Say I desire to have a certain thing in my life. So, manifest it right? Later I feel fear about not getting what I want. How do I remove blocks? OK I was thinking about starting a Tarot Reading Career, then it hit me how millions do it free or damn cheep. Then I felt fear.

  • Don't deserve it
  • Too much competition
  • Everyone said it was the wrong to time to start a new business?
  • I am under capitalized.

Can I still just get back to happy and that will dissolve inner blocks?

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tom, what we are wired to find out who we are, yet choose the alternate course to use creative life forces to have/get what we want. slap the blocks on what wisdom may hint instead, making it easier to consume. maybe something inside is talking to you

(16 Jul '13, 20:53) fred

I have been trying to find an answer to this. I can tell you what I came up with so far. I do not know if this is true or helpful to you. It involves the principle of "as within, so without".

Whatever you experience within becomes externalized. If you experience happiness, you will tend to attract the experience of happiness. You will not attract anything other than the emotion, though feeling happy may cause you to imagine more positive things which you will attract and less negative things. If you have certain rules that say "When this happens, I must not be happy" (an example, your son dies) and that thing happens, you neutralize the happiness. If you have conditions to be happy, you must image those conditions or in the case of negative conditions (this cannot happen), not imagine it/imagine the opposite. If you imagine those conditions and also feel unhappy, you are sending mixed signals (Give me what I want to be happy but keep me sad).

So the solution is to know what you want to experience, in terms of all your senses (or at least the main ones like sight, touch and sound), not just your emotions. Important, if you imagine a car but don't imagine anything that implies it is yours, you will see a car, it just won't be yours. Keep in mind that this isn't a superpower that you activate for five minutes and then you go about your day. You have internal experiences 24 hours a day; you must keep them pointed in the direction you want to go or at least avoid pointing them away from it.

So ask yourself what it would be like if your business was successful. What it would look like, sound like, maybe even smell like. What would you be touching? And what would you be feeling? Then proceed to seed your mind with all of those things.


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Thanks @flowsufer you have helped. I hope to get some more advice

(02 Jan '13, 14:13) Tom

Yes as you suggest fear takes many forms including "don't deserve it", "too much competition", "wrong time to start", "under capitalized" ... there are only two types of emotions; negative/positive felt as fear/love. Fear is useful in fight flight situations, the fear you're experiencing is all based on negative emotions that have been learned and embedded in the unconscious.

     "Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt" - W. Shakespeare.

Here's how to unlearn those fears;

Face up to fear, don't be afraid of fear, the more you offer resistance to it, the greater the power it has. Ask "so what exactly am i afraid of? what can i learn from this experience? what does it remind me of from the past? Once you've found the answers to these questions it'll start beating retreat.

Then you can embrace your fear as a friend, it'll let you know why it's there, dissipating it's power, the energies associated with the experiences of fear will change and loosen their hold. Play with these ways of dealing with fear, feel it being transformed from tenseness to calmness and notice how it will simply cease to exist ...

alt text


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I would say first off, you don't remove the blocks. That seems counter intuitive, especially the further you move along the path of actually being aware of what the blocks are. But, it is important, I think, to realize it is not you that removes the blocks, for in reality, the blocks are nothing. In experience, it sure as heck seems like the blocks are something and at times, enormous.

I think the key is to not ignore the blocks, and not run away from them. As that is a negative way of putting it, here's another way of saying the same thing, be acutely aware of that which you are identifying as blocks or hinderances from achieving your goal(s). I think it is normal to shy away from blocks and to mask them or hide them, burying them deeper and likely overlaying them with judgments (additional blocks).

Of the short (example) list you provided, "don't deserve it" appears to me as true inner block, whereas "I am under capitalized" may be accurate observation of outer hurdle. On the latter, there are many resources around to help overcome that sort of block. But on the former (deserving it), that block can potentially impact all subsequent ideas for moving forward. As in, even if you received sufficient capital, you could theoretically sabotage things moving forward if the belief is, "I don't deserve this capital. I can't even believe I was given the funding. I'm sure it won't last given my experience."

So, a potential self help exercise could aid in moving forward. To me, that exercise would be asking and answering (honestly), 'why don't I think I deserve these things I desire?' And in my case, that answer is likely to be a response as long as this post. Especially if I'm being 'perfectly honest.' Once that is responded to, I may have other questions or issues that arise, that perpetuate the exercise. How long the exercise goes for another person is way to challenging for me to answer. I'm hoping the take away from what I'm writing here is that willingness to look directly at the idea of 'I don't deserve this.' And I believe the results of this will be heading related ideas off at the pass. As you can identify the thinking that stems from 'not deserving' and in a sense bypass a whole bunch of other judgments that support that thought, once you've explored within you what is actually the thought process at work.

But again, the key is when a 'core block' is identified, simply ask your Self (higher Self) to help remove that block. I see this as key, because the block will be seen as something, and if it is a core block, it'll be seen as 'mountain' that is too challenging to overcome anytime real soon. So, those not seeking higher power, will address it as if it is a lifelong journey that takes time to work through. When reality is that it ain't time that's the factor in getting around that block. It's willingness, and (own) higher power knows exactly the moment that is best to really work through and around that issue, in way that is best with all else you have going on. Higher Self can/will undo the block, as if it were nothing. Yet, if same thoughts that lead to block in the first place are still 'in place' then that block will return, and possibly stay hidden, until a time comes about again when obtaining something is desired. And then a block is in place that dictates, "No I can't have that, I don't deserve it."


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