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For a personal example, I've encouraged the idea that drug usage is something to be respected and revered but not feared or discouraged. It is possible someone will read what I write, develop an addiction, and have their life ruined as a consequence.

This thought is something that regularly encourages me to consider going back and editing / removing many answers or things I say, not specifically about this topic, but anything I'm not sure about or think could be harmful to others.

It's also why I am very careful when I encourage thinking and behavior along the lines of "You're fine, there is no good or evil, and do whatever you want and what feels right to you." because some may take this with very strong implications which I would not agree with. Another example of areas I consider removing are where I conjecture about applications regarding energy, such as where to direct negative energy. As it is an area I am [very nearly] completely ignorant in, it's very likely and possible I'm wrong.

Do you feel any implications in what you write here? For example, if you were to write it is acceptable to commit [insert haneous act here] and someone goes out and commits these acts, would it phase you?

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No, I don't feel responsible. Everyone here is different, and may take what I write in a thousand different ways. I can't cater to every viewpoint, every opinion, every "take" on what I write; therefore, I have to give my true opinion and others can take it, leave it, ignore it, hate it, love it, act on it, not act on it and so forth. It is like any other information put out onto the internet, the person acting on it is responsible for their own actions.

For my own sake, I try not to put things out into the universe that are untrue or unkind as I understand them or see them. I try to never recommend anything heinous for that reason.

Best wishes!


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LeeAnn 1

As long as I know the intention behind what I write and the place it's coming from I'm perfectly ok with everything I post...speaking one's Truth is never wrong especially when it comes from a genuine place of wanting the other to realize their own Truth for themselves.

We each hear exactly what we want to and only what we're ready to hear so I'm never concerned how my words are interpreted.

Only the right people will read them at the right time. and for those who are on a different point on their journey they won't stumble across my words or the words will just fall on deaf ears. Even those who do read and disagree or feel a need to defend, will ascertain exactly what they need from it if they're willing to drop their defenses for just a moment and open themselves to consider another possibility.The greatest gift we can give ourselves on this journey is giving up the need to be right...a whole new world of possibilities become available.

I can't imagine anyone here encouraging anyone to go and commit a heinous act. However as with most things in life I think we have to use discernment at times when offering any kind of advice... depending on the level of awareness of the individual.We wouldn't ask a 5 yr old to go drive the car :-)


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You can NEVER worry about what u say or do IF it comes from the heart. If someone else does somthing, it is within their vibration to do so. ( said the guy who just asked the question about it being ok to kill someone lol ) If I tell someone to shoot someone, well they can not if they are not aligned that way. I always ( from Trebs lead) tell people, that this is not what I will tell you to do, it is me telling you what I WOULD do, if I was in your place. IF IT IS FROM LOVE, IT IS NEVER WRONG, and this is a promise. Hope this helps.

love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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You're not considering people in the edge trying to find someone that agrees that he should or can harm this other.

For most it is white or black but some are in the gray those are in great danger of making a poor choice.

(11 Jun '13, 11:57) Wade Casaldi

@wade casaldi. I 100% agree with u brother, BUT even these people can need a bad experience to find themselfs. I am from the old school of hard knocks. SO this makes my views of suffering, and hardships help build great concepts of who and what we are, I know not all work the same, and in fact many do not, BUT i do solidly believe we all create and bring things to us for a reason,. and when we speak from love, not slanted and jaded views,THEN we really have given of ourselves....

(11 Jun '13, 12:26) TReb Bor yit-NE

@wade casaldi (PRT 2) problem is that most do not speak from their heart, it is usually filled with all sorts of lower self and ego afflictive behavior. If we REALLY speak from heart, a LOVING heart, nothing, and i really mean NOTHING, can come badly from a loving word or expression. I thing dtrug thing is one to worry about, BUT again, my drug addictions caused myself to open up, so I still see good in this too. Lol. Love u brother, ty for the view.

(11 Jun '13, 12:28) TReb Bor yit-NE
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How could I possibly be responsible for what others do? We create our own reality. We are all responsible for our own lives and our own creations.


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@Bedazzled- Never seen you before, so welcome to IQ. Just to add, we all learn and attract things at the rate most appropriate for us. Our user @Eddie really delivers this point consistently; we discover all info in perfect timing.

(11 Jun '13, 09:30) Nikulas

Thank you, @Nikulas. Actually, I've been here a while, but I haven't commented or answered questions for a few months. And I completely agree with you about perfect timing.

(11 Jun '13, 09:58) Bedazzled

@Bedazzled- Check IQ and saw you posted your comment 35 seconds ago. Yes, perfect timing hahaha

(11 Jun '13, 10:00) Nikulas


(11 Jun '13, 10:20) Bedazzled
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I have shared a lot of very personal info here. I have done so in the hopes that I might help someone out there who is going through something similar to what I have gone through. This may be true- it may not be.

Inward Quest is also a place for me to ask like-minded people questions I cannot ask other people. Most of my family, for example, is different than I, and does not share any interest in the things that I do.

I have already explained that some of the questions I have asked here have been rhetorical. I have done this because I might think of a question that perhaps other people might enjoy answering. I am often curious about the answers.

I have a problem with consistency here in IQ. This is due to the fact that I have MPD, and sometimes, my alters get involved here. I apologize for this...I hope I have not caused pain with this...if I have, please forgive me.

I do not think that we should indulge ourselves in base or very dark questions or answers here. I believe it is inappropriate, even in the name of "spiritual growth and education". I think that this limit gets pushed a lot and I personally do not care for this.

I am in a weird mood tonight..perhaps it is coming through. But this is what I feel right now.



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We have to realize we write to affect people for the better. Our writing does have an impact as it is meant to. If this is the case and the point then we must as well realize and accept the responsibility that we can as easy influence people in the negative. For example if we say, "It's okay to kill someone, hell doesn't exist and if you don't believe in Karma it wont affect you." Next someone really fed up with his neighbor kills him because he read it is alright. Well if you posted that it is okay you are responsible just as much as you are responsible if you tell someone, "No, killing someone is wrong and there will be hell to pay, it will return against you!" The person decides to get help instead of killing his neighbor. He is helped his life gets better because of what you said.

There is a verse in the Bible that says leaders, teachers are held more accountable because their actions affect not just themselves but others and others to come that are taught by those they taught.


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Wade Casaldi

Longer than I wanted to fit in a comment. Please keep in mind I question for the sake of expanding my own understanding, not with the intent of changing anyone's mind, rather trying to understand other's point of view while [depending on the conversation] sharing my own for those who are also only interested in hearing a viewpoint that is not their own.

@Bedazzled: "How could I possibly be responsible for what others do?"

@TReb Bor yit-NE: "If I tell someone to shoot someone, well they can not if they are not aligned that way."

Easy. You can compel people to do things easily. You can force them, trick, manipulate, make them have such faith in you they'd voluntarily do anything you ask without question.

Of course all of these invite the same rebuttal "they are still choosing to do it", but is this the ultimate fallback excuse to everything? I can hold a gun to your loved one's dome and say do as I instruct or I'll kill them and you, but I'm still immune from responsibility for my instructions because why? Free will! Ultimately their free will made them do it, no matter what.

Is this still true for those who are particularly gullible and easy to convince? Their fault for being gullible. What about those with special needs? They must have chosen to be born special, their fault. The elderly, or the young? Just because I could talk elderly customers into buying "product insurance" for things I know they'll never need or use, would it have been right for me to do this to boost my sales numbers because they shouldn't be vulnerable? If I can talk a group of people into drinking kool-aid with me is it their fault for being in a weak and vulnerable emotional state where someone can convince them of anything?*

Where do you draw the line? Do you draw a line? Is there a line to be drawn at all?

(*: That last one was just an example BTW, as I know it is a trigger point for some. No attacks on anyone who likes / dislikes ideas like group passing. I wouldn't be surprised personally if there were validity to the possibility of force group reincarnations through shenaniganery like that, though I wouldn't be one to experiment myself.)


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Excellent point Snow, much agreed!

(12 Jun '13, 00:27) Wade Casaldi

I think most of us would take it as a given fact that no one here is trying to coerce anyone into anything intentionally.

(12 Jun '13, 10:53) LeeAnn 1

You would? Why? People are drawn here for a lot of reasons. A spirituality seeking member maybe I'd agree with you. I notice there's a certain breed of new members who arrive here because they're in a state of emotional turmoil. Pain is what drives people to do bad things. Even if no 'active' member would, we have many people who simply read posts but don't participate themselves. I'm sure there's someone right now reading this who never posts going "Yea, I'm one of those." How do you know they~

(12 Jun '13, 16:36) Snow

~are someone you could take for granted as not doing something crazy? Also the internet is theoretically going to be around for awhile. For all we know we may be writing what end up being read for years or decades. Or for a really big twist maybe the internet will last thousands of years and eventually people will look back at conversations like this as early forms of spirituality conversations being publicly discussed on the internet. Who knows, point is we never know how much reach we have.

(12 Jun '13, 16:39) Snow
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