

(01 Jun '13, 20:35) ele

Yes this actually reminded me of that old movie, I'll have to watch that again after all these years! :-)

(01 Jun '13, 20:55) Wade Casaldi
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