Hey everyone, I was wondering, here's a question that's been on my mind for a while. I understand sometimes you feel inspired to do something, however, isn't that feeling like something you get when you're a little kid? I'm not trying to make anyone look bad. I'm trying to understand what it means to be truly inspired and not acting like a little kid. For me, I can be quite enthusiastic about creating new ideas (for anything really), but... I can get too hyper on the idea. I start having a bunch of thoughts and I start confusing people. I basically become hard to understand... and i obviously feel bad about it.

And I don't want to suppress it because it also makes me feel bad! What the heck!?

Haha, or maybe, being inspired means to be a little kid. Even if others start getting confused...

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What role do these "others" play in what inspires you?

Is it a situation where you are asked to contribute an idea and you begin to share your idea, but the excitement gets your words all tangled up and the others lose interest in listening to you?

The above situation is not that un-usual, and in this case, you have to teach yourself to slow down your delivery of information to a deliberate and methodical pace. Most creative people have this problem, and they have to learn how to keep the excitement alive inside and appear calm and confident on the outside.

The beautiful thing is that you can learn it, and it makes you look brilliant when you do it right. It's the stuff that great public speakers are made of. Toast Masters can teach you to deliver your thoughts in a deliberate and cohesive way.

You also said "maybe being inspired means to be a little kid". That inner kid will keep you healthy, young, and exciting to be around.

So it's a good thing, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Here is a link to Toastmasters international http://www.toastmasters.org/


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For me, the short answer to this question is "both" ... hyper and inspired go hand in hand and normal kids have this kind of behaviour, later when they get caught up in the education system this kind of behaviour is often put to one side ... a good example of someone retaining and expressing these qualities of hyper and inspired in adulthood is Richard Branson ... surely that is one of the things that we can do here on IQ, waken up and put into use the qualities of inspiration within us and learn how to control the hyper part that goes with it.

have fun


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Oh wow interesting, do you have more people as examples ?!

(24 Feb '12, 14:29) Ali00

write down the consecutive thoughts
review after a nights sleep
see if they make the same sense
as it did when 'inspired'

there is a part of you that
remains eternally curious
learn to harness it


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Oh yes I was hyperactive as a child too. Now it is called Adult Attention Disorder. Here is a test you could try. TEST, There are medications you could try but there are as well natural things that you could take. Be Calmed is one, Focus Attention one I use.

These can help you stay focused so your mind is not running all over the place, I know what that is like myself.


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