This question is a continuation of my previous one "How can I cure the pressure in my head". Thank you for all of your responses. Some of them made me think and some of them gave me hope.

My problem is the fact that I do not know what caused (or is causing) my problem. I also do not know what is this problem exactly. Therefore I can base my judgments only on my symptoms. If I only knew what is it accurately, I could heal myself with the law of attraction.

I could guess, but there are too many factors:

  • listening to the hemisphere synchronization music a year ago from The Monroe Institute (unlikely; TMI is professional, and many people listened its recordings without bad results)

  • “meditating” – looking at the colours when my eyes are closed – for some time, and then stopping doing this (it could start some spiritual changes in me, and I stopped when I shouldn’t?)

  • 3rd eye chakra stimulation with Robert Bruce’s technique – the sensation in my forehead was really something (anyone tried his methods?)

  • it is possible it could be also physical, but the last remaining doctor to be visited is a surgeon (blood pressure ok, blood ok, sinuses ok, head ok)

I regret being too careless, but what’s done is done.

Another point is what aggravates my pressure and what relieves it.


  • listening to the music in headphones or sitting in front of computer (or using any other electrical device) – but I’m not really sure about this one

  • the more late hour it is, the stronger the pressure. In fact, it becomes troublesome only after 3 or 4 pm. And it is horrible at 10-11 pm.

  • doing activities that require precision – manual things – I’m also not really sure


  • when I press my head with my hand (I sit like this most of the time), or when my head touches the back of an archmchair

  • after doing Sirshasana (it’s an asana where you stand on the head) I can say the pressure becomes compact. I can sit without touching my head with my hand, but I feel like my head is a statue

As you can see, doing the asana can help (I was told by someone to do it), but in the long run it is not helping me. The next day after doing it I feel pressure even in the morning, when normally it occurs in the afternoon (actually it is less troublesome, but still is).

Heading to the main point: last weeks gave me solid reasons to think that there is a problem with my chakras (or especially with my 3rd eye chakra = 6th chakra). It think I have rised my energy up, but there is some kind of a blocade in my head and that’s why I feel pressure. When I’m doing asana that is supposed to erase any blocades in my astral body, the energy moves from the lower chakras to the higher ones. I think it helps me but the energy can’t just “pierce” through the head. The same is with yogic Pranayama. It is even greater method healing the spiritual passages, but after doing it I felt horrible. That’s why I don’t want to take the risk to make things even worse, and stopped doing both asanas and pranayama.

What has enlightened me is this. It is a set of sounds made by Osho. There are seven of them, each for one of the chakras. They are also supposed to heal, harmonize the chakras. I went through the whole set two times, day after day. What I got was some awful sensation with my head (peeps in my ears, “air flowing in my head” – it happened only a few times; but most importantly, something bad happened to my sight. Like my eyes lost the ability of accommodate, like they were focused far from where I’m looking. The vision was clear and sharp, though. It is hard to describe it). Of course I stopped listening to the sounds. After that I had my blood examined, because I thought it were anemia’s symptoms. The blood was ok! What is important to note, after I had my blood drained, I felt gorgeous, sight was normal and the pressure not that onerous as usual.

And a few days after that... my sight returned to normal! I could think that it is just because of time, “time heals any injury” etc. But I thought what I’ve done last night. Sexual activity. As you know, first three chakras are responsible for our sexuality. The energy flows down from the higher chakras so that they can power the ejaculation and sexual sensations (that’s why spiritual masters restrain sexually, they want the energy to flow to the higher centres). With this sexual activity that night I ended my sexual abstinence period that lasted two months. I just got a thought that due to this my head has been freed from the energy causing the sight problem.

And so I don’t want to force my energy up, because awful things happen. But pulling the energy down helps only in the short view. And to ascend, which was my purpose, I need the energy to go up!

Any of your thoughts? Or maybe my analysis has some mistakes? I would highly appreciate your responses.

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Well from what I feel maybe you still have a lot of emotional blocks in your body.

Every emotion thas has been supressed one time or the other in our life is stored somewhere in our body. It might be that you've got something stored in your head. I also heard that when we get born there can be an entity stuck to our head and cause blockages to our energy and supposebly rebirthing can help with that, but it really wasn;t my experience.

Fro MY experience I had an breathing session with few of other people. I thought of myself as preety advanced compared to others. The goal was to breath to the belly for some time. I got that part great. I had long and rhytmical breaths in my belly. But when it came to breath to the chest I just couldn't. I felt pain and I couldn't breath deeply their.

That gave me a clue that I still have some emotions stored their. I asked what it could be, and soon after that I got a response. It had something to do with my parents, how I was judging them and still not embracing the gifts they have given me. That session MADE me realize that their still is a lot to work with.

That was some time ago and I got thru it eventually (maybe I'm still going thru it, who knows). After two years of working on myself I came to the realisation that LETTING GO is the simplest and fastest way of moving obstacles out of the way. What I mean is expecting and being stressful about finding the solutions might actually block the realisation your seeking.

I don't know why that is but when you actually STOP caring about the results and just enjoy the process it becomes efortless. Now I'm saying that because of on of your sentences "And to ascend, which was my purpose, I need the energy to go up!"

You see? That's YOUE EXPECTATION! I think that might be the thing that is holding you back. You try so much to ascend, to bring the energy up, to go faster and faster that you actually.. slow the process down. I know I did for a long time. Until I relaxed truly everything started becoming sffortless, synchronicities started to come up, it was all their when it needed to.

Well but you might say that you have headaches and you HAVE to get ride of them. Well that's another expectation so what I would suggest to you is to STOP ANY work you are doing now! Do it for let's say two weeks and see how you feel. Stop straining yourself. The reason of your headaches might be that your trying with your will to go faster but your body is actually telling you "Woww.. hold on sister. I need time to adjust to the changes."

Geneticly we are not ready to ascend in a day. We would explode. That's why it's a PROCESS. We have to get rewired all over again and that takes time.

Besides it's YOU that makes thing happen. YOU are the one that sets up the pace. So why not set it up for yourself to be comfortable with change. You know the only way not to miss any appointments in life is not to expect them. Otherwise if you might be expecting too much you might actually miss all the important stuff.

So just relax.. Just breath, take a soothing bath, go for a walk, anything that relaxes you. Be in that state for those two weeks and ee what happens. Total aceptance, total harmony and calmness.

Also asking your body to help you solve any emotional blockages still in the body will definatly help.

Peace and love :-)


answered 25 Oct '09, 23:08

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I like your answer very much, we as humans try so hard to understand or make things happen faster than we need to. Whos smelling the flowers?

(26 Oct '09, 01:05) Roy

Thanks. I'm not saying I am being impatient, "to ascend" is just a general, long-term goal. I will consider your tips. Perhaps it's the time to check if I have any emotional problems, maybe I wasn't insightful enough last time!

(26 Oct '09, 16:27) Asklepios

I believe that I experience frequency hearing in a similar way to you Asklepios, Im sitting here now and it is in a high tone at the top of my spine. It changes positions on almost a regular schedule (time of day)and it will move to other parts of my body as well, sometimes on its own but mostly through meditation.This is not something I work at but it has become something I enjoy playing with.The tones started with me A few weeks after I started Seeing Energies.I now See in several different ways Some things I see like the Tones are always there.The others seem too just come and go. I have given up on the Idea of Trying To Figure It Out about a year ago and I now focus on the beauty of what I see. Its taking me places that leave me in Awe. Talk soon Love and Light.


answered 25 Oct '09, 16:50

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thank you Barry Im new to this

(25 Oct '09, 17:13) Roy

Really interesting... It is true that sometimes I see some flashes, but it is usually a little spark of white light that lasts a second. From what I've read, Celine had the same impression.

I wouldn't suppose that your thread relates to my problem. I wouldn't also suppose that there are so many people with symptoms like me! I could find dozens of them posting on message boards.

(25 Oct '09, 17:41) Asklepios

I would suggest you try looking at this in a new light Asklepios.Its definately distacting but its not a problem.

(25 Oct '09, 19:08) Roy
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First I'd like to suggest to be very cautious with any health advice you get on the internet. I am not saying anything against the guys here on inwardquest. I know they mean well...just keep that in mind as a general rule.

The main thing I wanted to point out is a possible misconception that you may have concerning the law of attraction. You said:

If I only knew what is it accurately, I could heal myself with the law of attraction.

Why do you need to know what it is? Doctors do need a precise diagnosis so they can choose the right pill or treatment. But the universe/god doesn't. If you found out that you had illness X and you went ahead affirming to yourself: "Illness X go away, illness X go away" that wouldn't be a wise application of the law of attraction.

Where attention goes, energy flows and since your attention is on illness x, you are not pushing it away ... maybe you are even attracting it to you. It would be better to focus on perfect health or on being headache-free. If you can do that consistently you should find a way to heal yourself. Relax and don't dictate to the universe how your healing will happen. Maybe the headache will go away by itself, maybe you'll meet the right physician, maybe the right spiritual teacher will show up. Accept and be grateful for any little sigh you get.

Of course, I am not suggesting that you just sit and meditate. I think you are doing the right thing by visiting your physician, asking for advice etc.

I also agree with wildlife about relaxing your expectations concerning your development. Pushing yourself too hard is asking for trouble.
Here is a story you may find interesting. There are may versions but it goes something like this:
An anxious student asked the Zen master how long to spiritual enlightenment. The Zen Master answered a long time, at least 10 years. The student said, "Well I will work twice as hard." The Zen master said, "Then it will take 20 years." "No!" said the committed student, "I will work three times as hard." "Well then," said the Zen master, "it will take 30 years."

Lastly, how are you practicing sexual abstinence? Do you have a specific technique you're following? Do you have someone experienced in that technique who can guide you? If not, you're probably just suppressing your natural bodily functions. I tried something like that a while ago and honestly it felt awful :) It's great that you want to exercise some control but again don't push yourself too hard.


answered 26 Oct '09, 02:11

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You are right, I don't actually need full diagnosis to heal myself with the law of attraction. Hm... I wonder why this law has became so popular. And I practice abstinence just by using my willpower. To me this abstinence period was really great ;) Thank you for your response.

(26 Oct '09, 16:33) Asklepios

A wise answer on being cautious of health advice from the internet I agree with Toshiro on that. Be careful.

(30 Oct '09, 01:18) flowingwater

Hi Asklepios, wish i had the answers to your questions.

Maybe all you need is a great vacation!!!


answered 26 Oct '09, 03:17

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Unfortuanately I can't have them now ;) Thank you.

(26 Oct '09, 16:24) Asklepios

It's worth noting that you may not have done due diligence with your medical doctor. I would consider pursuing that a little more vigorously. Doctors are not infallible, and sometimes they miss things. Get referred to a specialist, if necessary.


answered 27 Oct '09, 01:46

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