I've listened to the Abraham process of dreams, and it's occurred that whilst the gap between emotionally and physically manifesting something is huge, it is a lot easier to manifest something in your dream world.

I woke up early this morning and starting crying...I had visioned a most gruelling, heart-breaking, cold and bitter dream involving a loved one. The events of the dream were not even about happening to me; it was more like just witnessing someone else you loved get tortured and being absolutely helpless (though those were not necessarily the details).

Abraham explains the details of the dream of no-where near as important to the feelings you experience in the dream. I would agree that dream interpretation is valid, providing their is a dictionary for every individuals subconscious messages....However one can be spot on in saying the manifestation, whatever it is, will contain that same feeling.

Everyone loves it when they wake up and feel good from a dream they had; they can look forward to experiencing something wonderful.

But what should I do with dreams, so realistically portrayed and so emotionally stabbing, where the only thing I can look forward to seems to be worry, dread and so much anxiety...I don't want this manifestation to happen...

I know that Abraham states that your vibrational moulding can change in as little as 17 seconds. But I'm in a place of such shock and saltiness that I cannot seem to enjoy myself at all; I dont really have many objects of appreication... Please, please, please give me some solid ground I can work on.

Love Nikulas

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

well no theres is no dream dictionnary complete enuff. and that is even more true for prophetic and lucid dream and above that. so learn and experience. and if you do not like a dream go back and change it if you can. experience and enjoy.

(26 Dec '11, 04:10) white tiger

Don't worry Nikulas your dream wont come true.

(26 Dec '11, 07:37) Paulina 1
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I don't want this manifestation to happen...

Dreams cannot really be interpreted quite as literally as you are suggesting. If you have a dream involving a particular scenario then it doesn't mean that particular scenario is now on the verge of physically happening.

All it means is that the subjects you chose to become involved in the dream are able to express the feeling contained within the dream. You created every part of the dream yourself.

For some background to the rest of this answer, you'll need to read and understand: Something in my dream made me believe I could bring a dream item back to the ‘real’ world. Am I going crazy?

From what you've said in this question and some other recent questions of yours, it sounds like you are predominantly experiencing feelings of "helplessness" in your life at the moment. That's not a bad thing or a good thing, it's just a thing.

(I realize that "Helplessness" may not be an accurate word to describe what you're actually feeling but let's just use it for the sake of this explanation)

Since you create every aspect of dream reality (just like you create every aspect of physical reality), the characters you choose to play out the dream just represent the feeling. The dream reality mirrors the feeling just like physical reality does. See the example of mirrored "frustration" here.

For example, let's say your neighbor has a cat and you don't really like cats (or animals in general) and you especially don't like that one. Now if you had a dream where you watched that neighbor's cat get run over by a car, you might have a fairly minimal negative emotional reaction to the event...it probably wouldn't be a vibrational match to a feeling of "helplessness". So you wouldn't use those dream characters to express the feeling of the dream.

So in order to express this vibrational attitude of helplessness within your dream reality to yourself, you instead use the dream-created character of a loved one, who it sounds like you do deeply care about, and you create a scenario where you cannot help them. That sounds like a much better way of "playing out" the feeling of helplessness.

The scenario of the dream is a perfect vibrational match to your current dominant vibrational attitude

It doesn't mean for a moment that the scenario will play out physically but it is an example of where the current vibrational attitude is leading towards. The dream is acting as a leading indicator of what kinds of vibrational matches you can expect in your physical reality if you continue with this attitude.

But it's not something to fear - it's just an indicator.

For example, if you are driving in your car over the speed limit in an area where there are plenty of traffic cops with radar speed guns then your speedometer is indicating that the present speed is probably going to land you with a speeding ticket :)

alt text

The speedometer is nothing to fear, it's just an indicator...it's providing you with useful information.

In exactly the same way, the manifestations in our physical realities are useful indicators of our vibrational attitudes. And exactly the same thing applies to the manifestations in our dream realities ("dreams").

So a dream like this that generates a strong emotional reaction within you is providing valuable information for you.

The dream is effectively telling you: "Hey Buddy, in case you've not realized it yet, there seems to be a predominant attitude of helplessness permeating your life right now. Just thought you might like to know, that's all. Bye!"

So what do you do with this valuable information?

Assuming you don't want your physical reality to end up with vibrational matches to the dream feeling, you could simply apply some methods or techniques to find ways to feel less helpless in how you currently feel.

Or, if you want a less "head-on" approach, you could just find ways to feel better/good in your life right now and that will naturally take your attention off any negative feeling attitudes you might have habituated towards recently.

But if you're now thinking that there's a lot of hard work involved in going from a strong negative feeling to a strong positive one, you can relax because it's not that way at all.

It's actually much easier to go from a strong negative feeling to strong positive feelings because you've already built up a large amount of energy that is ready to be released...just like releasing a stretched elastic band.

The slightest bit of ease you introduce into your vibrational attitude will send you shooting towards some joyous feelings instead.

There is more about this idea in: How to increase density of desire for some thing to manifest it easily ?

Hope that sheds some light on this subject for you.


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you saved my day. This really gives me a feeling of magnificent relief and some perfection of how dreams work...I guess dreams are like everyones 'golden touch' in learning what their vibrations are at the moment. Tell me stingray, aiming to feel joyous 90% of the day (and contrast 10%), do you often have dreams which make you feel amazing?!

(26 Dec '11, 13:23) Nikulas

What kind of dreams I have match up pretty well with how allowing I am in my life at any time. When I'm very allowing, I will often wake up laughing because of some joke I've told myself while sleeping. Trouble is that I can't usually remember what the joke was after I've woken up :) But remember that it's my "hobby" to mess around with all this manifesting stuff. So I'll often also be trying out plenty of stuff that doesn't really work for me. And I'll gain clarity in the process but the ride can get a bit bumpy too as I clean up the "mess" again :) My dreams will just reflect that too.

(26 Dec '11, 15:52) Stingray

Thanks Stingray for a wonderful answer, that really helped me. I laughed out loud when I read the "Hey Buddy" bit.

(31 Dec '11, 11:28) AboveBelow
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Dear Nikulas, Stop the constant worry about everything that happens in your life for you will make yourself ill if you dont. Learn to go with the flow and just enjoy life. Many have terible dreams and the trick is to know it is just a dream and carry on regardless.

Yes it is possible to have prophetic dreams but that doesn't mean that your dream will come true. Dont give your power away by fearing what others say or what is the right or wrong feeling just accept the fact that you had a terrible dream and that this happens sometimes to everyone.

You are young and shoud be enjoying life so put your attention on joy and it will follow. Here is wishing you only sweet dreams.


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Paulina 1

You do a focus wheel (or focus block/Manifesting Experiment 2) or go "general" (Manifesting Experiment 5).

Sorry I don't have much explanation on how this or why is happening to you, but since you are asking what you should do, that is what you should do or what I would do, and what Abraham has said before that you should do.


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Dreams can be good because when you are dreaming at the time they can feel so real to you that you really do tune into the feeling place of the vibration. So if you wake up feeling all that negative emotion from the dream - then you are at that point well tuned into whatever the issue is.

So, you can do some version of EFT/TFT etc to blow out that negative emotion that you're tuned into. (That is what I have done on the couple of occasions I've had a dream with some bad feelings in it since learning about them)


answered 26 Dec '11, 22:14

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For many years I had terrible nightmares of people dying - many different people - loved ones, friends, neighbors and even acquaintances in addition to dreams of myself being killed. None of the people died in real life. The dreams were NOT a prophesy - not a prediction of the future. Several times - it was my inner voice telling me via a dream, it was time to end a friendship or a relationship whether personal or business. When I worried or feared losing a loved one; the loss manifested in a death dream. I know it's scary; but I don't believe you are foretelling the future. It took me years to figure out why I was being killed over and over... I was giving my power away and NOT listening to my inner wisdom.....


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this makes sense. Interesting

(27 Dec '11, 23:26) Nikulas

Bold areas for the short version, white areas for the filler.

"Every time you gaze into the future it changes, but only because you looked at it." This is why time travel is impossible and paradoxical, and those who try to abuse it to alter events end up facing the same fate they were trying to avoid that made them abuse time travel in the first place.

Life is like a race, but the objective isn't necesarily to get "there" as fast as possible, and if you try to "cheat" by looking for shortcuts you will only end up back in the same mess you got yourself into in the first place.

Only One is the master of time, as it has always been and it always must be. "God", "Allah", "Jehova", whatever you want to call Him. He is and will always be The First, and the only to control that power. If He were not, then the consequences would be far more dire than your worst nightmares could possibly begin to explain.

*Your destiny is your own, there is no fate. You are who you want to be. And so, if your "dreams" are telling you that you are going to take yourself down a road you do not enjoy, then I highly advise you try to figure out why you are heading down the wrong path, and adjust your course accordingly. ^_^y*

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nope i do not agree prophetic dreams and other kind of dream are possible. but i agree with you that god is a big help in changing things. experience and enjoy.

(26 Dec '11, 04:14) white tiger

also leo if something is set in time. and will not change or the potential for change is minimal. then that future is not going to change or very little. then your impossible paradoxial does not exist. example: you fall of the window and land on the ground that is the future. then what change can happen the position when you land the object between you and the ground or a guy moving a bed that day and he choose to put it right where you are falling. then the question is why did he put it right there?

(26 Dec '11, 04:27) white tiger

it could be a very small change that can make a big difference. experience and enjoy.

(26 Dec '11, 04:27) white tiger

Well, let me respond to that with this statement: Everything is fluid, everything is ALWAYS changing. The only constant is change. For example, some people fear the possibility of our star exploding. I do not, because I know there are already people alive who know how to artificially create a new star. Some people fear a black hole eating up the planet, but I do not because I know what is on the other side. The only truth I have found in all of my searching, seeking knowledge, and learning, is this: There is no easy way out, there is no short cut home. We have our work cut out for us, friend.

(26 Dec '11, 05:08) Snow

well leo what you said about the star is interesting because the stars you see today you see them has they have been billion of years ago that is the time the light takes to reach you because they are light years away. so basically if a star would go away it would be in the past even if you see it happen today in the present but if you would be where that star is the now from here would be in the future to them right now.

(26 Dec '11, 07:16) white tiger

and if someone would make a new star over there in the now it would be the pass for them over there. but still a new change in the future for now present here and pass there. sure we have our works cut out for us, friend. experience and enjoy.

(26 Dec '11, 07:20) white tiger

(Just a side note: A lesson I learned from a few people regarding a science I sadly am too stupid to comprehend: it is possible to create a self sustaining star that isn't bajilions of lightyears in diameter. In fact, it is supposedly possible to make one that would function as a "reasonably" small generator, fitting of course on top of a "reasonably" small mountain that would only have to be like the size of a few dozen planets. Of course this also means it would put off less heat, which is good because of how much closer it would be.

(29 Dec '11, 10:42) Snow
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Dreams indicate TENDENCIES to manifest something or aspects of Self that would imply certain types of manifestations in a general sense.

All it takes is the awareness that it is your focus that is causing this tendency and shift the focus. Or you can take a leaf out of Neville Goddard and while acknowledging the utility of the dream (since it reveals an aspect of you that you might not be paying attention to consciously), just state internally what you'd like instead (PHRASE POSITIVELY PLEASE) and focus on a revised version of the dream that plays out as you'd like it to.


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