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This is just a particular trend I have observed on Inward Quest for a while and just out of curiosity, why is it that some of the questions only get as little as 1/3 or less of the votes as compared to some of the answers given?

I guess I am guilty of not voting that much on this site because I sometimes find it troublesome or just don't feel like it, but whenever I vote a particular answer up I also always give a vote to the person who has asked the question. Because without the person asking the question, the answer would never be there in the first place!

So just out of curiosity's sake - why do you only vote a particular answer but not the original question too ? Some questions have maybe only 3 votes but the best answer has 9 or more..

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For that matter, why do people write comments like, "nice answer," and not give it an upvote, leaving it at zero points with a nice comment?

(24 Feb '12, 10:05) Fairy Princess

It's about variety and different viewpoints. It's a great example of the opinions and contrast in the world we live. If everyone did the same thing, it would be a pretty boring planet.

Some people may also actually like an answer better than a question that was asked. I have voted up quite a few answers that really resonated with me and didn't vote up the question and also voted up many questions and not the answers. It just depends how a particular question or answer feels to you as an individual. One or the other may have more meaning and may trigger that "a-ha" moment.

There could also be the normal human traits like forgetfulness when you are scanning down the page engulfed in a great answer. Or as you mentioned, some may find it troublesome or just plain ole don't feel like it.

That's why we decided to come play the human video game of life. We enjoyed the thought of making personal choices and seeing how the situation plays out.

I enjoyed the curiosity of your question, so now I'm going to choose to up vote you after I'm finished typing :)


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@Cory - thanks for the vote, but personally I don't care or mind much about my own karma points (I guess maybe I do a little deep down inside me if not I would not have asked this question lol..).. cause being high on karma on this site only gives me a reputation and not really any material wealth :) anyway it's community wiki now so I don't think it matters :o

(23 Feb '12, 13:00) kakaboo

@kakaboo I understand where you are coming from. My last sentence about voting you up was just another way of answering your question and not a way of letting you know I gave you a vote. It was meant to be another example of how we all choose as individuals and how we all have different opinions on different subjects.

(23 Feb '12, 13:22) Cory

Kakaboo, you have hit on a real "problem" I have seen on Inward Quest.

Presently, this question has TEN answers, a whopping 842 views (as of this writing), but only ONE vote for the question!!!

Why is this??? I don't know...Obviously, everyone has seemed to resonate with the question, the comments, the discussion, but I almost feel like I have been somehow punished...I guess I cannot describe the feeling very well... because I have received only one vote for the question itself. All of you might also want to read this question, as it asks about "chintziness"- it was asked by Eddie.

It really makes no sense to me...Soon, this question will have 1,000 hits, I'll get a bronze medal or whatever, but that is not the point...Like you, the "karma" points aren't why I do this...I do this because Inward Quest has become a passion for me... I do this to ask questions that might help solve problems, both in my life, and that of others. But I have 30 votes a day to dole out...and so does everyone else...

So why be chintzy??? What does it matter if you are generous??? Why be so stingy? That is not a "positive" state of being, it is "anti-LOA", in other words!!!

Very ironic.

Thanks for bringing this up. I think we all need to practice what we preach here, and give out positive energy where it matters most- on this site itself!!!

Peace and Thanks,



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Since I was the one to give you the upvote for that question, I hereby claim my right to proudly wear my "holier-than-thou" hat :)

(23 Feb '12, 14:22) Stingray

LOL!!!!! Thanks, Sting!!! Great Picture, BTW! <3 Jai

(23 Feb '12, 14:28) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah - I get what you mean - even though one doesn't really mind the karma but sometimes it feels lousy to see your question stays at 0 vote lol! As for the hits, you have to remember that the same person viewing the same question twice or more will also add to the amount of hits. My main point isn't about voting, it's the if you are going to vote one of the answers, then maybe you should consider voting the question too since the answer would not exist without the question ..

(23 Feb '12, 20:36) kakaboo

@Jaianniah - and yes I finally got a question with 9 votes even though it is community wiki.. how great is that o

(23 Feb '12, 20:37) kakaboo

@Jaianniah - I just took a look at your profile and you only have 559 votes, guess you are just as guilty as most of us are ;)

(23 Feb '12, 20:39) kakaboo

Hey I have over double my karma in upvotes.. Do I get a sweet hat? ^_^

(23 Feb '12, 21:00) Snow

Hey thanks kakaboo. After your comment about Jai's 559 votes I decided to check out my own profile and discovered that I have only up voted 244 times. Then I started wondering if 559 votes = "guilty as most of us are" then where does that put me? But thank God, I caught myself before I began to worry about it. Since I couldn't do anything about it, I decided to think of something else instead.

(24 Feb '12, 11:05) The Traveller

@The Traveller - not sure exactly what you mean by that but my comment was more of a tongue-in-cheek comment towards Jai.. since she seems to be pretty bothered about votes sometimes (which of course is perfectly normal). So just saying if you want others to vote freely & generously then maybe you should do it too or take note of it :)

(24 Feb '12, 13:08) kakaboo

Oh... I was just making fun of the situation. It never occurred to me to see my up votes until your comment. Upon realizing that I was just as lazy as the ones spoken of here, I thought, well what do I do with this knowledge? I chose not to dwell on it any longer, and I chose to share that decision.

(24 Feb '12, 16:59) The Traveller
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To be honest it never even crossed my mind to do it before. I am still getting used to the whole voting thing, and my guess is other people are too. It never even occurred to me to vote on questions that I answered until someone else mentioned it, so now I do it. Thanks for bringing that up, I will be doing this in the future :)


answered 23 Feb '12, 09:51

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@cassiopeia - I guess the reason I asked this question is more of to remind others maybe that if not for the original question, the great answers would not even exist in the first place :) The impression I get is that a lot of people tend to take the answers for granted (including me in the past)

(23 Feb '12, 13:02) kakaboo

the same goes for me. I am still new to the participating and have voted on only 2 answers so far, for the main reason I have no idea how to vote. When I click on it it gives me the option to give more than 1 point, I don't know whether I am allowed to or not. So if someone could direct me to the correct page to learn about the voting process I be more than happy to vote also, once I know what I am doing. Or maybe explain it in a short comment. I don't need step by step instructions.

(23 Feb '12, 20:32) PurpleRose

@PurpleRose to left of each question and answer is a number (this answer has 6). There's an arrow above and below it, to upvote click the arrow above the number, and to downvote click the arrow below the number. Then you'll see the number change :-)

(24 Feb '12, 13:29) LapisLazuli

thank you, LapisLazuli

(25 Feb '12, 22:06) PurpleRose

@LapisLazuli: and what are the awards points for, please, right below a comment section it says: link awards points report

(25 Feb '12, 22:08) PurpleRose

@PurpleRose if you award someone points, you give them some of your own karma points. If you upvote, it automatically upvotes the other person 10 points w/o affecting your own score. But if you feel they deserve more karma points for their question/answer, you can award them more points by giving them some of your own

(25 Feb '12, 23:01) LapisLazuli
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I vote a lot on here... haha, I think I have some kind of voting problem because there are some questions here where I upvoted everyone, even when it knocked my own answer to the bottom. Not for the sake to do it, I have a lot of reasons to upvote someones question or answer. To me, if a question has a lot of views and answers than it deserves a vote up just because it got so much feedback :)

But I would say people just forget... or don't feel like it... or are being competitive with points and karma. Id say those are some of the main reasons... besides the obvious reason, they just didn't agree or like the particular question/answer. If I don't give something a vote its usually because it didn't resonate with me at all or I didn't understand what they were trying to say.


answered 23 Feb '12, 15:34

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@LapisLazuli I didn't up vote you're answer with the Eric Butterworth quote. I started to - it was a great answer; but I saw your points & I knew I would be back at the exact time the next day to put you up to 1K & I was & I did & it felt really good.....

(23 Feb '12, 19:10) ele

@ele aww thanks :-) I love being the one vote that gets someone a badge or bumps up their karma points!

(23 Feb '12, 19:57) LapisLazuli

there is a question about being stingy with votes and I said "I forgot" . I tend to give questions that have no (red 0)vote ,a vote even if I don't answer the question.otherwise I think I get to the bottom of the page and either answer and or just move on and didn't think about clicking to vote :S


answered 23 Feb '12, 14:08

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well kakabou people have forgot the joy of giving. and are a bit selfish no judgement here just fact. and yes mathematically you should have at least the number of answer has vote and some of the viewer point has well because if the question was good enuff to make them come and read it it must be worth something. the one that did not vote did not like or understand the question so they did not give anny value to it. but eventually they will grow and be able to appreciate the question or answer so it does not matter. experience and enjoy.


answered 23 Feb '12, 15:51

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white tiger

For me; it's not about the points. It's the journey. There are so many insightful & intelligent people at IQ & I've been fortunate enough to connect with a few & I am grateful. I've learned something from each of you & I appreciate IQ & everyone here, very very much. Thank You.

Before IQ moved; we were only allowed 30 votes per day. Many days, I used up all 30 & then I would see a question or answer I wanted to up vote & couldn't & because of this, I changed my voting patterns. Not sure if we are still limited or not; guess there is only one way to find out & I'm off to do so. Our votes & our badges did not carry over from the old site. Badge total is correct; but it doesn't show all the badges in our profiles. I know I earned my 7th badge; because I received a message saying so; but is not reflected in the total - but is listed on my profile. It doesn't matter; my point is; there are even glitches here at IQ & if you think someone is being stingy - well, you may not know all the facts.

Very Strange - I rarely log off because I've found it difficult to log back on. I didn't log off after commenting on Lapis's answer. When I clicked back on IQ; it said I was not logged on. When I did log back on; I found I was up to 1K. Overwhelmed! hmm.. I haven't been answering many questions lately & I have probably been making too many pointless comments; so it makes me wonder?? I'm taking it anyway - Thank you.. BTW, I've been radiating all day & now I can't stop laughing ..

ETA I'm happy to report, votes are not limited. For almost 3 hours, I've reread & voted on many of the questions & answers I previously read & did not vote on in addition to a few I had never read before. There is someone here who has asked numerous questions & received 0 votes on dozens of his questions. People aways answered his questions & they received votes for their answers. Many of his questions were marked Community Wiki. I did my best to read many of his zero point questions & vote them up as well as most of the people who answered. I don't always agree with him; but I know he has a good heart & is passionate in his beliefs. I don't get it . . . if you're going to take the time to answer his questions & you see others have also . . why wouldn't you vote his question up?


answered 23 Feb '12, 22:07

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@ele you can see how your karma history has went over the months by clicking your profile and 'karma history'.. I would say a year or two ago it was very difficult to get a question or answer even past 5 votes due to the amount of people on this site. But now there are probably more than 100 people everyday on this site judging by the number of views for each question so it is a lot more easier to gather karma points now than in the past

(24 Feb '12, 08:26) kakaboo

@kakaboo - Looks like it's around 900 people a day if you follow the Quantcast link at the bottom of the page: . Obviously, not all of them participate in asking questions or writing answers.

(24 Feb '12, 08:44) Stingray
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