So recently I believed I was scammed because I brought a laptop online without checking out the person's profile. Turns out the deal really was too good to be true.

So I decided that maybe I can try out manifesting. I have enough contrast right? I'm visualizing myself with a laptop, feeling pretty good about it. The thing is, I can't get over the feeling of this guilt AFTER I'm done visualizing. I'm thinking "Oh right, I don't have it yet..."

I believe I'm focusing on how I don't have a laptop....
So how do you reconcile? I don't want to be delusional about it.. but how do you go about it?

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You absolutely need to rid yourself of that old belief and guilt and remorse. Dump those bad thoughts. Let them go completely- this is vital to getting to the place where you can move into a more positive place in regards to attracting a new laptop.

I just posted a informational question about connecting your thoughts with the Law of Attraction here. I do NOT mean to toot my own horn...I just think that the explanation given to me by "Grace" will help you.

Thinking correctly and positively is everything in the LOA. Meditate daily, and try to build up your "mental muscles" towards positive thought. As I said, this is the Key.




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I agree with the other answers, too.

This is what works for me...

Be happy... just figure out how to be as much as possible. Every time you catch a bad thought, immediately counter. If you thought "this will never work" counter it by saying "that's not true... its worked for plenty of others and can work for me, too". Being happy, for me, has been the easiest, simplest, and fastest way of changing my reality and bringing me wonderful experiences... I'm not rich or super popular, but I know great people. I have lots of things I cherish. I have a LOT of fun. Things are always getting progressively better as well.

When I visualize, I really immerse myself in it... originally, when I first started doing it, I would see myself from a third person view.. I don't know why and it took me awhile to catch it. Not sure if anyone else does. Anyways, I see everything from my own eyes. I see myself walk to the computer, I feel the floor beneath me, I feel everything I touch. I feel the buttons on the keyboard and I browse the web or play a game. I hear the soft hum of the laptop or the noises coming from it. I see my cat lay next to me... I hear background noise from TV or people in the room... I've always had much more success doing that. If the absense of it is obvious when your done visualizing... find ways to distract yourself from thinking about it. I write, read, draw, go into town, watch movies, cook, call up a friend... anything you can think of.

I hope that's helpful... good luck!!


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Oh and I forgot to mention... if you don't already you should try meditation. I am much more aware of my thoughts and better at directing them when I meditate.. negative thoughts and feelings don't "slip" in as much.

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Jai gave you a good answer. I don't necessarily call what I do the LOA, but this is what I do, and it works.

First desire the heck out of the thing. See all the possibilities of it.

Second let it go and don't think about it.

Third notice any vibrational matches. (like an ad for the thing you wanted at a great price).

Fourth remember to allow the Universe to make it so, because you might get something better.




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Now that I think about the be happy part has to precede and succeed each step. I don't mean hysterically happy but a least a great general mood. Work on it and you will create a new reality!!! Remember to believe you have the power.

(16 Feb '12, 19:51) Tom

I remember reading I believe it was in "Ask And It Is Given" Abraham/Esther said something about stop taking manifesting so serious. Make a game of it like, "Wouldn't it be nice if...." Then think of what you want. Example: "Wouldn't it be great if I had a Lincoln Cadillac convertible!" Mine would be fire blue and have black upholstery seats, Mag wheels. I could just imagine the wind whipping through my hair and on my face. It would be the coolest car around, mine would have shiny chrome everywhere. I could just imagine how it will feel, wow that is going to be cool! Yeah, I would be riding down the street and everyone wondering who that guy with the super cool car is!

Dream of what you want like a day dream, enjoy it and know that this is going to be how yours will be, you can make all kinds of exceptions as saying mine will be like this and that, even if you never saw anything like you want if you want it say it, mine will be like this and that!

I remember that was how I manifested two bicycles (when I was preteen / teenager) that I swear I never saw anything like them before imagining how mine would be and never saw another afterwards.

Don't make it work just day dream happily. Wouldn't it be nice?

Do this every time you want, you can even cut out pictures and say this is what I am getting but mine will have this and that on it too. Don't switch the dream it has to stay the same every time you day dream of it.


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