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Here is a video where Darryl Anka is being interviewed by a guy from WakingUniverseTV. He is also being asked about clips of Bashar that are being played as well.

Bashar suggests listening to the first 3 minutes of *Beethoven, Symphony 7, Allegretto, movement 2. It is mentioned during this interview

"Beethoven, Symphony 7, Allegretto, movement 2"

He says these are exactly and precisely the chords that will tap into the idea of letting go of all the baggage that no longer serves you.

The video as a whole is interesting to watch for any of you Bashar fans out there. You get to see both Darryl Anka and Bashar being questioned in the same video and you get to see how different their unique ways of expressing things are.

EDIT ADDED 7/31/13

I recently came across a 30 minute loop version of the first 3 minutes of Beethoven's Symphony 7 mvt 2 on Youtube for anyone who may be interested. Great video for uninterrupted meditation.

The original video above has been updated with this new version.

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@Cory - Great! I've often thought about which background music would be the most helpful for me to have playing often, when I'm doing other things. You answered a wish! Thanks. :)

(17 Jan '13, 15:30) Grace

@Cory, OK, we're officially Bashar BFF's :) Thanks!

(17 Jan '13, 16:08) figure8shape

@Cory, thank you! I love all things Bashar!

(17 Jan '13, 16:11) Bedazzled

@Cory - Another Gem, thank you. I actually had this piece of music on my iTunes song list:)

(17 Jan '13, 16:26) Satori

@Cory Thanks for sharing. It would be nice if we could know the reason why this piece works... and not for instance gangnam style:). But maybe Bashar just doesn't know gangnam style so far:D

(17 Jan '13, 20:06) releaser99

@Cory-YouTube is banned in our country so am unableto watch this gem.Anyway thanks a lot for sharing with questers...

(18 Jan '13, 00:17) Zee

@Cory Thank you so much for this - I look forward to watching the entire clip.

(18 Jan '13, 03:29) Catherine

@Zee, wow, looks like time for revolution.

(18 Jan '13, 04:06) CalonLan

@Cory WOW! Beautiful! Do you have any more music recomendations?

(18 Jan '13, 05:04) No Brainer

@calonLan-hahaha...u can say...

(18 Jan '13, 12:39) Zee

I'm glad I could share this with you all.

(19 Jan '13, 01:31) Cory

@No Brainer Well this was more of a recommendation from Bashar than myself. I'm definitely no expert in knowing what is and isn't the best music to raise vibrational frequency. Plus I'm a lover of all different varieties of music anyway. This is the only other video that I found from Bashar regarding music.

He says this particular instrument is one of the highest forms of vibration to be heard.

(19 Jan '13, 01:42) Cory

Thanks for sharing Cory , great stuff :-)

(20 Apr '13, 09:54) Starlight

That loop is helpful! Thanks, @Cory. Nice to see you. :)

(31 Jul '13, 14:37) Grace

Nice to see you as well @Grace. Yes, I think this is very helpful because I no longer have to stop my mp3 at 3 minutes and start over again. I can just relax, listen, and let myself drift off into Beethoven's vibrational universe of bliss with no distractions.

(31 Jul '13, 14:55) Cory

@Cory Hadn't seen this loop thing - had been doing it manually. This is really great - thanks

(03 Oct '13, 06:21) Catherine

I was going to post this music to another question last week. This info needs to be repeated -not everyone knows about this. I'll have to find that question & post a link. Thanks @Cory & @Catherine. Great Stuff!

(04 Oct '13, 04:53) ele
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@Zee I'm guessing you can get hold of the music? You don't even need a timer - you'll know from the music when the first three minutes is up because it changes noticeably at that point.

As for what Bashar said about the piece - I've transcribed just that bit:

"The particular piece of music that is the appropriate vibration to allow you to be in the proper state to attract whatever information, or whatever situations, or whatever people, or whatever opportunities you require, dealing with the ideas of health issues AND also dealing with the issues of LETTING GO, FORGIVING THE SELF, LETTING GO OF REGRET, LETTING GO OF GRIEF, letting go of all those things that allow you to lower your vibration in that way to forgive yourself, to free yourself to being more whole.

The specific piece is the FIRST THREE MINUTES of Beethoven's symphony No 7 Movement 2. Play that whilst you are in a peaceful state of repose. Let it wash through you. Those chords are EXACTLY, PRECISELY what will tap into the idea of LETTING GO of the past, LETTING GO of sorrow, LETTING GO of grief, LETTING GO of regret and forgiving yourself and moving toward the vibration that will attract to you whatever information is germane to allow YOU to be in the healthy state that is your birthright."


answered 18 Jan '13, 07:25

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@Catherine Thanks for transcribing. This piece definetely gives me goosebumps at least.

(18 Jan '13, 07:37) releaser99

@Catherine-i am really thankful to you for this nice of you.

(18 Jan '13, 12:37) Zee

@Catherine Thank you for sharing this for anyone who doesn't get Youtube.

(19 Jan '13, 01:44) Cory
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