A few years ago i had a series of dreams in one night, ending in a dream that scares the crap out of me. so far over half the dreams from that night have come true. i can feel the last dream coming closer and i was wondering if anyone else had ever had this dream. Im standing on the edge of a cliff, i can feel people waiting behind me i dont know who they are or how many wait. in front of me is a vast valley filled with flames and darkness. i can see it is shaped like a giant bird and i feel sad and lost. Has anyone else seen this dream, and if so have you seen more? where you one of the survivors?

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so far over half the dreams from that night have come true

Dreams are an indicator of your current dominant vibration/feelings. So if you feel constantly and predominantly depressed and desperate, your dreams could be about having no choice, being a victim, feeling lost etc.

If you constantly and predominantly feel good and joyful, your dreams could be about having fun with friends, family or having fun otherwise.

Dreams show you what could happen if you keep feeling the same way you do. In this way they are your friend. They show you what you have to change in your life. If you have nightmares, they show you that you should feel better constantly in your daily life because otherwise that nightmare or the essence of it can become true.

Dreams are just an indicator of what could happen, if you don't change something in your life. They are in this sense a pre-manifestation. But if you believe that they will come true... they will! I promise you! Because I know it!

Because your expecation determines what you will experience in your reality!

Law of attraction will always give you what you believe and expect to happen.

i can see it is shaped like a giant bird and i feel sad and lost.

So if you believe that the other part of your dream will become true also... I'm sorry to say that, but it will become true. And you will feel sad and lost in the way you felt in your dream.

So what's the solution?

Realize that you are the creator of your reality. Your are not the victim that you think you are!... Again...Your are not victim that you think you are!

If you think that you are the victim of your dreams/of other people, then you will be the victim of your dreams and of other people. And all that you experienced in your dream will become true in some way in your reality.

But you have total control over your reality! Your are the creator, the producer and director of your life.

What does that mean?

It means that you don't have to fear anything! Because you can change your thoughts in an instant! Always! You...are...the...creator!

So let's test it... Think of a time in your life that felt really good. Do you remember a time in your life that felt really good? I mean really, really, really good! Got it? Really?



Really think about it.....


Do you have one thing? If you have it, how do you feel about it? Good?

Then you proved yourself that you can change your thoughts, feelings and reality if you wanted to. It is just a choice.

Dreams don't show you the exact thing that will happen, although the exact same thing could happen. They show you what you feel predominantly in your daily life. They show you what you will feel in your reality, if you don't change something.

So welcome your dreams as good friends and make peace with them. And change your feelings and your reality.


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