I have read the phrases "All realities are contained within you" and "Reality is in your consciousness" many times (they're from Bashar) but I'm not sure if I exactly know what Bashar is referring to.

Does this mean, that the reality I perceive is "just" a projection from within me and not something that is happening outside of me? If you would ask me, if the things and people I see every day are contained within me, I would probably say no, they are external to me. They exist apart from me. But the quotes I mentioned say something else, I guess?

Bashar is referring to parallel realities as well with these quotes, so does this mean that every parallel reality I could ever experience is each a different projection of my own consciousness? Like in a cinema, where a different movie means a different tape? IQ user Cory once mentioned a "self containing reality", where all the things around me "come from", is this the same concept?

From my current point of view, I would have said that everything around me exist apart from me and that I just "perceive" these things and not "make"/project them from inside of me, but I'm not sure if this is correct?

If my assumption is wrong, does this then essentially mean, that everything around me is a projection?

Thank you for your thoughts.

asked 03 Nov '16, 16:19

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Yes, everything is your projection, allegedly. I know it sounds very harsh and unbelievable, but it goes in concert with other reality creation ideas. You create your own reality, literally. You are your reality; it is made up of you, your energy, your beliefs etc. I am struggling to fully accept that for the past few years now, myself.

Similar idea to this in philosophy would be solipsism, a not very popular philosophical theory. In short, solipsism says that only you exist and nothing else. I say not very popular because it is considered very extreme for obvious reasons and not many philosophers defended that position.

Rene Descartes, a great philosopher and scientist, in his Meditationes de prima philosophia (Meditations on first philosophy) says that only thing that is 100% certain is that "I exist", his famous phrase: Ego cogito, ergo sum (I think, therefore I am). "I exist" is the first axiom. It is a truth that can't be questioned, ever. Because if you question your existance it is just another proof that you exist, for, if you didn't exist how could you then be able to question your existance in the first place?

On the other hand, if you think about it, there is no 100% proof that anything you see around you really exists. Sure, you see your dog, you play with it, pet it, etc. but there is no proof that he really is an actual thing in existance apart from you, is there? That's just some food for thought.


answered 03 Nov '16, 18:10

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@Marin - your answer is very interesting, thank you. I too struggle with the idea that everything is my projection - especially with the concept, that I literally create and make physical objects. This one really blows my mind. When you say you struggle to accept this projection idea, what exactly is it, that you find hard to accept? And did you find a solution to this? I feel like I'm in a constant war between believing it and then immediately questioning it again...

(05 Nov '16, 14:54) spacemetalfantasy

@Marin - ...and this is making me tired :) Now I'm in my almost last attempt to find answers that make sense or explain these ideas in more detail. So I'd love to hear your opinion. Thank you :)

(05 Nov '16, 14:56) spacemetalfantasy

Of course it's hard to accept. I mean, you can't just go from living your everyday regular life without much questioning to suddenly accepting everything around you is actually a projection. I actually, based on my experience, had numerous reasons to believe that I create but I don't fully believe it still. Don't force it. You hear the "spiritual" side of the story and you hear "normal-everyday-nonlunatic" side of the story. Which one is "correct"? What would you like to believe? Does it even..

(06 Nov '16, 10:42) Marin

.. matter? You are here and now and will continue to be regardless your beliefs. Maybe just try to live. Love. Smile. Wonder. Forgive. Hope. Go dancing. Breathe with full lungs. Love it all. Every leaf. Every ray of light. Do others good. Do yourself good. Be kind. Maybe answers will come. It's a totally cliche answer of me, I know, but maybe it is that simple.

(06 Nov '16, 10:50) Marin

@Marin - it's very interesting to hear your viewpoint about this, because I don't know anyone personally who knows about these ideas. So thank you for sharing your opinion with me. Your last sentences are beautiful, made me feel good and yes, you're right, I should probably try to live more and think less about these things. Because after all, I know they work but part of me is still curious :) Have a great day.

(06 Nov '16, 15:32) spacemetalfantasy

@Marin - "Maybe just try to live. Love. Smile. Wonder. Forgive. Hope. Go dancing. Breathe with full lungs. Love it all. Every leaf. Every ray of light. Do others good. Do yourself good. Be kind. Maybe answers will come." Cliche or not, I agree, that is just beautiful. It's how I like to live too. :)

(19 Jan '17, 00:50) Grace
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"The prism that you are, is created by the institutionalization of the three concepts No 1: belief, No 2: emotion and No 3: thought, as you understand it as physical thought, electrochemical thought in that way. Through the product of your beliefs, emotions and thoughts, do you create and then experience, seemingly in a direct way, the physical reality.

But physical reality, is made, if you will, of the same stuff, as you are made of, physical reality, literally, is made of YOU. Your physical day to day reality, in which you think you exist, is actually, what you really are as a BEING. It is all the experiences, you are having, of yourself in the idea of the events you are being. The event that you are. All the different circumstances, all the different relationships, all the different events, that you experience, in life, are all of the multidimensional mirror-reflections of all the different components that go into making up the single event that you are expressing yourself to be as this idea you call physical reality. When you touch a wall, you are touching you. When you sit in a chair, you are sitting in you. Literally!! And the way this works, is for you to remember, and once again, if you take this to heart, and begin to apply your life through this principle, it can have a profound difference, in the way you see, and the way you experience your reality. And this principle is simply to remember that consciousness does not exist within the body. Your body exists within your consciousness. All physical reality exists within your consciousness. Physical reality is your dream.


All is a dream, and all is real. Dreams are real. Reality is a dream. It is all one and the same thing. The only thing that makes it appear different, is the different definitions, that you give to the different dreams. Physical reality: A dream with the illusion of solidity, to the exclusion of all other dreams, consciously. That is, what physical reality is. It is no different than the dream reality, in which you allow yourself to re-connect to, in your sleep state."


answered 05 Nov '16, 04:48

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@Delphine - thank you for another great quote :) The part that blows my mind the most is "When you touch a wall, you are touching you. When you sit in a chair, you are sitting in you. Literally!!" And now I wonder, how can I be a wall or a chair? Does this mean that the wall and the chair are my projections? Aren't they made by other people?

(05 Nov '16, 15:01) spacemetalfantasy

@spacemetalfantasy - Oh boy...just because I can find these great quotes, doesn't mean that I can explain them all that well. :) But I think what it comes down to is that it's all about consciousness. Mind, or consciousness, is First Cause, and that is axiomatic in metaphysics.

(05 Nov '16, 22:21) Delphine

Bashar also said: " The paradox, is to totally embrace the physical world, so that it becomes something within you instead of seeing yourself as something within it. This way you can regulate your relationship to it, rather than be victimised by it.

(05 Nov '16, 22:22) Delphine

(cont.) "Because the idea of ascension and enlightenment is the recognition that you actually are the dimension of reality that you previously thought you existed in.

When you understand that actually you are the dimension, the reality itself, then you are free to be that reality in relationship to it without the part of it, without the format of it, that makes you feel you are trapped by it."

(05 Nov '16, 22:23) Delphine

Something more to chew on--Seth on "units of consciousness" as the basic building blocks of matter. Still grokking this myself. https://realtalkworld.com/2014/07/15/unit-of-consciousness/

(05 Nov '16, 22:27) Delphine

@Delphine - very interesting indeed. The link sounds fascinating, I love to dig down the rabbit hole and your information helps me a lot, so thank you :)

(06 Nov '16, 15:40) spacemetalfantasy

@spacemetalfantasy - Just found this thread at a Bashar forum, seems apropos :) http://bashar-forum.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=770

(06 Nov '16, 21:22) Delphine

@Delphine - thanks for mentioning that link - it gets more and more interesting :)

(11 Nov '16, 14:57) spacemetalfantasy
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What a great question. This is something, I think we all struggle with when we hear the idea that we create our own reality. This is how I have been resolving this question within myself.

There seem to be two "realities." One, which the Toltecs call ordinary reality or the tonal, and one which is non-ordinary, or the nagual. Ordinary reality is made up of everything we think we know, what we can sense with our sense organs and most of what we can imagine, feel and think. When we identify or perceive ourselves as members of ordinary reality, the "I" we speak of is the person, human being, who senses thinks, imagines and feels ordinary reality. And the idea that we create our own reality, or that all of reality is contained within us seems ridiculous from this point of view. How can I create - or be - the chair I am sitting in?

But, we are also told that we are spiritual beings who happen to be having a human experience which suggests that there is another identity, another "I" that we are as well. This is the "I" of the nagual. This is the realm of spiritual/energetic awareness, of magic and miracle, of authentic power and of eternal life. From this perspective "I" create my own reality and all realities are located inside "me" makes more sense - though most humans have such limited experience with this "identity" that we don't know much about it and have tremendous difficulty explaining it to our tonal-selves. As the nagual "I" these concepts just make sense in a feeling-oriented, non linear, non-intellectual way. It's a different way of knowing.

People who have had some experience of the nagual - maybe they call it enlightenment or a Spiritually Transformative Experience - hunger for more of it and the security, joy, love and personal power that it entails. Because the tonal-I knows that it is not the originator of that experience, it often attributes it to god, spirit, universe - maintaining the tonal perspective of separation and non-ownership. But the nagual-I knows itself as one with the experience.

The trouble we have is that we usually don't know which "I" is asking the question, and which is answering it. I'd recommend practicing identifying with your nagual-self. We all could use more practice in this. We slip in and out without awareness and usually can only hold the nagual perspective for a split second. It's hard to learn about a state of mind that is so fleeting. Meditation assists. Reminding yourself that you are more than this body/mind/emotional being helps. I also like to ask myself questions like, "If I created this, why would I have done that/" and, when in a place with other people, "We all decided and worked hard to get together right here at this exact moment. Why would we have done that?' I find that these types of questions kick me into my nagual-self for a moment or two.

Have fun. Like I said, it's a great question.


answered 06 Nov '16, 15:39

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Here is a great song that I have been enjoying and appreciating lately: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CWVgu2Odjg

Your comment specifically reminded me of the following lyrics:

"How can you experience everything you choose to do While observing the experience you're having from a higher view See, it's the question, not the answer, that's the higher view Otherwise, you couldn't differentiate between the two Awareness? But of who?"

Hope you enjoy and appreciate it too in your own way!

(07 Nov '16, 12:15) Bawk7

Thank you for this @Bawk7 Just got joyfully lost in Zhu for a while.

(07 Nov '16, 16:03) imaginesue

@imaginesue - thank you for your answer, I enjoyed reading it :) I think you're right, there are always those two perspectives to "choose" from, the question is: which one serves me more in this very moment? Thank you :)

(11 Nov '16, 14:59) spacemetalfantasy
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bashar explains it in his video about "time - "Shifting Through Infinity".

I listen to it more then 20 times for the past 3 years but only now i can fully hear it and it is mind blowing!!!

our past and future are only perspective!! not places!!. all we have is now.

that understanding make it very easy to transform every thoght. good luck:)


answered 07 Nov '16, 17:54

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@myself - thank you, I'm gonna check that video out :)

(11 Nov '16, 14:59) spacemetalfantasy

other people and things do
exist outside of you, we
share the world, but what is seen
is what you see


answered 04 Nov '16, 17:26

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Your inner thoughts create your outer world. So you manifest and create your life each day as you go, by the way you think. Your thoughts ( conscious mind) control your subconscious mind ( intuition and feelings) and that dictates your action and energetic aura which brings about the events and conditions in your life based on if the energy is negative or positive. So in saying that, he means you create your own reality with your conscious and subconscious mind, that you hold within you.


answered 15 Jan '17, 22:35

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