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Happy new year to all perhaps if we all start this new year with a goal or something we want manifest maybe we can all help each other to complete this with support for each other maybe a start to bring about world peace think we would have to get a majority of the world to get involved in this might be setting bar bit high for that maybe just peace to people on this site.I personally going to start with what I wish to achieve in 2016 and here it goes to take more notice of other people that maybe down in some way have always avoided people in a negative vibration but think that maybe that is a weakness I had in 2015 so no mater how draining it maybe to me maybe it will make me stronger I will only help anyone who wants my help don't want to be intruding in anyway perhaps join a group that already exists to become a helper or just a good listener going to make this year about everyone else and not about me!Please let me hear your goals for 2016 and see if we can all achieve together xx

asked 01 Jan '16, 07:41

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bring world peace? the world is what we make of it. the outside reflect the inside. first clean the inside of the cup and the outside will also be clean. but if you clean only the outside of the cup so that it appears to be clean you still drink dirty water. at each sip the outside return to its dirty exterior.

(15 Jan '16, 06:22) white tiger

Mine is a bit more egocentric. My goal is to become more grounded this year. I read a quote few months ago: "Keep your heart above your head, but keep your eyes wide open" I need to make an improvement to the "keep your eyes wide open" part. But that doesnt mean that I have to put aside my heart. I will actually do even more things that I wish to do, but be more "awake", not blinded by love. I will also become more disciplined, focused and in control of things which means more and at the same time less freedom. Meaning more freedom I want, and less freedom I dont want. My belief is that we all have to strengthen our morals, and unleash our hearths even more, because if we had strong morals, there wouldnt be so much injustice and corruption like it is nowdays. And If we unleashed our hearts, we would be more alive, not empty people like robots. We have to choose love over fear.

Im not seeking perfection, just managing some things.


answered 01 Jan '16, 17:30

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first know thy self and after make those change that you think you need to make. it can be a living experience that can last a life time. as for strong moral there is the letter of the law and the heart of the law. you said:"Keep your heart above your head, but keep your eyes wide open"well I say to you one should not be above the other, both should work as one. and yes keep not only awake but aware of what is happening. the heart say to you something the head (mind) say something else. both -

(15 Jan '16, 06:38) white tiger

can be right or both can be wrong or one can be right and the other wrong and vice versa. or simply partly right and partly wrong. to get the right balance is a work of a life time. for one self it can take over 40 days. for one interacting with other that are also often out of balance it takes more time.(do not conform your self by the world)

(15 Jan '16, 06:45) white tiger
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