Day to day it seems we fear trivial things. Should we have something to fear? If so what?

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What sort of trivial things?

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There is nothing to fear. This question reminds me that we should live each day to the fullest, because when your lying on your death bed your going to wish you had.


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Fear is mostly a self-created negative energy of the ego and the more we buy into it the greater hold it has on us. It occupies space in our being and waits for potential opportunities to rear it's ugly head and take control of us. It does so by latching on to our thoughts and creating frenetic energy within us. When we can sit still and try to observe it we often find that it has no power, only that which we give it in our head - the more we do this, the more it loses it's hold on us and we realize the fear is not real.


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The brain recognizes certain things as good and certain things as bad. That was written to our brains by our friends, and our parents. Most of the time : It is what our parents told us when we were kids ("smoking is bad","robbing is bad"). If we do something bad, we'd feel bad, that is because our brain or the "objective mind" was "programed" to think so.

I don't encourage you to do any task, that you think is wrong and try to feel good. "Any action that is not accordance with the truth will result in discord"

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself"


answered 22 Apr '10, 11:39

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