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How would that change the way you live your life?

asked 02 Mar '10, 22:27

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what is it to you.

(20 Oct '11, 17:28) white tiger

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Always assume you are going to die tomorrow, and you'll never again complain about today :)


answered 02 Mar '10, 23:38

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As I am sure some of you already know and will agree; In many ways, it seems as though I've already crossed that bridge... Death of one sort is life of another sort...Being a work in process, the whole idea of being officially notified of my physical departure would not greatly benefit me any more than my realization that life is beautiful gift...paper-wrapping and all...and as such, is a thing of wonder, be passionately embraced, intimately known, celebrated and shared...!


answered 03 Mar '10, 06:23

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Personally I wouldn't want to know. I guess it could affect people two ways - either they'd take every moment and live it to the fullest or they'd spend time obsessing or trying to deny it and become paralytic or afraid to live. I'd like to hope I'd be one of the former but who's to know what way we would react unless it happened.


answered 02 Mar '10, 22:36

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The short answer is no, I don't want to know.

I haven't thought about it much, really. I was never one of those people who took much stock in thinking about my age, or when I was going to die. I didn't feel any different as a person when I turned 18, 21, 30, 35, or 40.

However, I did feel different when I turned 45. Here's why: I figure my lifespan probably doesn't exceed 90 under ideal conditions, and I'm not sure I would want to live longer than that anyway.

Which means that, at 45, my life was half over.

That's a disquieting realization. It means that, whatever you're going to accomplish, you've got about the same amount of time to accomplish it as you've already spent on this earth.

So I looked back at what I had accomplished over the prior 45 years, and I'm not sure I'm all that impressed. I'd like to think that I have more knowledge than I did before, so I should be more capable now, but I also have less youth.

Anyway, I'm still working that one out.

For those of you that haven't turned 45 yet, I hope I haven't spoiled it for you. :)


answered 02 Mar '10, 23:02

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edited 03 Mar '10, 00:48

I want to live till I die. I think a foreknowledge of the date would predispose one to worry about the passage of time rather than its usage.

I have long since tramples the King of Horrors beneath my feet. I know 'we' survive death, but that doesn't mean that I want to be there when it happens :)


answered 02 Mar '10, 23:49

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Inactive User ♦♦

The short answer is NO. But I am not worried about it.

Ever since I had an out of body experience during an accident in my teenage years, I have never really worried about the actual experience of dying, though I am not in a hurry to go through that any time soon.

However, that experience, made me want to know more about the subject of death from a personal perspective. I read many articles and books of first hand accounts of near death experiences. It was comforting to know that almost every experience confirmed the notion that the identity that we know within ourselves is not annihilated through the process of death.

I read somewhere that it helps to become familiar with the dream reality if one wants to be less disoriented during the process of passing over. And to I started willing my self to become aware of my dream reality.

In the beginning it was exhausting and I had to give it up for a long time (many years) when I tried it in the beginning it seemed as if I never went to sleep. It was too exhausting. More recently I started picking up the same curiosity by starting to write down what I could remember every time I woke up from a dream. I found that if I wrote down immediately after I woke up I could remember about 10% of the dream.

Now I find that often when I wake up and I am still in the lucid state, I can switch between the dream reality & the wakeful state rather easily. But I don't look for this experience. Sometimes I am aware of this alternate reality in my sleep and for the most part I just have a great sleep with no memory of dreams.

Having had this chance to compare this earthly reality to these alternate realities I have to say without any doubt whatsoever, the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of existence is to be alive as a human being in this human body with all it's problems, suffering, joy, disappointments, shortcomings etc.

This is where it’s at. To be right here, especially with all the problems that come with being here. The chance to spend ones lifetime changing one's circumstances. The fact that Life is not perfect is such a wonderful gift.


answered 03 Mar '10, 04:21

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The Traveller

I think this might be a good thing to know when we will die. I think generally people will put more effort in making the most of life and having fun which is what life is all about.

It is usually when we know we have lots of time ahead of us that we allow ourselves to feel miserable or unhappy. If we knew when we were going to die, we would be counting the days, hours, minutes or even seconds and we would try and make the most of every second of our remaining time on earth.


answered 03 Mar '10, 12:55

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Pink Diamond

Yes, I would definitely like to know which day I will "die", and I have always thought so. As the time drew closer, I would spend more time with loved ones, give away my things and money to people who need or want them, make sure my legal affairs were in order, make sure my pets were provided for and would have loving homes, and I would tell everyone whom I loved that I did love them and would see them again soon. Without knowing, it's hard to have those things arranged for. I would feel such peace in having things taken care of ahead of time and being able to say "good bye for now" with no worries.


answered 02 Mar '10, 23:56

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LeeAnn 1

Now this answer I like. It really turns the knowledge of death time toward a good use. I think it is a wise choice also.

(20 Oct '11, 18:35) Wade Casaldi

this body will die but the rest is immortal and will never die! what ever time i chose to leave this body is my decision to take no one else!


answered 28 May '11, 16:49

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white tiger

Today I will die, for I die everyday.


answered 28 May '11, 18:19

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Did you know the day, the moment you were born, so in the same token you will know the day, the moment you will die, in that moment of light, and darkness!

We do not have a choice, so it does not make a difference!

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answered 29 May '11, 02:17

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Inactive User ♦♦

No. It's gonna take the fun out of life. I like the way life surprises.

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answered 20 Oct '11, 16:15

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Why would anyone want to know this, other than people who are attempting to find a loophole to try to cheat God by sinning all they want all their life until the day they are going to die, then asking forgiveness and getting saved at the last moment of their lives?

Rasputin was of this mind.

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answered 20 Oct '11, 16:40

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Wade Casaldi

do not worry wade God is no foul.

(20 Oct '11, 17:30) white tiger

I agree, people like that would only be cheating themselves. Yes God is no fool.

(20 Oct '11, 18:21) Wade Casaldi
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