I get the impression that many people here on this site and also in the abraham seminar videos seem to love to teach and help others. Do you love to teach and help? If so, why?

What is your benefit in teaching or helping?

Personally i realized 2 years ago that i love to help and teach. But i can't figure out the exact reason why i love it. I assume it's because i like seeing progress in others and developing my own skills. It's like with a painter who wants to test his painting skills and then see the end result of his creative process, the finished painting.

alt text

So in this case the student becomes the unfinished painting. And to be able to make a better painting the teacher has to develop his painting (teaching) skills which is fun for him. He also loves painting (teaching) as an activity in itself (despite the end result).

Do you agree with this analogy? Or could there be a approval seeking behaviour in the teaching process that i am trying to rationalize here?

Also, do you believe that there are people born to teach with a predetermined mission?

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Like everything else we do, wanting to teach and help others is selfishly motivated, even though some people might argue otherwise.

I like to help others on the site for instance because a lot of the time, the answers I write provide insights to myself. So, in a way I am answering it for myself and also deepening my own understanding of the subject at hand.

A lot of us also like to be teachers because we are all connected to source energy and are all exchanging information on a non-physical level all the time about our life experiences and what works and not. So, for some of us who really think we have found the secret to a great life, if you like, we want to exchange this information on the physical level as well although we are already doing on a non-physical level and it is already reaching others.


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Pink Diamond


@Pink Diamond - "we are already doing on a non-physical level and it is already reaching others" - Well said. As soon as someone "figures out" something that new insight is immediately (vibrationally) available to all everywhere (Earth-based or not) whether they physically tell others about it or not. Of course, it's always up to the other person whether they are a vibrational match to that information or not, and that is not something the teacher can control

(07 Dec '12, 07:18) Stingray

@Pink Diamond Interesting point of view. Thank you for the insights.

(07 Dec '12, 07:31) releaser99

@Stingray Pondered your comment for a second and felt an immensely strong connection to... everything. :) Really love the way you explained that. And good answer @Pink Diamond I feel the same way, sometimes a question allows me to find an answer to my own idea, and not so much for the questioner- but it makes me happy to know others can find value in it if they choose.

(07 Dec '12, 23:17) LapisLazuli
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I am a teacher person. When I went to college, community college, if the other students, in most classes, didn't understand what was taught in class, they usually came to me. I retaught most classes I took. For me, it was like studying. If I understood it enough to explain it to others, then I understood it pretty well. Also, I felt quite accomplished being able to explain something so that others could understand it. Sometimes I had to explain it a few differnt ways for people to understand. I later learned that many people give up if they are not understood the first time. Not me, I go at it from every angle. That gives me a sense of accomplishment. I really worked at that.

I am an education assistant at a middle school. I assist in a study skills class that is a special ed class, where I get to help a group of kids with their math homework. I had the opportunity to speak to a parent of one of the kids that I help with math, this morning. He said that the math teacher asked the parents if they were doing the homework, as the student had made such progress, but when they did well on the test, the teacher knew that he was getting it. I was so happy, it made me tear up. It feels good when the people I teach show growth.


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Fairy Princess


great to hear you have fun teaching :)

(07 Dec '12, 07:31) releaser99

As you correctly asked, what is your benefit. You don't do anything unless you benefit from it.

I love teaching and helping...myself. It's an adventurous journey of understanding. The only reason I answer and comment is because at the time of answering I can observe both the question and its implications and my own perception as I'm writing an answer.

It's like having someone to bounce your ideas off, but here you're bouncing them of off yourself. That is my first benefit.

I honestly don't care what others take from it, half of the time they have no clue what I'm talking about or not connecting the dots, as they are filtering the information I post through their own filters, which has became apparent through many answers to my posts. But sometimes there is a person that seems to be able to relate. Now that is second benefit of me posting here. Finding someone who's on the same page and the same or deeper depth of understanding things is like finding a gold mine.

See, even right now as I'm writing this I have unlocked yet another realization. The thing is, I can talk openly here without ever considering it might hurt anyone. The manner in which write cuts to the core, regardless of hurting or pleasing people. And because my honesty is consequence of the desire to understand, it is neither good nor bad, therefore, if someone comes and accuses me of being too harsh it wont make me feel anything. Thus the post itself, nor any reply to it can create negative emotions within me. But that's just a part of the realization, the other part is Karma related. Since you only transfer your own karma to another life, having stripped my actions of judgement, nothing can decide whether what I do is wrong or right, bad or good. If I don't judge, then I don't create emotions. And what's the vibration like if it's neither good nor bad, neither good nor bad will transfer to another life.

And I also realize I have said it in many ways many times before, because I know this is what Buddha is saying, but thanks to this post I can see it in a way that can relate to it even more than I did before, where I felt it was somewhat right, but couldn't prove it through my own experience.

As i said, an amazing adventure.


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"It's an adventurous journey of understanding" Ok i think then the benefit here is learning more for yourself --> The need for wanting to understand how things work in this world.

"Finding someone who's on the same page" So the benefit would be the connection you feel for another person i assume --> The humanly need to be understood and loved.

(07 Dec '12, 07:40) releaser99

Yes, as Pink Diamond said, it's selfishly motivated.

But as for being understood and loved..yesterday I would say, yes. But today, I'm on a verge of saying, no. It appears to me, the need for understanding and love has been suggested and the sweet taste of it justified the consequent acceptance of this suggestion.

Somewhat like when you say people need to eat mcdonalds to be healthy, and because it tastes good you justify your agreement with the statement....

(07 Dec '12, 08:06) CalonLan

...you may argue saying that understanding and love is positive, do no harm. But really, does it not? It feels good to be understood and loved, yes, but it creates drug-like effect and suddenly addiction, or attachment, or clinging to it is created. And when people don't get their dose feelings of sadness, anger, hatred overtake. In this light, people are down right addicts. Just look how everyone desperately wants to be happy. Yeeesss, good vibration, feels goood... Same thing you hear from...

(07 Dec '12, 08:10) CalonLan

...cocaine addicts. Everyone knows benefits and can justify seemingly well why it's so good to take his drug. And just as with drugs so with all the pursuit of happiness, you need to step back to see what it's all about.

there is no need to be understood and loved, there's only addiction to be understood and loved.

(07 Dec '12, 08:16) CalonLan

@calonlan if something good is causing harm is it really good? where does the harm come from? is it from you or someone else? is it that someone is not able to understand? and is judging?Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear some will be first and be last and some will be last and be first.

(08 Dec '12, 11:23) white tiger
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We learn and grow so we can better ourselves, inturn bettering the world. When someone teaches, they are passing on what they've learned. The teacher also learns while they teach. We are all always learning and teaching, and it feels good when a flash of enlightement comes to you or when you see it in someone else. Think about some of our greatest teachers, Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha...What do you think their motivation was? The stronger the messege and the more you help, the more people are going to know about you. With that comes a big responsibility and I think one of the greatest lessons these teachers gave us was how to keep our egos in check. I teach what I've learned because it has helped me, and it helps those who are drawn to me. I also feel like I honor all those who have taught me and it is my way of showing my appreciation. Thank You


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so you are on a big mission so to speak :). thanks

(08 Dec '12, 09:14) releaser99

I believe some people are naturally more altruistic than others; when I was younger I was bullied in primary school, and as a result of that experience, there is something inside of me that is always going to try and make everybody lonely I meet not feel so excluded, so deprived, so worthless, as this was the way I felt back then.

To answer your question, I have stepped up my 'giving' for more selfish reasons, ironically, after discovering the benefits of helping others and being of service. Read Manifest a Miracle by Giving it to Someone Else?

If you want to recieve more in your life...More goodness, more richness, more miracles, more 'good luck,' all you need to do is give. By teaching and helping others, the universe is setting up a special energy that makes it harder for me to not get what I want.

There is also a talked about Law of Tenfold, which may spark up some ideas; you give the world an hour of your time, the universe will give you 10 back. At the very least, I read a study (sorry cannot give a link for this study) in Northern Europe reveal people who commit to volunteer work live longer lives.

And to support this theory, a $112 million lottery winner reveals in this interview that she gave so much to so many people, before she even won the lottery (make note of her vision board) and credits her lottery win as the huge "gift" from the universe for her efforts to the world. > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YUC6I0iKiU

What I recieve back comes in all forms: money, friends, sometimes just a continued period of high energy....Sometimes it can be knowledge, like stumbling upon a quote that changes your life, or hearing a song that just melts you away.


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OK i'm now going to answer 10 questions here today and then play the lottery :D. Thanks for the link. I agree that you will always get much more if you are willing to give just a little bit.

(08 Dec '12, 09:17) releaser99

Yes, the Bible says to store up your treasures in heaven where they don't rust and moths can't eat it. I think heaven is a vibration.

(08 Dec '12, 11:11) Fairy Princess
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