I have hit rock bottom now. Right now I am at such a stage where I am not getting what to do ahead. I lost my mom 5 months back ,the pain is extreme. My father doesn't behave properly towards me, he is very rude to me. I am an only child.

I thought of walking out of home for further studies, but my dad is not allowing me to do that. I thought of walking out of home,but I am finding it difficult. Because my dad is alone. In India it is not that easy to just leave home. There are many questions in my head..like where will I go? It is not even safe to go out and stay out alone for a long time.

I am just puzzled. What to do? My friends and relatives say.. "You better get married, so called "arrange one".., I don't know what to do. I feel committing suicide is the only way. Actually I tried doing that also. But I just couldn't . The thoughts of my mom were in my head. The way she brought me up against all odds she gave me birth , even though she had hole in her heart. What should I do? Please guide me.

I sit to meditate but I just can't meditate. My confidence has been crushed badly. everyday my dad tells me I am this, I am that, I can't do this, I can't do that, all bad things he says. At this point I miss my mom even more. I did even talk to him and asked him that please don't talk this way. Especially when I don't have mom around. But still he is rude. What should I do?

Your answers will be appreciated. love, light and blessings your way..


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My heart is trying to come out of my body after knowing your pain.

Oh! Supergirl I Lo_e y_u.

(08 Jun '14, 07:49) PERFECT GOOD

Suicide solve nothing. when facing the rock bottom the dark night of the soul. use that negative energy to find the truth. go in the desert and find the truth make your decision according to truth. you are the one making the choice.

(08 Jun '14, 11:44) white tiger

I am so sorry about the loss of your mother. Please understand that loss is a part of life, and we can get through it, but it takes time. Your father is also in a lot of pain, missing your mother. Over time, you will adjust and feel happy again. We all have to deal with loss in this physical plane, but rest assured that our souls are immortal.

(08 Jun '14, 22:15) Beach Baby
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I know this feeling when it seems as if there is no way out and everything that happens makes it even worse. In fact, I was in a very similar situation of wanting to commit suicide. Everyone seemed to hate me, all odds were against me and I felt very alone and completely hopeless. It cannot even be described in words how terrible it felt. Then I remember feeling nothing. I think at some point it was so painful that I totally disconnected to my emotions.

It's quite a miracle that I'm still in this physical body today. I was really determined to commit suicide and I gave up all hope. Then in the act of committing suicide, an idea came to me. I didn't know where it came from but this idea suddenly changed everything. It changed the way I saw things completely. Suddenly there was hope. It was as if somebody was saying "Trust me, there is hope for you and you are loved".

But the most important question here to ask is: Where did this idea come from? It wasn't there before, or maybe it was there but I wasn't in a state to receive it. But this one idea changed everything. And don't think I didn't think about how I could escape this desperate situation earlier. In fact I thought about it for hours and hours and hours, days after days, weeks after weeks... I couldn't come up with solutions, not one, and nobody could help me out. Family, friends and others couldn't come up with an answer that could help me. So then this idea came out of nowhere.

Clearly, this idea was there all the time but I couldn't hear it, nor could I see it. But I learned a very important lesson. No matter how desperate something seems, there is definitely an idea waiting in the room, in the air that you breathe that can change everything completely. And it usually isn't something that you would have expected.

Many people know that sometimes there is a question but the answer doesn't seem to exist at all. But then a solution appears. And if you think about it, it's quite logical why this happens. If you think about your own life, you came into this physical body knowing very less. You didn't have the answer to everything that you know now. You didn't know how to walk, then the idea came to you. You didn't know how to speak, then the answer evolved. You didn't know how to use a computer, but then ideas came to you how to do it. And there are many, many examples of this.

And always, the answer came somehow. Sometimes the answer came easily, especially when you felt good or you gave up on a question (even if you didn't notice this correlation). Other times the answer took a little bit more time. But always, the answer came. So you might not know the answer to your question at this very moment, but know that the answer is in the air. It exists. In fact, not just one - there are many, many, many possible solutions. Because if this Universe than create problems for you, it must always have many possible solutions to that problem. And don't you know that feeling of not having an answer and then suddenly having an aha-moment? And isn't it true that answers came very often regarding other things?

And it will come regarding any topic you wish if you just relax a little, relax your muscles of your body and let go just a little bit here and there every day. No need to rush, just aim at feeling as much relief as you can by thinking better feeling thoughts.

In fact there are many people that were and in a very similar situation such as yourself. And not just in India - everywhere in the world! And there are many women who let the perfect solution(s) come to them. They open up, try to think thoughts that give them a little bit relief here and there and they receive solutions. And then they know what to do and what to think. And you can as well be one of them if you just allow yourself to relax as best as you can without pushing it and opening up a little more every day. It must not be meditation, just thinking thoughts that give a just a little bit relief is enough for now. And if you feel a little better, you can sit down and meditate.

And you know what the best thing about hitting rock bottom is? It can only get better. Because, let's be honest here, you are already in a situation that cannot get worse. The only change that can logically happen is one that is more positive. So you are in a perfect situation to change things for the better.


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true...things will get better after this. thank u..@ releaser99 God bless u..

(10 Jun '14, 06:57) supergirl

Hi supergirl, what to do when life hits rock bottom and all you perceive is death, like a soldier facing an enemy machine gun?

Here's a text written by Karim Hajee "Creating Power"

The present moment is all that matters.

Everything starts at this moment. The past is done with. The future has yet to arrive.

All that matters is this present moment.

When you focus on the present moment, when you you appreciate it and enjoy it you give yourself tremendous power. The kind of power that will create and bring you what you want.

Your subconscious only lives in this present moment. Everything you think and believe at this moment is what your subconscious creates and brings into your life. And so you have tremendous power in this present moment. Because right now, at this time, you can direct your subconscious to create and bring you what you want.

So think about what you want and not what you don't want. Believe you can have what you want. Sure you'll get some negative thoughts and negative beliefs that say you can't or that it's difficult or that you don't know how. These negative thoughts and negative beliefs are based on past experiences. But the past doesn't matter. Your subconscious, your power does not know the past. It only lives in the present. At this present moment you can do and achieve anything you want. So give your subconscious the right instructions, give it the right directions, start living in the present and let your subconscious create what you want.

When you're not living and enjoying the present moment, When you think about the past, or what went wrong, or about how things didn't work out or when you worry you give your subconscious the wrong instructions. You prevent it from creating and bringing you what you really want.

Your subconscious can't re-create the past. Your subconscious can't go into the past. It only knows the present.

And so when you think about the past, when you worry about what went wrong or what didn't work out you handcuff your subconscious mind, it can't work for you. It will try to create the past by creating more negative situations. It's only working with your present thoughts and beliefs. If those thoughts and beliefs are negative or stuck in the past it will keep creating more negative situations today. And you'll continue to have a negative life, one that has more struggle, more pain and more hardships. It happens because your subconscious keeps following those negative thoughts and beliefs.

So today you live in the present moment. You think about what you want, you think about what is positive in your life, you think about having a better life and achieving your goals. Too often you get caught up in what happened yesterday, the day before, last week, last month or even years ago and that slows you down, it prevents your subconscious from bringing you what you really want. Even today there could be something that trips you up, gets you upset or throws you off track. When that happens, acknowledge it, do what you can to make things better and then start moving forward. Push yourself to move forward. The easiest way to do that is to think about what you want and think about what's most important to you.

When you do that you let go of the past, you focus on what you want and you also free your subconscious, you release it from trying to re-create the past which it can't do. Your subconscious then gets to work and begins creating a better present, one where you have what you want, where you achieve your goals and enjoy the life that you want.

Remember - you subconscious works in this present moment. It sees your thoughts and beliefs as instructions for what you want today. So you have to give your subconscious the right instructions and the right beliefs. You have to give your subconscious the right instructions. Once you do that your subconscious will bring you what you want. You'll make more money, you'll have better relationships, you'll get that job you want, you'll have more time and you'll be able to enjoy life on your terms.

The Present is the real gift in life - enjoy the present, enjoy each moment, they'll never come again. Each moment only happens once.

Wishing you tremendous success...

Karim Hajee

alt text


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@jaz I like Karims messages. I have been getting his emails for years ( still have not bought anything) but the message is always very good, , when you see through the sales pitch. Don't get me wrong it looks like a good product. And well thought out.

(09 Jun '14, 18:17) ursixx

@ursixx me too I haven't bought anything except his messages :)))

(10 Jun '14, 01:21) jaz

@jaz- thank u so much. i l try to follow this. but, u know something, when something goes wrong, nothing simply works, i feel stuck completely.

(10 Jun '14, 07:03) supergirl
(10 Jun '14, 13:59) jaz
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Supergirl, first of all remember that you're a supergirl :)

And next - what I love about the solution I can offer to you, is you don't need to leave your home, no need to go anywhere or trying to convince someone to treat you differently.

The power is inside you, and when you use it now, you will be enormously appreciative both to yourself, and to this experience, and to your life, and even to your father, as you will feel, how cooperative he was in creating exactly the experience that brought you high.

How you change your feeling - by finding little reliefs. Soothing yourself one little step at a time. The smaller the step, the better, because it will be easier to do it and to hold it stable.

There is some explanation, some background I added here: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/12873/how-do-i-find-out-what-my-vibrational-energy-level-is, on how to change your state - as when you change your vibration, you change your state.

It is quite explainable, that it's not very easy to seemingly effectively meditate in this state, but you still can have an effect from it - just imagine that you're playing ping-pong: your state will bring you thoughts to ponder, and you reply with concentrating on your breath. Your victory will be in every single breath you will focus on. In 5 minutes of meditation you managed only to do it once? That's a victory, too! Do not blame yourself for not being able to concentrate, just every time you recognize it's again running thoughts, you reply with a new victory, switching your thoughts to your breath.

You may want to use LifeFlow to help you become more peaceful, especially during meditations or going to sleep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmBCX0OwxVY

Little reliefs that you may think of, are soothing thoughts that you would offer a friend if she was in such a situation.

You may want to recognize it as your first priority - soothing yourself, finding every possible explanation that would bring you the feeling of power and a relief. Just relief. Celebrate every relief, in it your power is revealed, released, freed to create your joy.

Next, your Mother IS with you. You DO have her around, and the more peaceful you become, the more you will be able to realize this. She is in Non-Physical now, but that only gives her more possibility to be with you ALWAYS.

Your Dad is just out of alignment with his own Source, too, and when he is like this, he is not really talking angrily with you - it's his pain, misalignment is talking. When you explain it like this to yourself, you may FEEL BETTER. See - I'm not saying it to justify him or make things right - I'm offering you thoughts you may choose to choose, if you feel they bring you a relief.

Make it your quest, to find as many reliefs as possible - explaining everything nfrom such a point of view, that it feels better, and you will use this situation as a pressure cooker where you find your true Love and Power.

I'll add here a bonus chapter from one of my books - it's a book about financially finding a better feeling, but I think you may find there some soothing thoughts, too. ♥

Bonus Chapter #1 - How To Deal With The Old Stuff - When It's Dark, What Are You Doing?

"...when walls close in, skies turn gray, and dreams seem like they're awfully far away, you're probably just forgetting that the same "hands" that created the sun, the moon and the stars, are still holding yours, anxious to help.
I simply adore you -
     The Universe." - Mike Dooley

I love you, my reader. I want you to have a fascinating sailing towards achieving whatever your soul desires. And if you ever feel doubts, sadness or fears, I'd like to wrap you in a blanket of love and understanding, telling you you CAN get there! You CAN be all you want to be, I believe in you!

When you feel any doubts, please just hold on. It will pass and you will return to the moments of joy and happiness, and all your goals will be waiting for you right there.

The following points have helped me to get through tough times, I hope they will do the same for you should you ever need them.

Some of them are different ways to see what's happening, see what speaks more to your heart in each situation:

1. Nothing is really bad, we just don't know the perspective:

"There are only miracles, - and to one degree or another they all soothe, pamper and enrich. However, to avoid blowing too many minds at once, some are disguised as unpleasant surprises, botched circumstances, and twisted acquaintances that can rarely been seen for what or who they truly are until the pendulum has fully swung.

So if something still hurts, baffles or confuses, it only means a miracle has occurred, the pendulum is mid-swing, and that soon you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.
     The Universe." - Mike Dooley

2. Remember just how powerful you are:

"Every thought you think sends waves into motion.
Every word you speak reaches millions of ears.
And every act you perform literally rearranges the stars.
Now, dear... what was it you wanted me to do for you?
    The Universe" - Mike Dooley

3. The opinion of others is just that, an opinion of other people. Don't let them dishearten you. (And maybe think: is there a part of you that says the same? Then probably healing that part of you would heal the situation...)

4. Notice how you feel and try to recall if you had such feelings before. That may prove to you your manifesting power; you could feel that things are after all under your control.

5. Ignore it, sometimes it's the easiest way to get through.

6. Use your pain as your ally: try to understand where it's coming from. Maybe these are just wrong beliefs you can intellectually fix at the current point. Maybe it was brought onto you at this point in your life because now you can release it.

7. There's nothing to be guarded against (so nothing to fear):

"Resistance is about believing that you are vulnerable or susceptible to something not wanted and holding a stance of protection, which only holds you in a place of not letting in the Well-being that would be there otherwise. There is nothing big enough to protect you from unwanted things -- and there are no unwanted things big enough to get into your experience." - Abraham-Hicks

8. See what little thing you can do right now to make your heart sing, even for a moment!

9. If the circumstances make you think you were insane starting it at all :), remember:

"Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible." - Maurits Cornelis Escher

10. Sometimes it's just reordering you into another level:

"The human brain is the ultimate open system, constantly exchanging energy with its environment. Up to a point, the system can handle all kinds of fluctuations. But if the input becomes too much, the system is pushed past its limits and the system reorganises itself at a higher order. A runner, for instance, gives more physical input to his body than it can handle, and it responds by reorganizing itself at a higher level that can handle this increased input -- which we call "getting in shape"." - Bill Harris

11. Hold on to the better stuff coming:

"How we create is like gigantic wheel that's turning; and all the things we thought and felt three weeks ago are slowly coming into place. ...So when you start changing your thinking pattern, all the stuff you have on this wheel is still coming your way. But you are sticking new wonderful experiences on this wheel and the wheel is slowly turning around. ...We make the biggest change in our lives, when we have the worst stuff coming off that wheel... 

Then we start practicing things, but all this **** that that we were thinking, ...is still coming at us from this wheel. So we play around with it for a week, couple of things go better, we feel a little better, but at the same time we are practicing something new, that takes an enormous amount of energy, concentration and focus! Now at the same time we have all this other garbage coming at us, which also takes a lot of energy. So you can see the situation, how difficult it is to really continue on and get out of it. Most people kind of go along and then they get tired and they let go. 

Now by that time better stuff is already coming off that wheel again. But by that time most of us have quit because we were just too busy struggling with all the stuff that was coming.

It actually doesn't quit, it just keeps going. It just becomes easier once you understand it. Because, you see, there is no limit to how happy we can be!" - Klaus Joehle

12. Focus on miracles: think which miracle would save the situation. Which miracle would make the situation worth it? Can you allow it to come?

Klaus Joehle says, things may happen, but if you don't want to, you don't have to feel the bad feelings. "It's already there - so why bother?" Just try to focus on the imagined good feelings instead. [Klaus's method of sending love is of a great help here.]

Just remember that you're loved; open your heart...

"As you let go of the **** around you, it will let go of you, but you have to let go first." - Klaus Joehle

Now, two more tools you can use, on the website or on paper or even in your mind (but it's better to do it writing, you concentrate better this way):



I use them to help raise myself up from some deep challenging low state. I'm starting then from the Pride Journal, and I list there things like, "I prepared a sandwich for my daughter", or, "I brushed my teeth" - things as little as these are, but it somehow brings me up. And in Appreciating the Day, I can sometimes just list my refrigerator that works well, and as the feeling - that I feel it like caring for me. Things as simple, but they give me strength to do something further. 3-3-3 is also good and raising, and the focus delight (general) is good for nearly any subject.

And remember you are a supergirl :)


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Olga Farber

in meditation it is similar to a ping pong game. in and out, your self and other the ball that is moving between, affecting each player on both side once all the interacting play is done in truth and understood the ball stay right in the middle on the net. no more ball to get disturbed with since you all ready know all the possible outcome of the interaction. so the water remain unbroken you can see the reflection of the living one and get to know your self. you move from in and out to in and in

(19 Jun '14, 19:48) white tiger

you learn in truth all the division existing between in and in on matter of soul( the heart and mind) until both become a single one with out fear you can cross the last narrow door and become like the wind. The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit." do not be surprise that it takes more then 40 days to achieve.

(19 Jun '14, 19:54) white tiger

@supergirl, please reach out to @ursixx. He knows what he's talking about, and he can and will help. I trust him completely.

Tap on the thoughts that hurt and make you think of hurting yourself - give yourself this relief, and more clarity will come.

I'm holding up strong, loving, sweet, clear, and peace-filled vibes for you to hold onto. You are a beautiful, strong woman, and I know you have the wisdom to find answers. You will find a path that leads you above and beyond this. There is a way, and you will find it.

I just re-read an old question of mine, and all of the amazing answers here. If you read through it all, I think you will find something valuable there, too.

Love you sweet (((((((((supergirl)))))))))))).

Love, Grace


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@Grace thanks hun ♡

(09 Jun '14, 04:04) ursixx

thank u @grace.., me too finds ursixx very helpful.

(10 Jun '14, 07:04) supergirl

@grace- ok..i will definately tap on those thoughts. recently i leart reiki- level 1. i took attunement. and these days i am practising level 1 -reiki. reiki will also help me na , for releasing blockages?

(10 Jun '14, 10:33) supergirl

@supergirl - I'm sorry, I don't know anything about reiki. I suggested that you tap on specific, painful thoughts, to give yourself a feeling of relief. That gives you room to relax a little, and not feel so overwhelmed by the pain of loss and mistreatment you are experiencing. When you get some relief from those paralyzing feelings, it provides space for better thoughts and manifestations to come through. It also simply provides relief , which I feel you are in sore need of, sweetheart.

(10 Jun '14, 12:28) Grace
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Hi supergirl . Sorry to hear the your father is still being abusive towards you. That your talk with him did not work. You need to educate yourself on abuse, on being a victim of abuse. Now with that said I would not accept his behavior. That behavior is not a loving father. And if he is not a loving father what is he ? Just a person abusing you. If it was a friend that was being this way towards you would you still be friends with that person? NO!
Verbal,psychological abuse has a way of wearing a person down and buckling under and can spend a lifetime being abused. Do you want that? NO! See an abuse counselor ,contact a local woman's rights organization. Get a lawyer. You probably do need to leave the house. I know it can be hard for women in India,but get some support .
What scares me supergirl that you could be writing this same question in a few years again . But this time it your husband and it is just not words. It is violence towards you and your children. I know you ,you a smart and strong person do not ever forget that!
Do not accept abuse from anyone! Get help!
You know where to find me.



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@ursixx - I'm so glad you are here.

(08 Jun '14, 17:39) Grace

yes ursixx, ur right but, his image outside is v good. in outside world nobody believes me.

(10 Jun '14, 07:06) supergirl

I will admit that my understanding of India's Culture is limited. I'm a little confused by what you said about not being able to leave home, because your dad would be alone, it can be dangerous out there, or other cultural limitations that might exist. I do not think that your thoughts or any failed attempts at suicide have anything to do with actually wanting to die. Those events seem more to be a way of telling yourself you are not, and do not need to be concerned with leaving dad alone, worrying about the dangers you might face or culture in general, since suicide would negate all of these. Dad would be left alone, there is nothing more dangerous than killing yourself, and you would not have to adhere to any cultural ideas of any kind. If you can kill yourself then you can certainly leave home. One paradox in having free will is the freedom to deny yourself that free will. This is something to consider later though. For now, however, I would like to suggest some reading to assist you getting past the current circumstances regarding your mothers passing and the grief that is causing so much of your pain. In addition, regardless of what culture we live in, most men (such as your father) generally will hide the pain and grief they may be experiencing. It will find release in other ways however and that release could appear as the rude behavior directed towards you. Understand it for what it is and let it go. He likely just needs to be hugged and in some cultures that may not be allowed. In any case, he is more likely to heal if covered by a blanket of your forgiveness.

The link below is to download of a PDF (requires adobe reader) version of Michael Newton's "Journey of Souls". If you are not able to download it here, it can be purchased at Amazon.com along with his follow-up titled "Destiny of Souls", which gives more details. I sincerely feel you would benefit from reading this, as have others. Both are compilations of selected case studies (from over 3000) of his clients who, through hypnosis, were regressed to their previous life and then moved forward through the death experience into the spirit world where they were then able to remember what had occurred in between lives. I realize that a degree of skepticism may cause you to doubt this as even possible, however, I strongly suggest setting that aside and read either one or both of these before rejecting them altogether. I believe they will answer many of your questions and help you to get beyond your grief.



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thank u for the wonderful answer. i have went through past regression 3-4 months back after reading "dr. brain weiss" many books on this topic. i came to know in that i, my mom n my dad we are here together for third time. but, what next. nothing happened after that. no healing was brought up. i didn't found any change in my father. still.. , i l read these books that u have recommended. thank u again. God bless you ..

(10 Jun '14, 07:14) supergirl

Console your father with your touch. A pure touch can really help the person to calm down and relax.

The reason for your father abusive nature, is because he internally feels that he cannot access you the way he want. And he fulfill that desire by abusing you. (There could be many reason for such behavior, I have mentioned only one)

Feel that your sex bone and your father sex bone is connected and you both have no doubts about loving each other.

Look at your father like you really want him to see healthier. He should understand you that you really like him. Then no power on this planet stops him focusing on his regular works.

If possible please feel connection of your heart with my heart.

Supergirl.. be cheerful :)


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If you are with m_, would have loved you so much, at-least you get the energies to bare your father.

(08 Jun '14, 14:34) PERFECT GOOD

@ perfect good- yaah..thank u ,he never lets me touch him. i never ever hugged my father.

(10 Jun '14, 07:08) supergirl

He is trapped under unfulfilled thoughts.,

If you able to get in touch with silence before sleeping everyday for 15 minutes: All the traps (your's and your father's) gets release by itself. Try it.

Good Luck :)

(10 Jun '14, 14:21) PERFECT GOOD
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is it rock bottom or a
fork in the road, demanding
a choice, perhaps also a
loss of innocence seeing

that all seems different from
what is desirable.
your dad may be there also,
yet knows not what words to speak


answered 15 Jun '14, 09:45

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a fork in the road would be that you have another choice on the matter, rock bottom is that you did not have a choice in the matter. when you hit rock bottom it is the lowest point you have reach at the moment if you have good foundation you will take a choice to built up your house so that when the storm comes your house will not be destroy. if you do not have a good foundation built on the rock when the storm come your house is destroy and your foundation is sinking in quick sand. what is -

(15 Jun '14, 14:15) white tiger

desirable with out going in to excess this is the later the former is what is needed for the living one in that house? when the living one knows the truth and understand he can make better choice for him self and other and is not stuck with choice of other that leaves him with out choice when The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house. from what I see is dad is trying to conform himself and her to the world to fit in.-

(15 Jun '14, 14:26) white tiger

Does it make you happy to conform with the world? Why does the world try to imposes stuff on you and make you carry heavy weight on your shoulder? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3ZArH1K8gE

(15 Jun '14, 14:27) white tiger

wt, it is ourselves that take on the weight begrudgingly instead of seeing the developmental possibilities and the 'fork in the road' is the need for a decision that sometimes is believed to be a no win situation

(15 Jun '14, 14:48) fred

@fred then you are telling me that you are all blind and do not see where you are going. and the fork in the road is the need for a decision that is believed a no win situation. that you take the path to the left or to the right it does not lead you to the right destination. then make straight your path that is the third option. think about it this way there might be obstacle on your path that will need you to make a left and a right turn or a right and a left turn to bring -

(15 Jun '14, 15:02) white tiger

you to the right destination. and if there is no obstacle or minor ones that can easily be dealt with and solved make a straight path that will bring you to the right destination. if you can easily climb a hill to get to the right destination why would you take a left path that would make you go around all kind of obstacle course to take a right path that would again make you go around all kind of obstacle and take more distance and time to bring you to the right destination.

(15 Jun '14, 15:07) white tiger

but I tell you do not go in extremes and always take the left or always take the right because you will run in circle and never reach destination.

(15 Jun '14, 15:11) white tiger

wt, perhaps appearances are sometimes deceiving, that would not make one blind but a novice to that predicament where no decision is intolerable as well as all possible thought of resolutions. was it not someone other than you that posted the original question?

(15 Jun '14, 17:30) fred

the person that wrote the question is free of her choice and is the best beholder of the situation at hand no one is in her shoe to make those decision at her place. we can only tell her the truth according to what she said about her situation if she does not give the full story or the right story she will only get the info for what she told us. did I tell her do this or do that or did I put more light in the darkness of the situation that she is facing so that she make proper choice for her -

(16 Jun '14, 19:17) white tiger

self. if one is at the rock bottom sometime it is very dark for them and they see no option or choice the fork road that you said a fork is two choice yet one need to make is own path make your path straight going in one extreme on one side or the other will not make you happy and bring you to the right destination. the shortest path between two point is a straight line. and if there is obstacle you will need to make a turn one side or the other then another opposite turn to reach your-

(16 Jun '14, 19:22) white tiger

destination. you said: wt, it is ourselves that take on the weight begrudgingly instead of seeing the developmental possibilities and the 'fork in the road' is the need for a decision that sometimes is believed to be a no win situation. if you do not win to the right or the left in your fork because it does not take you to the right destination. then you need to find another way to get there. a path that is not taken or done by any other. then you need your lamp your map and your compass and-

(16 Jun '14, 19:28) white tiger

wt, youre getting there, our internal compass is fore ward and backward, your obstacle is my fork, if you stay put you go backwards with regards to time, yes an unsure choice is pushing to come out. it happens to all of mankind until the shackles are loosed

(16 Jun '14, 19:36) fred

find the straight path that will take you there. in this world you will often be deceived to the left and the right. at lest if other cannot deceive you or you can see the deceit and realign your self on the truth and the true destination that you seek you might get to where you are going. it takes a while to overcome this world a fee find it in 40 days and for some it takes more time. many ask where can I find peace in this world, in the desert and it does not have to be a physical place with-

(16 Jun '14, 19:46) white tiger

sand it can be any place where you are not disturb or deceive or bother where you can rest and clean the inside of the cup in truth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fx_B2a6fwdo

(16 Jun '14, 19:49) white tiger

for any one that start it is difficult and you might not like what you find in there there might be muddy water deceit of your self and other or someone very dark offering you all your desire trying to tempt you if you bow down to him he might even try to deceive you making you think that you are him,-

(16 Jun '14, 20:07) white tiger

the truth will set you free if you keep on the cleaning process just understand and learn the truth you do not need to force the process just wait keep aware and let the unsolved though or feeling come to the surface of the water and observe it in every possible way. it is like measuring all the temple and everything that is with in it and every thing that are outside of it and how it works.-

(16 Jun '14, 20:13) white tiger

even if you will try to not see thing or ignore it, it will come back to the surface better see it now and know the truth so it is solved then let it stagnate in your water, and blind your self to not see it or maybe you like to deceive your self. eventually you will clean the inside of that cup and calm the storm to have water unbroken. then learn from the living one in the temple know your self.

(16 Jun '14, 20:18) white tiger

wt, the temple of the self does not seem to be understood in this age

(18 Jun '14, 21:55) fred

@fred many are in darkness rebellious and have a heart of stone it is all said in the bible since a fee thousand year. also 2000 year ago it was said do not judge and you will not be judge. love the neighbor as your self. clean the inside of the cup. they made religion on it. and they expect a savior to come save their flesh. did he not say you judge after the flesh, I judge no man yet if I judge my judgment is true. also: the flesh is flesh and the spirit is spirit.

(19 Jun '14, 20:11) white tiger


knowing all this are you surprise?

(19 Jun '14, 20:12) white tiger

@fred you said to me:wt, youre getting there, our internal compass is fore ward and backward, your obstacle is my fork, if you stay put you go backwards with regards to time, yes an unsure choice is pushing to come out. it happens to all of mankind until the shackles are loosed. not at all your fork is your choice and belong to you and you are responsible of it. as for me I make my path strait I go on the hill and watch people taking one path or the other. often they do not know that they have-

(20 Jun '14, 20:41) white tiger

more option or choice. the only obstacle belong to this world where we are passing-by often cause by some people that clean the outside of the cup and not the inside, that are deaf and blind that judge other and do not see that they will be judge the same. do not let your heart be trouble it is only for a little while. let the children both grow until the harvest. so you do not uproot the wheat with the tares.

(20 Jun '14, 20:51) white tiger

Also I am not the one that asked this question @fred. it is @supergirl that asked this question and we are not the same person in this world or the same user. on this you where wrong:was it not someone other than you that posted the original question? and you know that I tell you the truth.

(20 Jun '14, 20:55) white tiger
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When my life hit bottom, it was the best day of my life - IN RETROSPECT. I was trapped in a violent marriage. I couldn't figure out how to get out safely. He kept finding me. Then the day came when I thought he was going to kill me then and there. He said he was going to and had never said anything like that before. He said "Prepare to die", so I did.

I let all of my fear go. I had been living in non-stop fear for years. It felt so good. When you find that place of incredible peace and beauty, no one can harm you, and he couldn't either. He recognized that I suddenly had some strange power over him - or that someone invisible was protecting me. It scared HIM. It scared him so much that the next day he let me leave, promising that he would not come and get me. Though that was 20+ years ago, and though he till stalks me from time to time, he doesn't dare approach me.

My life turned around. Not because I was able to leave. But because I was able to understand the power of peace. I depended on that power to help me figure out what I wanted my new life to look like. It was a very scary time. I got through it. What a wonderful life I have now. Had it not been for that one moment, that one amazing new experience, I would be dead or permanently disabled.

Lift yourself up one step and a time and learn to love yourself. Do good things for yourself. Compliment yourself often. Give yourself treats. Break bad habits - such as saying things like "how could i be so stupid" or "i hate him". Just break those habits. They are manifesting what you don't want. Replace unloving thoughts with loving thoughts whether or not he deserves them. YOU deserve them. Anger, etc does damage to the chromosomes. It does damage to the brain. You can be angry, but I don't feel your anger. YOU feel your anger thought. It's painful. Stop doing that to yourself and you will see the way out of your situation.


answered 21 Sep '14, 16:09

Gail's gravatar image


Hi @ supergirl

Suicide solve nothing. if you kill the body you only stop the experience in this world and your chance to experience it and grow and enjoy. I already told you that this world is in duality and iniquity and that people go in extreme and fall in the extreme opposite, they are like walking drunk 3 step left, 2 step right, 1 step left, 3 step right etc.... and if a cop ask them are you walking straight? they will say yes i am walking straight i am not drunk. they lie to them self and other. and they blame other for their own action. can you expect a straight path in this world? find the truth and make your path straight. even if people judge on the outside and blame you it is their problem not yours on less you do the same. some other see sin as outside things the problem is much deeper then this. they judge after the flesh. judge not and you shall not be judge. respect ways of other but respect first your own, if you cannot respect your way you cannot respect the way of other.

the same is true for loving the neighbor as your self.

peace lies in the man who walk the path.


on water unbroken you will find your own reflection and find the living one.(born of water)

when facing the rock bottom the dark night of the soul.

use that negative energy to find the truth. if you would be at night and in the darkness would you not put your light on to know where you are going to not hit your self on object or animal? Do not get lost and brake the surface of the water.

if there is to much negativity, imbalance, people around you being bad to them self and other deceiving them self and other, go in the desert (a place where there is nothing to deceive you or bother you.) and find the truth make your decision according to truth. you are the one making the choice for your self and sometime for other around you when they are not able to make them by them self.

see it as a test to test your foundation.

Build your house on the rock so that when the storm comes your house will not be destroy.

Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash."

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

some are confuse and do not understand but how come He also says: "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword."

the sword is truth. with out truth you are afraid and confuse you do not know and understand and have no peace.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 08 Jun '14, 12:01

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger

edited 08 Jun '14, 14:48


thank you for the wonderful answer.

(10 Jun '14, 07:17) supergirl

Supergirl, I know it seems hard when you get hit with words by a loved one, the best you can do is know that they are the one with the problem, and when you feel powerless, it is draining. But, I would like you to know that it is your job to boost yourself every day until those words don't mean anything. I have had two parents who both abused me verbally and physically as a matter of fact, I was being attacked physically by my sister and, as I went through life, I have been attacked by many until I learned to find self worth and cool friends who supported me emotionally mostly. Now know your mother will always be there; if you watch nature and events listen for her voice and guidance. Listen to her whisper, that she loves you; when your tyrant father is saying bad things and ignore him and play the act until you have secured your own work and place to live- Be independent, proud, and know, no one is any better or more worthy than you- To find self worthiness- Know this; your Mother, both and your Inner-Self, who is all knowing, love you greatly even though you don't sometimes feel that way. You can connect through appreciating everything you can see or imagine, something that makes you laugh or smile- Your father is not a good reference to base your self worth on and, you could meditate for ten minutes in morning ten minutes at night and through out your day> DREAM BIG- Go to school and find allies to help you with going to college or even find an ashram which you can interact and live. Find a female roll -model and or friend to learn what it takes to survive, but don't get stuck in survival(!) in your head learn to see those who THRIVE and imagine yourself with friends or even grandparents; or other family besides your Dad. When you leave, he will regret ever talking bad to you, but if he does not don't take it personal because family in many cases are overrated;) and just finding one or a few good friends in many cases, is really what supports us through difficult times. Think of your Mother's great-empowering love all around and within your self. Good luck, this is your job from now on because you are now also a very brave adult, and I don't write to any stranger unless I felt I could give my own unconditional love-so thank you for that opportunity you actually are helping me as well by sharing your blessed and beautiful life- Cherish it because we really are all here for a little while until we decide to be reborn into the next great fantastic beautiful, meaningful, poignant, super-duper and most excellent ride that is called LIFE. Warm HUG!!! You will be well because I know that you have the power to choose!!


answered 17 Jun '14, 12:13

Abraham93's gravatar image


I know it will sound heartless and insensitive but there is no easier way of saying it. You do know that everything that happens in your life is what YOU yourself have attracted?


answered 15 Sep '14, 08:06

cod2's gravatar image


That's not true.

(17 Sep '14, 09:49) Pankaj Pal

Who caused it then?

(17 Sep '14, 13:14) cod2

One of a million people those live in a person.

(28 Sep '14, 06:35) Pankaj Pal
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Don't try to meditate, you won't be able to, with that much thoughts of past and future raising hell in your mind. You'll only get more tired than you already feel. For some days try to stay in present. No matter where your mind takes you, as soon as you remember that you're not here and now, just come back. Remember, don't 'try' to stay here and now just come back every time your thoughts take you to something that hasn't happened yet or happened in past. Try feeling what you're feeling without suppressing it. Fell pain, don't take it to your future. Feel embarrassment on your father's comments, don't take those snide comments in to future events by thinking. When you keep coming back to now like this you'll feel a profound peace, future and past will vanish for those moments. There will be just you and what's happening. When you relinquish the need to control your life, life will happen. Remember it's your fear that is propelling you towards the future. You're trying to clean your path of obstacles by putting them there yourself, by thinking about them. I've been there and I still do that sometimes.But as soon as I remember I come back.

As long as YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING to fix what may go wrong in the future, you're creating a bad future so you can make it right. I mean why create problems so you can fix them? :)

For some days practice mindfulness. Stay in present as you can remember. Just try not to do this for you'll get peace. If you'll think that you'll achieve peace by doing it, then you'll make this moment without peace.

Remember you don't have to do anything. Just stay present because you're here right now not in past and future. Stop creating repeatedly what mind has learned so far. Release control, let god show you something different or you'll be creating same joy and same sadness your whole life.

Also if you're worried that you won't be able to use LOA if you do this, let me tell you one thing you'll need to accumulate energy to practice it. You get energy by staying in present moment or by meditation.

Just watch what feeling comes and goes, what is happening around, without the need to do something about it. The practice of mindfulness will teach you itself, as soon as you start practicing it.

But as I said earlier Come Back here and now. You don't need to practice anything or do anything or attain anything. Just be present.



answered 17 Sep '14, 09:45

Pankaj%20Pal's gravatar image

Pankaj Pal

I know many like you, yet found a way out from the guidance they received from an organization whose leadership is made of women. Visit: http://www.brahmakumaris.org/


answered 20 Jun '14, 02:24

T%20D%20Joseph's gravatar image

T D Joseph

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