How do we keep all of these together, balanced out, clear energy blockage, and heal body, soul and mind? For if one is out of balance it throws the rest out of balance too in time.

Note: It was just to say hey and that I wasn't able to get online for a while.

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Nice to see you back Flowingwater :-)

(03 Mar '10, 00:36) Michaela

The Bible says "seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things shall be added". I take this to mean that if we seek to satisfy our spiritual needs the mind and body part will fall into place.


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Yoga is the practice of uniting mind,body, and spirit. Yoga does this by conditioning the body and quieting the mind. This journey through Yoga is one that releases blockages in your energy system as well subconscious baggage. Once your body and mind are no longer obstacles which occupy your thoughts, your awareness becomes hightened and you start to become more in tune with your higherself and the world around you. You notice more and more coincidences and sychronicities happening all around. In the west, we associate yoga with poses and postures but it's actually and age old science used for self-discovery and getting closer and merging with Source.


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By quieting the mind and releasing yourself of daily concerns, meditation provides a way to reconnect with that inner energy that we call the Universal, Source, or God. The resulting benefits include stress relief, natural healing, energy alignment, and enhanced creativity and mental acuity.


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I could have used your help Vesuvius last week but I was not able to get on. I know from epierence that we must have all in alinement and cleared of blockage for one effects the other. Yes, reconnecting with God and his all healing powers are very important.

(02 Mar '10, 20:41) flowingwater
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