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Inward Quest has been instrumental in improving my life. Your answers have helped loads. The best part is helping someone else.

This is community wiki no one will get credit for answering. This is not really a question?

asked 14 Feb '12, 23:39

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edited 15 Feb '12, 07:56

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Tommy - does that mean you are not giving up on life at 70?? Hope so!

(15 Feb '12, 02:11) ele

gratitude for your gratitude

(15 Feb '12, 05:19) ursixx

@ele, no I am not giving up on life. I don't know how you got that, I am 69. Life is going very well for me hope your doing well.

(15 Feb '12, 21:53) Tom

Much agreed Tom! :-)

(15 Feb '12, 23:12) Wade Casaldi

@Tom ... I looked at your ? "How & When Should We Die?" again and got a different perspective when I read it through different colored eyes this time..... sorry, Tom...

(16 Feb '12, 02:58) ele
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"The best part is helping someone else", those few words say it all Tom.

And your own words have helped others more than you realize...thank you :)


answered 15 Feb '12, 22:35

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@Michaela your an angle.

(16 Feb '12, 02:44) Tom
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