I think that we came here from the unmanifest to experience the contrasts that only the physical plane can offer.

We are Source manifesting in physical form. It would seem a lovely hybrid. Source/Body can do great things and have a LOT of fun!

We were all wide-eyed children, filled with Source - with Joy. But somehow that Joy got dampened by ?? Parents? Society? Just living here? Many of us were told, as children by parents and later by peers and society, things that are opposite to our present understanding of Source connection.

"You have to work hard to be successful!" Yeah, sure, how many millionaire mules do you know?

"The world is a place of scarcity. Grab it now! There is not enough to go around."

"Don't be too happy, something could -- something will, come along and destroy that happiness."

"Successful people pay a terrible price to be successful."

"In order to be successful, people must take away from the scarce supply. This creates poverty for the masses."

Struggle and Joy are NOT on the same wavelength. Why have so many people bought into struggle? I think that I got the goodies only when I had struggled so hard, that I just gave up trying, and then I usually got what I wanted.

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Dollar Bill

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Fear and conformity.

Can you imagine what would happen if people had no problems? They are afraid not to have problems.

Like I have some debts. But should I stop paying them, I don't worry since I own nothing. So haha yea Should someone take my parents stuff, because they can't take none from me. Ups, sry folks ...well I would let my parents disinherit me. I don't need the family status. They don't need problems I create. I don't cling to my name either,.. so whatevs

(30 Apr '13, 05:26) CalonLan

But, do you see how such approach would be judged and condemn ? And in the grand scheme of the show life is, I like to use the benefits the conformity to the effed up system and society provides. I think I can do away with pretend here and there.

I smile into their face and laugh behind their backs. When you know the truth, lies no longer bothers you.

(30 Apr '13, 05:35) CalonLan
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I gave an excellent answer to this in the what is resistance question. We pay attention to what we don't want at the sacrifice of what we do want.

If I am stuck looking for the problem then I am ignoring looking for the solution.

If I only look at page one of the menu and resist what I see, saying "I don't want that! ", being totally focused on what I don't want, I'll get it! I'll totally miss what I do want because I'll be stuck complaining about what I don't want. I will not even notice there are any other options but to be stuck with what I don't want and accept it as the best I'll get in life.

Edit added more

The big question is why we do this. We could have a million people cheering for us, but ONE person says, "I didn't like it." Oh whoa is me one person didn't like it! We feel why didn't he like it? Never mind there are a thousand that loved it!

I think we do this because everyone wishes that they live in a perfect world. In that world there would be no wrong choice to worry over. Everyone would love us 100% all the time. But when we don't it is so upsetting we become hypnotized by something off or wrong.

Since we get stuck in what we don't want I believe it is because there is no acceptance of other possibilities than what we want. Also that we could choose to just ignore those other less than perfect choices.

I think it is a lack of knowledge that to have things perfect, we don't need only perfect choices to make but to pick what choice fits best.

We could look at it two ways, why doesn't the world fit to our wants? Or How can I best navigate this world to find my wants?

Edit added more 4-30-13

I was reading someplace that as babies we feel we control the world, everything is for us.

As we start growing we find out what the word "No" means. So "Our world revolves around us" perception is shattered.

I believe at this toddler stage is an important stage. We could be told "Why, because I said so!" this does nothing to teach or satisfy curiosity. We could also be told "Why, because I can't afford it, it cost too much!" Now the toddler is interested in learning, what is money? How do you get more and with more could you afford that toy?

That is a very different perspective right there! One perspective is "Life isn't fair! Why can't I have that?Other boys can! Why not me? What is wrong here?"

The other perspective is, "How do I get this? My mom needs more money! What is money and how do you get more?"

Both toddlers learn from this that the world doesn't serve them, both disappointed. However one is curious to learn that there is a way to eventually get what he wants if he can find out how. The other toddler believes he just can't have what he wants no matter how much he screams and to boot gets a spanking for screaming. So trying to get things hurts! And you can't have what you want!

Interesting ideals to grow up on indeed. I can even see some deep held beliefs there. That seems like the answer to the WHY.


answered 29 Apr '13, 14:23

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Wade Casaldi

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"We pay attention to what we don't want at the sacrifice of what we do want." WHY?

(29 Apr '13, 19:27) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill The why is the big question. I was going to say you should have asked WHY but I just found at the very bottom of your question you do.

That will require a little more pondering for that answer to come. But I believe the why will come.

(30 Apr '13, 00:20) Wade Casaldi

To answer this question let's delve into the depths of what the natural physical world is all about.

There are 12 secrets laws of nature that are the keys to all phenomena that we consider as being "magic" ;

  • everything lives within mother nature
  • everything living in nature has an individuality and a name
  • everything is born from a seed similar to it's harvest
  • nothing can be born and develop without purification
  • there are four essential elements
  • things only come at certain periods and follow a cycle
  • light and dark must alternate
  • only mother nature herself realizes projected operations
  • hostile forces always threaten the results
  • groups always defend themselves better against hostile forces
  • hope and love are essential to obtain the concourse of mother nature
  • the results are recognized by numbers, forms and colors

From this list we can get a glimpse of where the idea of lack comes from; it's a lack of trust in nature due to practical experience, weather can be so unpredictable, hazardous for farmers for example; there are powerful natural forces beyond our control,

"things only come at a certain period and follow a cycle" - therefore there are periods when things are lacking, edible plants for example mainly grow in summer time,

"there are four essential elements" - water often lacks because of lack of rainfall thus crops can dry out, good arable land is lacking in many parts of the world, and even good air lacks sometimes, smog, a mixture of fog and smoke, in the english midlands actually caused deaths,

"dark and light must alternate" - lack of sunlight brings darkness, cold and eventually death; cavemen must have been particularly vulnerable in winter, even nowadays people die of exposure in winter here in europe and in other developed countries,

"hostile forces always threaten results" - lack of rain, lack of heat, lack of protection from blazing sunshine, high winds, earthquakes, tsunamis that can destroy crops, people, buildings.

Sure nowadays we have developed transport systems, we are better protected in developed countries but world wealth is unevenly distributed and there are still many areas of the world where the basics of food and drinking water still lack. There is still widespread lack of health, nature is incredibly inventive, as soon as we have eradicated a particular illness, another one, even more insidious, comes to surface.

The number of hungry people in the world was estimated at 925 million in 2010;


evidence of natural hostile forces; tornado damage in the st louis area 25th april 2011

alt text

p.s. Of the 12 levels of existence, density levels if you prefer, the physical realm is often considered as the 3rd density, the individualized spirit is considered to operate in the 5th density, it maintains contact with everyone that you interact with in daily life. The infinite being is beyond the 12th.


answered 29 Apr '13, 10:21

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ru bis

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Anne says that place has a great patio!

(29 Apr '13, 19:20) Dollar Bill

My question is still, "Where did this silliness come from?" There really is no scarcity . . . . umh, sorry, that is there is complete abundance.

How many people really believe this? Deep down? Show of hands please.

(29 Apr '13, 19:26) Dollar Bill

yes Dollar Bill that place does have a great patio, and my answer is completely useless ... i'll just have to conjure up a much deeper answer ... hi ho hi ho it's off to work we go ♫ ♫ ♫

(30 Apr '13, 06:29) ru bis

Mother nature's like a body, and we are like its breath. As she breaths in, we are born, as she breaths out we meet death. And as we are filling her with air she needs to survive, we live and contemplate the very meaning of why we're alive. We are the flow without a say, will be gone tomorrow, but still here today.

(30 Apr '13, 07:56) CalonLan

@ru bis, that is why. Why people focus on tornadoes? Because it threatens what they think matters. People assume value of life, themselves, everything. Being judgmental. That's all it's about.

Why would you focus on tornado? Lives it takes? Cities it destroy? Do you think those lives or cities mattered? And WHY, why would they matter? Do you think this planet matter? That our existence matter?

If you find to whom, then you find also why. It's an endless question that has endless answers.

(30 Apr '13, 08:26) CalonLan

@CalonLan sure life here on earth can be considered a trap, there are hostile natural energies that hang like predators hidden in the darkness ... that is duality my friend

(30 Apr '13, 10:13) ru bis

@Dollar Bill seems like this guy's patio needs a bit of maintenance

(01 May '13, 02:13) ru bis
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AHA! ... there's the answer. Your God is like an abusive parent, and his children learn to live in fear and scarcity, in order to survive his wrath.


answered 30 Apr '13, 18:58

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Beach Baby

"AHA! ... there's the answer", and behold, religions and gods are born in the mind's of men

(01 May '13, 02:20) ru bis

1st off mad love for this post ,yea. Down to benus!! {ebonics} . Simple really , when Adam and Eve made the choice to disobey God they were sent out of paradise ok..... Now ! So erything after Genesis chapter 2, { put man on a hunt/quest/journey after God} ...Follow me now; that choice was more than they "KNEW" {the apple} what they did was decide to {unknowing to them} take the apple as a substitute for the real thing {God}. Joy now is { the latest fashion/ the newest this/ the fastest that/} this put man in competition with one another <--<< and this became the new ,... {YUP you guessed it} this became the new {JOY ON THE BLOCK}


answered 30 Apr '13, 11:55

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Popi Bearcat Gibson

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