Here are a couple of articles explaining how to build a space-time antenna

Bashar gives the key to building a simple space-time antenna, a device that actually uses space-time (twin flow) energy that we can then learn to translate into different forms of energy, electricity or heat for example.

It comprises essentially two intersecting continuous spiral cones

alt text

and for it to work it must be able to fit inside a virtual regular tetrahedron that measures at least three feet (914.4mm) between the vertexes and the opposite triangular faces ...

have fun :)

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blubird two

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While I have no interest in these things, my skepticism is kept in check by remembering that Tesla was a bit crazy himself. If our modern electrical age came about because a guy spoke to martians while astral projecting, then maybe, just maybe, this isn't BS.

(12 Oct '13, 08:51) flowsurfer
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I personally haven't built or even seen one of these devices in operation even though I first heard about it back in the mid 1990s on a Bashar recording I was given at the time.

However, that doesn't mean that they haven't been built or that they don't work. I find it hard to believe that no-one has followed-up on the idea at all.

I think one has to consider if the knowledge of the existence of these devices would really be something that the existing energy corporations and related interests would want to be widely known.

Even in the past week, I've heard information from two channeling sources, that are normally fairly reliable, effectively stating that workable "free energy" ideas do exist (perhaps even devices, I can't remember) but that the knowledge has been and is being actively suppressed.

Our physical reality is changing rapidly though and both have said that this kind of information is starting to surface anyway because the "collective consciousness" is changing.

It's only a matter of time until this kind of information and research comes into the mainstream. I guess the knowledge will probably seep out bit-by-bit with occasional news stories about scientists "discovering" or "inventing" this or that "new" technology.

EDIT - OCT 12, 2013

Notice something familiar about the following shape? :)

ma roller

It's used in something called Ma Qigong Training

From that page:

Wide Variety of benefits from Ma-Roller Qigong have been reported:

  • Much Higher energy levels
  • Greater Inspiration and creativity
  • Intuition & Precognition
  • Increased positive attitude in people and surrounding environment
  • Enhanced spiritual consciousness and evolution
  • Deeper insights and understanding
  • Feeling of a deeper connection with all of life
  • Harmony, balance and a calming sensation
  • Manifestation of goals and objectives
  • Increased energetic sensitivity
  • Lucid Dreaming, Astral projection, Deeper Meditative states


Why is the MA Roller so shaped?

The MA Roller was conceived in a flash of intuition. As the mystery begins to unfold the reason for the broad and the narrow parabolic curves in her shape become clear. These curves reach out to infinity. Energy from the outer spaces of the cosmos is carried along these lines to the spinal cord and brain and to the internal organs through the YU points.

I'm not endorsing or recommending this device - though I'm also not not endorsing or recommending this device :) ...I'm just pointing out the interesting similarity between this and Bashar's space-time antenna :)


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Who is John Galt?

(12 Oct '13, 08:43) flowsurfer
(12 Oct '13, 09:07) Stingray

yes @Stingray i love the suggested link between the shape of the qigong tool (a sort of human merkaba stimulator) and the possible wave-form of the energy generated by a correctly balanced resonating space-time antenna :)

(15 Oct '13, 02:30) jaz
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I don't know about Bashar but Tesla is the real thing. Check out this built to charge a cell phone from energy in the air.


answered 22 Feb '12, 03:12

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Wade Casaldi


@Wade Casaldi - Very interesting video. I noticed the site the video links to is selling the plans for a free-energy machine called HoJo Motor, but I can't find any evidence that anyone has ever successfully built it, unless you know different?

(22 Feb '12, 03:30) Stingray

Actually when I first saw that video it had a different link I will see if I could find the original in my email. The original went to I downloaded a ebook to make the Tesla coil like the tower he had built. #1 it requires a huge copper coil antenna, put that on your roof and see how long all that copper stays there! #2 when I read of the high voltage I got scared to build the thing.

(22 Feb '12, 17:57) Wade Casaldi

While following on that trail, I stumbled upon another site as well which looks potentially promising. I am thinking of checking it out more (but haven't done so yet). Here's the site for those interested in this kind of thing: So thanks Wade. :)

(24 Feb '12, 18:42) Liam

@Liam - love the kick-start given in the link, the way it is modulated in gravitational frequency, very clever ... thanks Liam and Wade for the link :)

(26 Feb '12, 00:14) blubird two
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Cool question and links as i was looking at the videos and pictures I thought about some of teslas work and also orgone cone that incorporate copper coils so it is out there is certain forms...


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It's actually the Shape of Consciousness.

If is does what I think it does, it could be a useful tool.


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The Prophet

@The Prophet - "the shape of consciousness" ... thanks for the enlightenment - bb2

(25 Feb '12, 23:53) blubird two

Here's a video explaining how the Bashar antenna it works, where it gets it's energy and also mentions that some people are already starting to get this device to work

It's essentially a kind of combined capacitor/transformer ... once it's kick-started with an AC or DC current, it becomes vibrationally sensitive because of it's shape, to higher frequency energies which are then harmonically attracted to it and begin flowing along the same circuit, and once this happens, it sets up a self reinforcing vibration that can be amplified in a variety of ways, stepped down and transformed, into useful energy, electricity or heat for example ... and it's energy is tapped from the template level reality/lower astral plane

There are many variables including; total length of the wire - clockwise and/or anticlockwise spirals - the number of spirals - color of insulation - gauge of the wire - material of the wire, etc and all these variables must be mastered in order for it to function properly ... here we are in the domain of subtle energies as yet undetectable by existing scientific apparatus, however tools to study this area of micro-vibratory physics and invisible forces beyond the range of science do exist.

Chaumery, de Bélizal and Morel have done a lot of work in this area using specially designed pendulums, and their construction is based on two principles

  • geometric forms and shapes radiate natural energies
  • where thought goes energy flows

For example, to study subtle planet earth energies, they designed a pendulum having the shape of the planet earth

Following the same principle, a pendulum for tuning the Bashar antenna should take the same form or be in resonance with the shape of the two interpenetrating spirals ... and a scale model tailor made, fictive cone pendulum would be excellent and in perfect resonance; as shown in the diagram, it's profile fits perfectly into the double spiral shape as shown in this diagram, the pendulum is colored yellow for clarity

alt text

happy hunting


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blubird two

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@blubird love, love the site.. Got lost there. Thank you, blu..


(23 Feb '12, 02:36) ele

Wow Blubird two you have come a long way. Thanks for the info. Yes I love this site.

(30 May '12, 01:08) Paulina 1

@Paulina - yes it's a great site for communicating. In many ways the bashar antenna reminds me of a crystal radio ... the capture of ambient electromagnetic energy and it's convertion into useful energy using the phenomenon of resonance ... the trick is in correct tuning, have fun :)

(30 May '12, 23:41) blubird two
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Yes blu, the question is: what will you use to tune to wavelengths in the "lower astral" range...? Tesla knew how to do this -- but he had the same initial problem of constructing tuners that could control much higher frequencies... Now, with newer and better materials that are designed for nanotech applications, you can (with a little help from someone like me) progress fairly rapidly.

If you'd like to read my Zero-Point Energy file, I'll email it to you...

I can help you get this thing going...

Is there a cost?

Yes, of course... a small percentage.

But the cost of sharing and growing with me is not nearly as high as it would be if you take the traditional, secular path.

In any case -- the PDF download is FREE.


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The Prophet

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@The Prophet, you appear to be using your answers as a method of promoting the services you offer. This is not permitted on IQ. Please refer to our FAQ: . Please do not do this again.

(25 Feb '12, 09:44) Barry Allen ♦♦
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