There are a couple of things i would like to manifest into my life. Now, I know that feeling bad about it will get you nowhere so I have started to make a mini list about things I love in these situations to make it more positive.

But im wondering if I get so positive about things, that the universe would mistake this for not wanting things to change-like oh shes so happy, there is no point in changing things for her! I would dearly love the chance to try for a job in my dream career, I would also maybe like to atracct a few dates as i have been single and dateless for a while.

But I have become so focused on being in my current place and sometimes forget to think about my dream job/date- it used to be my preoccupation. Will the universe still get it that just because i try to make my little list of what is great about my job day to day, and my single life (even tho its an exetremly small list!) that I would still love my dream to manifest. xxx

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Red Shoes

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This question links to another; they are not the same question, but the answers may help here. The question is this: Blessings and Luck, Jaianniah

(18 Feb '12, 20:10) Jaianniah

I can understand why you ask this question - it comes from the idea we have to focus on an idea for it to happen. And it is true that when you focus on what you want, it manifests itself in your reality. But it doesn't have to be that way. There is also the option of letting go.

The reason why both options do work is because all you have to do is stop resisting. Just stop thinking thoughts that keep you out of alignment (that don't feel good). You see, there is a stream of well-being that is always flowing and always ready to take you with it. You just need to allow it to happen. Whether you visualize what you want (and consequentally offer no resistance) or just let it go (and let go of the resistance of not having it), you are allowing it into you experience. You are letting the higher powers of you do the work. The universe doesn't forget what you want, it already created it and will show it to you if you only allow it.

Think about it for a moment. When you meditate and inhibit all thoughts (or focus on a neutral one, it makes sense that you would feel nothing, right? Because you are not thinking positive or negative thoughts. So why do you feel good when you meditate? Why do people feel happy and loving when silencing their minds? Becuase the stream is flowing constantly, forever. You just have to let it in by diffusing you resistance.

So when you feel good, you are allowing BIG TIME, and your desires are coming, and it doesn't matter why you're doing it. The challenge is to make the high vibration into a habbit. If you are familiar with Abraham's teaching, there are two missions - 1) get into the vortex and 2) stay there. This is the path.


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@Benjamin - i like this clear answer :)

(19 Feb '12, 08:34) blubird two

There must be a line drawn between being happy now and falling into being comfortable. It is easy to be comfortable because that is what we know so we trust that this is how things are and will always be. It means if something comes along and it is different from what you know then you will maybe say oh that it too far or I can't do that. In "The Law of Attraction Turbocharged" Paul Piotrowski talks about this is the falling point that most people make, when (The Universe) God brings all the pieces together we either see what is in front of us or we miss it. Unfortunately falling complacent with where we are in life we can miss it when our boat comes in. I said boat for a reason instead of ship, have you ever seen how a small boat takes you to the bigger boat to the big ship in a movie? We need to think the same about life get in the rowboat it is the start, don't think that this is not my ship I'll just stay here where I am at.

Fortunately life goes on for a while and we'll have again and again another chance to find our boat even if it seems small, look at it and ask yourself could this be the start of something, could this be a sign that the wheels are turning and I am on my way? Then trust and go for it because the universe does not manifest in a direct line. It usually goes in some even seemingly unconnected way. We can only see what is right in front of us, we are like the pawn on the chess board of life. However to God he sees and orchestrates the entire situation so that we may need to be moved to a completely different part of the board to meet the piece we need to meet.

Example: I pray for a new job doing what I like most. I am on square one and can only see the current options in front of me. I look in the paper and on the internet, a friend invites me to a party. I say, "No I need to stay home and keep looking for my dream job." However had I gone to the party, I would have meant a guy that became a new friend that has a cousin that owns a company that is looking for someone to fill the position of.... My Dream Job!

We can't see it outright but we need to be aware when something changes. There is a scene in the movie "The Matrix" where Morphius says, "Something changed", then they notice all the building is blocked in. All windows and doors are boarded up. We need to be like this in life. We need to notice when something changes from the usual and jump on it. It could be the small boat that takes you to the bigger boat that takes you to the waiting ship!

So yes be happy right now as Joe Vitale says "Be Happy Now!" but as well notice when something changes and jump on it! It could just be all the pieces are now in place for the game to begin.


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Wade Casaldi

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Good answer, thank you!! xx

(19 Feb '12, 08:53) Red Shoes

@Red Shoes You are very welcome Red Shoes I am glad to help.:-)

(21 Feb '12, 09:09) Wade Casaldi

There is one constant in life... change :)

If you are positive and happy where you are now, the Universe will bring you more things to be happy about... like getting dates and so on. The Universe will always continue to bring you new circumstances, so however happy or sad you are now will determine how happy or sad future circumstances will be. It doesn't go by the actual thoughts you think, but by how those thoughts make you feel... :)


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@LapisLazuli - do you agree that thought is vibration ?

(19 Feb '12, 08:32) blubird two

@blubird two Yes, but the vibration is how the thought makes you feel, not the actual thought itself

(19 Feb '12, 11:29) LapisLazuli

Hi, Red Shoes!

I just posted an answer to another question that may help you, too. If you click on this link, it will take you right to my answer.

That question concerned money, but it applies to your situation, too. If you are comfortable, you may be afraid to (deep down) get uncomfortable and move to a better place. It is called positive stress.

I think it will help you understand what you are doing wrong....

Try the link, and read it!

Blessings to a happier future,



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Thanx for the link, the idea of the positive stress thing appeals. Moving to a better, higher place always seems to come with some uncomfortable shift but isnt that the point, otherwise you just become lazy? xxx

(19 Feb '12, 09:26) Red Shoes

I asked an almost identical question last year, which basically went around the confusion that if I get happy being single (even though I want a partner), will this mean I'll just remain single because of my current contentment?

And the answer to this is just plain no.

Because when you ask for a desire, and you align with that desire, you actually no longer have that craving or yearning for it to come so immediately. In fact, you will be feeling very calm about the issue...You'll at least be at the neutral point....And once you are at the neutral point, it is very easy to jump into those roaring feelings of passion and goodness quite quickly.

You see, your desire (actually, better put, your back then desire), will arrive and is simply going to become a physical extension of your happiness. When is comes you're already going to be predominantly happy in your life anyhow.

So you see, the universe is defiantly not going to confuse that you want to remain where you are. The universe just views your emotions and they then get interpereted into physical experiences and situations, and these will just amplify those emotions. What gets thrown will be either beautiful, boring, or nasty depending on your current state of feeling. When all the desperation and resistance around your desires dissolves, they arrive sometimes extremely flash-like and you feeling experience is now both a feeling experience AND a physical one as well.

Simply put, if you arrive and maintain those good feelings, your desires come, period. Resistance is pretty much agreed to be the main cause or killer of not necessarily arriving at the good emotion, but rather maintaining it for a while. In other words, resistance kills the manifestation, because resistance kills the feeling.


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I loved this answer. For some reason, this concept is so hard for me to keep steady in my head. Your answer keeps things very clear.

(04 Jun '12, 11:32) Grace
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