It seems that we come into this world as an expression of Source to find Joy in contrast.

We begin as babies, connected to Source and taken care of by our parents. Then as we grow, we become acquainted to the idea of struggle and allow it to claim an important part of our lives. Hopefully we begin to understand the futility of struggle and learn to connect and flow. When we understand this, and learn to live by certain principles, we can then, experience true Joy.

Why does it seem the natural inclination of the human race is to struggle?

asked 21 Jul '12, 08:10

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Dollar Bill

This pattern (of crisis) evolved through the choices that were made by our species. The flow of our evolution did not have to include this pattern of crisis. It did not have to include the experiences of pain and trauma, of emotional or physical violence and brutality in order to grow. It was given in Divine order that our species would move and learned in the course of its evolution was left to be determined by the choices that our species made of how to maneuver energy within the Earth school. Doubt was created and chosen as the major teacher through human choice itself. Our species chose this way of learning.

Our species is being given the chance to choose how it will leran, how it will evolve. This is a time for us as a species and as individuals to choose again. It is an opportunity for us as a species and as individuals to choose diferrently, to choose otherwise, to choose this time to learn love through wisdom, to take the vertical path of clarity, of conscious growth and conscious life.

Source: The Seat of the Soul


answered 21 Jul '12, 09:23

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I would say that society has hard-wired us to struggle. Since most of us were young, we were probably taught to work hard to get what we want. Like if you wanted a great toy as a child, your parents would probably say that they would only buy it if you got good grades for your results or something along those lines.

We are hard-wired to struggle because most of us have been customized to believe that you cannot get something out of nothing in this world.. would you believe that you would find a pot of gold outside your house tomorrow? Probably not... but who knows if your belief and faith is strong enough that it might really happen.

But think about complete infants and babies (children under 6 years old) and you would find it completely different. Do these infants or babies really even "struggle" in any kind of way at all?


answered 21 Jul '12, 11:13

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